White Buprenorphine Round 460

Tiger Says:

So I went to the pharmacy yesterday to get my script and they told me they were out but they would have more tomorrow. When I picked my script up it wasn't what I normally get. They told me it was a generic but I have never seen them before and I have been in treatment for years now. I have tried looking them up but can't find any reviews or anything really on them. Has anyone ever gotten these? And do they work as good as the 54 411? Also it is kind of minty which reminded me of suboxone and I'm not prescribed suboxone.

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Noname Says:

I just got them too. Ive never seen these before either but i dont notice the difference in how they work. They pretty much work the same.

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Verwon Says:

This tablet is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 8mgs of Buprenorphine.

The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, headache, dry mouth, constipation, and dizziness.

Have you tried them, yet?

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CrazyDiamond Says:

They do not work for me like the 54411. I'm trying to get my pharmacy to swap the remaining ones I have. I've had the worst cravings in three years on these and I'm about to go nuts.

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Elly Says:

I agree felt cravings w/460's. I just want to get back the 411's which have been working fine no problems no cravings in 6+ years. Not sure if it's just Cvs that "can't or won't" get the Roxane/Westward 54/411's, I'm in N.J & that's where a Westward manufacturer is located.

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riggsk0915 Says:

I don't know where you are from, but we had been hearing the same thing here in our area (Ohio, West Virginia, Penn.)... Read til the end, I do have the answer!... One pharmacist said they weren't sure why they hadn't been able to get a supply but he'd doubt they'd stop manufacturing them because, another said these 460 were the replacement, and two people even told me crazy stories like that some type of vehicle/vessel/train or whatever, was transporting the meds and had an accident and that was the reason, another saying they were on back-order until 7/17. But then I attempted to contact the Lab myself, to find out the real story. Another company, just closed on a 2.1 billion dollar buy of Roxane Laboratories (manufacturer of the white, round, 54 411 imprinted tablet buprenorphine) and that is the reason. I believe we are now being supplied with this new company's brand of buprenorphine from this point forward. Unfortunate, as most of us know, the Roxane tablets were much more effective with less side effects compared to other generics but this of course will not affect the other brands if you prefer one of those (Mylan, maker of M924 imprinted tablet; Hi-Tech, maker of small, round, arrow imprinted tablet, Teva, Akorn, etc.... Now the funny thing is, I keep seeing reviews stating that their new medicine (460) has a "minty, Suboxone-y taste" and that is not the case for mine. Also, one review in which the reviewer mentioned that taste, stated the name of the manufacturer, which is different than the manufacturer on the new white, round, 460 imprinted tablets I got. Because mine are DEFINITELY not minty. They do have an intense, and I mean intense, burning sensation while dissolving under the tongue. Incredibly more intense than any other. And that's only with a half dissolving at a time! Anyway, hope this information helps someone. I know I myself was frantically searching for answers, just hate being in the dark with my recovery when it comes to changes, as I'm sure others would agree.

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Steamroller Says:

I've been hearing that as well.What you expect from a company from India ...they got enuff problems . Where I live in Ohio the Dea shuting clinics down and pharmacy's too!! Sad Cuz people need help they make them suffer or go another way. I haven't seen them here yet but have talked to someone that got them and they said "there alright but don't like them" . Around here pharmacy's won't fill our scripts ,only if u find the needle in the haystack kind thing....God bless stay sober

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Heather Says:

A new law is in effect for bupenorphine. It's being outlawed in most states and pharmacies are going strictly to suboxone that is a new formula, it's got 1/10 nalonxone in it meaning not much to make a difference in anything. The only people that will be able to purchase subutex is if you're pregnant. That's it. Not breastfeeding, not if you have liver problems or hiv, none of that... because of the low amount of naloxone in the newest pill.

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Helpme Says:

I urge you to call CVS Help Desk & report this brand. It's not working for a lot of people. It caused burning and numbness under my tongue and blisters. I felt nauseous and actually vomited.

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riggsk0915 Says:

In response to Heather, and you guys, I know rumors and silly stories are always being made up about this kind of stuff, just look at the conflicting posts on this page alone lol, but I just heard something yesterday extremely similar to what Heather posted. An older woman that I know really well, told me when she went to her doctor's appt she was told that as per DEA's orders, all buprenorphine patients will be tapered down from their current dose; and switched to buprenorphine/naloxone unless the patient IS CURRENTLY PREGNANT. She gave most of the same details that Heather wrote in her post. The reason I believe this to be true, is because a clinic & pharmacy in my area just got shut down about 2 weeks ago by the DEA for physicians refusing to release patient's private information to them. I think they are reaching out to clinics demanding to see how many patients are on Subutex, & probably looking at drug panel results... Also with the way everyone has been having a hard time finding them. And all of a sudden we are being basically forced to take Sun Pharma's 460 imprinted tablets, that everyone absolutely hates due to experiencing nausea, headaches, upset stomach, depression, severe fatigue, & lack of efficacy etc etc etc... I was able to find my Roxane-WestWard brand this week, but who knows how long that will last. And no one mentioned anything to me at my appointment, but I am going to call and ask if they know anything about this. Those of you who do abuse this medication, don't ruin it for the rest of us!!!! I know most of us take it responsibly, and I for one pass every drug panel I'm given. I'm searched beforehand to ensure patients are using their own urine. I complete my counselling sessions every month. This isn't unfair to make abrupt changes in people's RECOVERY, something that is very fragile. Ever heard the saying IF IT'S NOT BROKE DON'T FIX IT?! Yes, I'm sure some would say I'm overreacting, and yes I will get used to it. I just don't like being forced into something, and suddenly at that. Not to mention, I am breastfeeding so I don't really get how they are not allowing those who have allergies to naloxone, breastfeeding mothers, or those with liver conditions to continue to take their current medication. If anyone else has any comments or knows anything about this, I'd be interested to hear what you have to say.

