White Oval Pill 2172 Norco


Is this a generic norco from walgreens? - white oval pill 2172 scored on back side blank

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Mr Breeze 2 Says:

will 2172 have the same effect as 3202? how much more friggin' detail do u want?

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David Says:


Yes, a white oval pill with 2172 is generic Hydrocodone Bitartrate 5mg + Acetaminophen 325mg with a National Drug Code of 0591-2172. Seems like a lot of people here on MedsChat have asked about this pill just within the past couple days so I'm assuming it's a relatively new product and not much info has been posted on the internet. For verification, Actavis Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer.

@Mr. Breeze,

2172 and WATSON 3202 are the same drug with the same listed dosage... But as many of us have come to find out, generic drugs tend to vary in efficacy from one tablet to the next. Furthermore, each individual responds differently to different binders and fillers... So trial and error through personal experience may be the only way to get an accurate answer to your question.

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Mr Breeze 2 Says:

Thnx 4 the reply. I'll get back after my trials. ......obviously there is a minimum # to text.

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Tee Says:

Has anyone had weird side effects from the change? I feel like a zombie

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mslori Says:

These new pills don't work at all I have chronic pain and these are horrible. They need to change or something. I can't believe my insurance had to pay for these. Horrible pills from Actavis .

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Mr Breeze 2 Says:

haven't noticed a lot of difference as of yet. they're not MORE potent, that's for sure.

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Sunspot Says:

I agree completely. It's like taking nothing at all. I go to my doctor soon I'll have to ask her what's going on? Worst quality generic I've ever had, ineffective for easing my pain. Did you get yours from Walgreens? I love how they don't give us a heads up, just give us whatever.

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Charles Says:

I agree for some reason doctors are all only giving this crap. How do you give someone with a torn rotator cuff surgery Norco 5. These doctors nowadays are so paranoid to give someone something that works it's ridiculous. I'm at the point that I wish I never even had the damn surgery.

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Hally Says:

FYI to all the people freaking out about this new pill by activis.. Watson is now Activis, they bought out another pharmaceutical company and assumed their names, it wasn't until recently that they started changing their meds over to officiate the changes. So, for those of you who say you are getting something different.. If you were on the Watson brand before, you are getting exactly what was in it before,.. Same formula, just different shape of pill. This buyout was in the past year, so you will be seeing this name a lot more often since Watson Pharm. is not Actavis.

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rickey Says:

People are actually not losing their minds with this change. I filled a script at Walgreens last week and received the 2172 generic formulation. I have been taking this same medication for a long time for chronic back and shoulder pain without issue. Within 20 minutes of taking the pill I had a horrible upset stomach. At the time I blew it off to the heat and stress. But the same thing happened over the course of the next two days and was concerned enough that I called my pharmacist to make sure I'd received the right script. I filled a new script today at my regular Walgreen's and received the new formulation of 3202. No stomach issue and effective on the pain where the other was not.

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Cmer Says:

I agree I just had surgery and they suck. I wished they would change back

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John Says:

Actavis and Watson have been purchased by Teva pharmaceuticals. That was announced on August 3rd. The Actavis website has already been taken over by Teva. I looked at their generic hydrocodone 5/325 and they had pics of both the Watson 3202, and the new Actavis pill. Who knows what happens next. Anyway, I got the new white pills from Walgreen's too. I thought they were weaker than the watson I'd been used to.

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Angle Says:

I have chronic back pain. My hydrocodone by Watson was changed to the generic pill 2172. I took one pill, 3 hours later there is no relief. I took another and it still didn't help. 5/325 always work for me. But this one doesn't stop my head from hurting. I wish Walgreens would go back to selling their Watson 5/325.

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Angle Says:

No it's not the same pill. If so why our body don't feel the same.

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My Turn Says:

After getting my monthly 5/325 from Walgreens, I noticed the pill was different and first thought I received someone else's prescription until I looked it up. After my first pill, I waited and waited for the pain to ease up. Didn't work as well as the Watson 3202 with red specs. After 2 days, I knew something was wrong which led me to search for forums on 2172. I was amazed and relieved to know I wasn't alone. The best way to describe the difference is similar to withdrawals I received two years ago after being on a higher dose pain pill for surgery and then being moved back down to my everyday strength 5mg. I've had withdrawal symptoms all month long. Headache(first 3 days), moody, tired, loose stools, body aches which thighs hurt the most and foggy all month long. The new 2172 doesn't work as long as Watson 3202 before my next dose is due which could be why I feel this way. My Walgreen's claims 2172 is what they're getting. I really believe it's all about money folks. The 2172 being a generic has to be cheaper and maybe the Insurance Co's contract with pharmacies will only pay the pharmacy a set dollar. Find one pharmacy that still carries the one you prefer or have them order it before you need it. I've noticed other medications changing as well in shape, color and effectiveness. This ISN'T a paranoid feeling I have just because it doesn't look the same, this is real.

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My Turn Says:

I stayed on 2172 5mg Hydrocodone for 1 month and felt bad the entire time. Then I had a pharmacy order the Watson 3202 for the next month. In no time I was back to my normal self as the pain was tremendously diminished. I am now convinced that the 2172 version is really ineffective. Find a pharmacy that will order them for you and because it's a controlled substance ask how long it will take to come in and allow for this additional time which can be 2 days. My insurance still paid for the 3202 Watson. The retail price (cash) for both Watson 3202 and the 2172 are both the same price before insurance according to my pharmacy sheets. So don't let pharmacies tell you it's to help keep the cost down as I now have comparisons. I plan to move my prescriptions from Walgreens to this pharmacy as it appears other medications I receive are changing as well and notice the ineffectiveness of them. I plan to complain to Walgreens Corporate as well as the FDA. I believe it's time to that the FDA demands trials on generics made by other drug companies before they're released to the public for their effectiveness. As of right now because the ingredients are suppose to be identical, the FDA doesn't have to do trials on other generics.

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My Turn Says:

I know from experience from being on 2172 for one month and then finding a pharmacy to order me the 3202 Watson that did work for me prior that they both are NOT the same. The only thing that is the same is the retail price. This tells me the price of the new 2172 isn't being shared to the consumer. People aren't crazy when they complain about the new 2172. The 2172 ineffectiveness to relieve my pain is clear. For me the 2172 didn't last as long before next dose was due. This is only going to make people take more 2172 at one time to reach the level of the pain relief they received with one 3202 Watson. The FDA doesn't do trials on other generics to even see if there's a human difference in the quality or effectiveness. This is just one of the problems. Let us not forget that if the pharmacies are getting it cheaper the cost isn't being shared with the consumer according to my drug receipts for both the 2172 and 3202.

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My Turn Says:

Find a pharmacy to order you the medication you know works for you as I did and there is a difference. Allow time for it to come in as it's a controlled substance. I feel normal again.

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Breezy Says:

I've been on the Watson fives for 3 months with the orange specs I have gotten these generic vicodin twice and they seem much stronger than name brand

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M3 Says:

Take like 3 or/4 i have to do that so i can get relief

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