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We are trying to find Synalgos, which my wife has taken for over 30 years for migraine management.
A few years ago it went off the market and returning 4 years later under a different manufacturer.
We have just been notified that it will once again become unavailable. Why is it that this happens, and what if any options do we have?

We have tried numerous other meds but nothing works like Synalgos, which causes her little if any side effects.

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We need to get this back on the market. It is the only medicine that works for my cluster headaches. I tried other narcotics and they make me very spacy. we need to get this back on the market.

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In reply to your comments on Synalgos DC. i have been on this drug for 30 to 35 yrs. It's the only drug that works.I am looking ieverywhere for it. desparatly.

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Regarding the synalgos, I still have not found any and the manuf. web sight says its discontinued. So I check the ingrediants and googled it. It appears that there is a generic called Trezix, My pharmist tried ordering it , but was told it has not been released yet, possibly nov.

same idential ingrediants, but unknown what the fillers are, and my wife has had some severe adverse reactions to generic fillers. guess just have to wait and see.

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After reading the other posts, i looked up a drug called panlor DC, It has the same ingredients as Synalgos DC, except it uses acetaminophen. I have not tried it as I just found out about it. now to locate it. Also, there is onw called DHC PLUS AND TREZIX. these are the same as panlor DC. As for the filler, I don't. I also am allergic to most of them, but I need to start somewhere. I will post any new information as i research and try it out. Good luck and I am sooo glad that I am not the only one this situation. Who knows, maybe, together, we may find a soution.

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I too saw the panlor DC posting, but our drugist was unable to locate any, tried that initially before finding out about the Trezix by accident.

The insurance industry has a lot to do with the switch to generics, CHEAPER.

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I got the Panlor DC filled here in Tampa Fl. It doesn't work as well as Synalgos DC and it has the same ingrediants?

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More news- synalgos manufactured by Leitner Pharm. of TN just sold that drug to Caraco 1-800-818-2555. tried the number but its after closing- lets all try it tomorrow.

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More news, checked Caraco web site of listed medications- Synalgos is there. Called my pharmacist , gave info- they will contant Caraco tomorrow- keep fingers crossed

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Daniel, thanks for the heads up on Caraco. I looked it up, and there it was Synalgos DC. This is way my doctor said it was not discontinued, but he thought that they (Leitner) had sold it. Surprise, surprise. I am going to do two things tomorrow, one go to my pharmacy and show this information, and then call the company. In what order I hadn't decided. Great work for finding Caraco. I sincerely hope we can get the drug again. They broke the mold when they made this ONE. Good luck.

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Marvin In regard , to Panlor DC, I have not tried it as of today. It is available in here. I had my doctor write my a precription for it. He suggusted to add an asprin to it. He is very conservative, so he would not just say it if he thought would be harmful. I agree with you about the insurance companys, . We as a people need to hire a lobbyist for us. They will work for anyone who pays them. Maybe then, we may get some effective change to their stranglehold on us as society.

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Any word about Caraco?

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Hi, I spent some time reading info about Caraco's corporate business news on their web site, it appears they are presently in the process of rectifying some problems with the FDA, (a lot of legal jumbo info) so it's hard to tell what's happening, will have to call their corporate HQ monday and ask them what's up with the synalgos

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That may be why i can' get anyone but voicemail. They may be waiting for more information. I will keep trying, as I am as eager as everyone else to find and recieve this frug again.

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Re Synalgos DC. I ran across this discussion site just now, and was so happy to find that I am not alone in my search and suffering. I am past 70 years of age, legally blind (use a computer software program for the blind), and have been taking this drug since 1993, after a surgeon did back surgery and operated in the wrong place. The hospital tried me on many pain meds, but only Synalgos gave me enough relief (and no side effects), so I could tolerate the awful pain I have had to live with. September 28, my pharmacist said it was no longer produced. My doctor has since tried me on many different pain meds but none I could tolerate. He also prescribed every other pain med mentioned in this discussion site, but my pharmacy (and none in this small town) could find any of them! Now he has me using a pain patch, Fentanyl, which does absolutely nothing. Is there any new info on where Synalgos can be purchased? Being so old has its aches and pains, but this extra misery is ruining what last ears I may have. Thank you.
PS - my eyesight is so bad I can hardly see the security code, so hope I am able to figure it out.+

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Marty, I completely understand your frustation. for years, i was led to believe that I was the only one on the planet taking Synalgos
DC. That it was a very old drug and it was a nuisance to order for the pharmacy After coming across this discussion group, I am pleased to find out that there are so many people who have been taking Synalgos DC for many years, and that it is the only drug that has ever worked. We all can't be wrong. I don't know if you can read any of the past posts, but, so far, we have discovered that Synalgos DC was sold by Leitner Drugs something in the summer. At least, that is when the drug became impossible to reorder. Then it was discovered that a company named Caraco bought Synalgos DC. It is listed as an available frug on their website. But, that is all we know now. We are all trying to research more information each day. I also heard that Caraco is out of stock of Synalgos DC, and it will soon be available soon. (When i do not know) I have been taking this drug for 35 years, and I am lost without it I am sorry to be so long winded, but I wanted you to be up to daste. Keep reading the new posts.