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Baldwin Says:

I believe Westward bought into Roxanne pharmaceutical and most of their high demand products. The buprenorphine hcl 8 mg tablet described with numbers 460 are made by Sun pharmaceuticals, so they were most likely the cheapest at the time the pharmacy bought its bulk supply. They usually go with the cheapest if it is a big name pharmacy and the owners and financial advisers are the ones who make the decision of what to buy, which is good for business but not good for the consumer. Mom and pop pharmacies are scarce but seem to have better service and will keep the brand that the customer prefers, not the brand that puts more money into big pharma's pocket.

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Tonto Says:

Unless you have a allergy to nalaxone. I have a documented allergy. Doc says I'm good and won't be switched. But this came about a year ago, I had to have some test to prove the allergy and my reaction when taking subox was documented

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Lukekamsmomnichole Says:

Yes I don't like the taste the 460 pills leave! I am on Medicaid is SC and as if May they will only Pay for SubuteX not suboxone even though they have payed for my suboxone for 5 YEARS!!!! I AM HOPING THEY WILL WORK BETTER AFTER A COUPLE DAYS! They BURN

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SubSurfer Says:

You guys say they don't work as good and people in my area say they work better...i myself thought they worked much better than the 411...the nausea is proof that the same amount of this is stronger than the 411...i used to get nauseous on the 411s until they dropped me to a lower dose

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Bobby Says:

People (Heather)! If you don't have valid information don't respond with some stupid rumor that might scare people on this medication. Rediculous

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kdmrXohio Says:

[response to Bobby] yeah i called my doctor's office to confirm that infomation, bc someone else told me the same thing as i stated previously. They told me that definitely was not at all true in any capacity. So idk about anyone else's doctor's offices or what states you all live in, but i know it is not true for Pennsylvania at least not for where i go. That made me really nervous, and stress is not your friend when you are in such a fragile state, aka recovery.

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Babykates Says:

These are awful! I've been on Subutex for years (mostly because I've been pregnant and or breastfeeding Everytime I try to taper off) and I got the 54 411 ones. Then CVS gave me these and they taste awful! I switched pharmacies so this month the mom and pop one I go to gave me the orange diamond shaped ones with the moon print on them. They're way better than the little baby white ones. So I misplaced my prescription and I remembered I have a few in my old bottle so I took one. Instantly got a headache and am so nauseous. I feel like im going to puke. Worst feeling I've ever had! They should not be giving these to people. I think I may be having an adverse reaction to them or something
Also I heard that the company for the 54 411 pills got bought out and these little ones are the replacement

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roman Says:

I just got these new 460 subs. They work just as good as actavis or mylan. I notice absolutely no difference. I cannot take naloxone, it gives me terrible headaches plus the bottle says buprenorphine only so there is no naloxone in these.

There has to be another variant besides these- the sun pharma bupe works fine for my chronic pain/past addiction issues.

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roman Says:

I just got these new 460 subs. They work just as good as actavis or mylan. I notice absolutely no difference. I cannot take naloxone, it gives me terrible headaches plus the bottle says buprenorphine only so there is no naloxone in these.

There has to be another variant besides these- the sun pharma bupe works fine for my chronic pain/past addiction issues.

P.s. These are NOT the tiny 8mg ones, they are about the same size as the mylans

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roman Says:

Babykates Yes this tiny ones are garbage. If a pharmacy tries to give you those, don't accept them.

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kdmrXohio Says:

The Sun brand (460) are indeed awful, with a very obvious lack of efficacy (they DO NOT compare to Mylan, MAY be comparable to Hi-Tech or Actavis I can't really say because it's been too long since I've had either of those) and the side effects are unbearable, and it's very unusual to me because I've never experienced side effects like that from ANY of the other manufacturers, besides lack of appetite - that one seems to occur no matter which one I take...... And in response to one of the recent posts, these are not a replacement for Roxane (54 411). Those were on back order for a bit, but they are still being manufactured and currently being shipped for distribution so you should have no issue, unless the pharmacy switched the brand of which they choose to order (only reason to do that would be cost). The only difference is that, yes Hikma bought Roxane, and Hikma is the parent company of West-Ward, thus they have merged the two companies as one, so you're prescription bottle should now say "Manufacturer: West-Ward" or "Roxane/West-Ward". That is the only difference; they are still the same white, round, 54 411-imprinted tablets, same efficacy, same medicine. I encourage you to report side effects and lack of efficacy!!! You can call your pharmacy's corporate office or FDA and also on Sun Pharma's website. That will get these big chain pharmacies to get rid of this and start stocking the preferred brand again!!

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