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Comments Submitted Says:

i got them from a pharmacy in india and they ar blue with no marking and a slit on one side to cut in half. There is a coding. on the packaging it says B.No OX 1082 Manufactured by Codimalindon Pharma if it means anything? Are these real?

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Tim Says:

Cassie if you have the 800# or the web address still it would be a big help.. I used the same sight.

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Sean Says:

What type of packaging did they come in? Blisterpacks? I got some ativan 2mg, and they came in a blisterpak, with expir. date and looked legit, but I chewed them and they have no taste

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Cassie Says:

The # is: (800) 998-7978
The site I got mine from was

*** Although several other similiar web sites w/ different names have that same 1-800#

The company that actually processed the payment for the drug company was:

* Another thing that made me think this company is not legit is that when i called and complained they just stated we'll refund your $$$. No arguement. No standing by their product as in we are confident that the product shipped was indeed oxy 80mg etc.etc.

I think they make $ as so many just take the loss & never ask for their money back :)

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screwed Says:

This stuff is so fake it smells like curry powder when you snort it a 5mg percocet would be better than 5 of these

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cassie Says:

lol @ screwed. Too funny. It doesn't irritate u to snort the pills? Not sure I could do that. It must make it work faster though.

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Glenn Says:

I been waiting for three weeks and today they finally came. *CRAP* Brown FAKE OXY 80's OXY CODIL I am going to call on monday and complain and hopefully be refunded my almost $300. I am addicted to them so when i railed one, I never got WELL then I railed a second, still arms shaking , cold sweats etc....

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Neuroscience Says:

oblong white pill, slit in middle on one side - markings vicodin es on other side. it says what it is rightg on the pill, however I've taken a few and feel nothing except a pretty good upset stomach.

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Gumdrops Says:

I got the same things today ecxept no blue no mark, just flat orange tab. Metal packaging it came with had same written batch info about OX 1082
OXY Codone:80MG
oxy codil
oxy codone hcl tablets

tried two no feelings yet but I've been on subs for a week so need to wait to see if they're real. Seem small and the orange coating is hard to get off of it. Guessing ripped off, tho I did catch a whiff of familiar taste in the powder after grinding it up, please post more on anyone who got orange 80's too

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Gumdrops Says:

Lol mine was 236.70 as well for 30, which came in flat envelope, inside a metal foil insde envelope where thirty little orange pills were Rollin about freely in a clear plastic bag. Ordered from a Canadian site, and it shipped from India I see. Sound like program here? What is the 800 number to call to refund, can't seem to find them again? Thanks!

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Verwon Says:

If there are no markings on the tablet, it is impossible to say for certain what these actually are, unless you would pay to have them lab tested.

Those are the hazards of ordering online from foreign pharmacies, without a prescription.

This contains the active ingredient Aspirin, it is used as a pain relliever and blood thinner.

Common side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and stomach irritation.

Read more:


Does anyone have more information on these?

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JWeedman Says:

I got the Blue pills from India too. While I was searching for a new place to buy I spoke with a different supplier in India and he informed me that there are NO manufacturers of Oxycodone or Oxycontin in Idia and that the strongest opiate they offer is Morphine. So I would say we all def got ripped off and the website is a fraud. Theres about 20 dif websites that are all the same so watch out and never order Oxy from India.!!!!

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unknown Says:

its fake

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Newdude Says:

Got my re-ship yesterday, small orange guys as well, again, NOT LEGIT. As we continue on.....

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Verwon Says:


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Verwon Says:

If there are no markings on the tablet, it is impossible to say for certain what these actually are, unless you would pay to have them lab tested.

Those are the hazards of ordering online from foreign pharmacies, without a prescription.

Does anyone else have more information on these?


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JWeedman Says:

Has anyone recieved there refund yet for the fake Oxy 80's? My refund was processed on 5/16/2010 and it still isnt back on my card yet and everytime I speak with someone from there website they tell me 5-7 business days then 7-10 business days and now there saying 14 business days but I've got other refunds before and the money was back on my card in 3 days and it's been more then 10 business days for me so anyone thats actually been refunded please let me know and let me know approximatly how long it took. Thanks!

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cassie Says:

I got my 236.70 back. It took about 7 business days. I got concerned and sent a letter to the CC company. However, by the time they rec'd letter the funds were already back on my card.

Who processed your $. On mine it was a company chr... something like that. I put it in a previous post. Contact them and check the status there. If it says refunded, you will get your $$$ back. I know it is hard to be patient:)

Anyone find a reliable site yet?

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Verwon Says:

Jweedman, you should definitely contact your credit card company to file a dispute.

The company has promised a refund and if you have not received it in this amount of time, it seems a little fishy.

As Cassie posted, she got hers in a week.

The length of time can vary, depending on your CC company, but once a refund is issued, it shouldn't take longer than week for it to credit to your account. Some waits are as short as 3 days.

Has anyone else has experience ordering this product from this company?

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PLEASE READ: These so called Tonne Pharmaceuticals and Codimalindon Pharma pills, which come in a gold or silver colored plastic heat sealed pouch, and have a square piece of paper taped on which states they are Oxycodone, DO NOT CONTAIN OXYCODONE nor any other OPIATE pain reliever. They can blue, pink, green, orange or possibly other colors and originate from online sources. Effects from taking these range from NONE to NAUSEA, VOMITING, SLURRED SPEECH, and LOSS OF COORDINATION. Please beware and have good judgement if you or someone you know has these pills in their possession.

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So mine were called OXY TONE. Cant believed I thought it would be real, but took the chance. But I was wondering, by the looks of them inside, I thought that they might just be pure opium formed in a tablet. It wouldnt surprise me that being from that part of the world, that they could get the pure opium, press it into tablets, then coat it and call it an opiod. Might get you high, might not. But if it was, smoking it would have worked better than eating it...or snorting. Has anyone ever taken them and got any affect?

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