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Has anyone who has taken Synalgos DC for many years noticed how horrible they make you feel since the promethazine was taken out of it in the late 80's early 90's? Does anyone know why promethazine was taken out of the formula?


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Hi, all, good news and bad news. I finally talked with customer service at Caraco, - Good news first, they will be manufacturing Synalgos, bad news, it will take 4-5 weeks before its available.

It's important that everyone contact their doctor for a script and their pharamacist to keep track of when it comes available.

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Betty, regarding you feeling like the only one on the planet using Synalgos, Well it's like this, my wife was prescribed Synalgos in the late 60's for severe crippling migraines. Nothing else worked and meds that did, caused many adverse reactions. Her doctor at the time told her that Synalgos was a Doctors medication and not normally prescribed to patients.

Maybe if they started advertising Synalgos for those with severe pain issues, it would'nt be such an unknown medication, but with the big push for generics it's doubtful that will happen.
Hopefully, Caraco will continue to manufacture Synalgos for the foreseable future.

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Daniel, thank you so much. I could only get voicemail. Now, I know there is someone to actually talk to, I will keep trying. I am so glad that they will be manufacturing Synalgos DC. Four to five weeks is not such a long time. At least there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As for generiics, Synalgos DC is the only drug I know of that has not ever had a generic. I am going to call Caraco on Monday, as should everyone who is trying to locate this drug We want them to know just how important this drug is to so many people. Nothing sells like a successful drug, not matter how long it has been around. Thanks again for the update.

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From what I can discover, Synalgos-DC contains Apsirin, Dyhyrdocodeine and caffeine.

Most drugs that may compare do not contain the Codeine, but rather Acetaminophen, with the Aspirin and are OTC medications.

I am glad to hear this company is coming out with the medication, again, though.

However, in the meantime, your doctor might be able to prescribe you these medications separately, though I am not sure how much that would cost.

There is also one on the market that has the same ingredients, with the addition of Butalibital, it is sold under the brand name Fioretal with Codeine, so you might be able to ask your doctor about trying that, until the other is available again.

Butalbital is a barbituate, that does help many people with migraine and tension headaches.

You can read more on it here:


Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help!

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If I recall correctly, Panalor is available in Mexico without an RX. Unless it has changed....

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May 27, 2011
I just researched the drug Trezix manufactured by WraSer Pharmaceuticals. It is FDA approved and is on the market. It is similar to Synalgos DC. The ingredients in Synalgos DC are 354.4 mg. of asprin ,16 mg. dihydrocodeine bitartrate and 30 mg of caffine. Trezix has 30 mg. of codeine, same as tylenol #3. # 3 means 30 mg's. I looked it up on the codeine schedule. It has 354.4 mg. of acetaminophen instead of l6 mg. of asprin that Synalgos has and I believe it has 5 mg. of hydrocodone. But double check this last ingredient on the internet. It is worth talking to your doctor about. Good luck to all of you and I hope this helps you. I am definitely going to my doctor with all the information I collected on the internet about ingredients in Synalgos and Trezix. Be sure to look everything up before you go to your doctor.

God Bless and I hope you get relief from your excrusiating pain as I am hoping to.

God Bless
Joe Ann

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FYI: I just contacted Caremark, and they say it is available through their mail order services, which I use, so maybe you can get it at CVS now, also, as Caremark and CVS are related companies.

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SYNALGOS DC is available. Just got my prescription filled! The company had to regroup and now is making it. If one drug store says they cant get it for you...try ANOTHER drug store. That is what I did. Find a drugstore that cares. CVS wouldn't help me. Went to my local family owned drugstore and they got it..go figure? IT IS NOW AVAILABLE! Thanks to all for the previous info. I almost gave up till I found this thread. GOOD LUCK!

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FYI, another solution for those who are cash poor like me, I remember years ago my friend was on medicaide and it didn't pay for synalgos DC, so her doctor wroter her a prescription for codeine, promethazine, and told her to take aspirin with it, and I remember that she said it was exacally the same, great pain relief, and the promethazine took away any itching, nausea etc,,,

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Frustrated, finally someone who didn't give up!! I buy all of my prescriptions at Walgreens, and even though when you check for Synalgos DC it doesn't come up, don't give up, click dihydrocodeine and you will find synalgos DC under different names. I am having major dental surgery and at least for me vicodin is useless for pain control, so I am going to ask my dentist to have it compounded exacally like it was B4 they messed with it..I have a bad liver so I don't use tylenol, and I know aspirn causes bleeding, so maybe I can get a coumpound with motrin, Also years ago promethazine was added to control the nausea that dihyrocodeine may cause, and they took that out, Someone mentioned that compounded medications are too exspensive, well maybe it is. but I would rather pay for something that is going to help me instead of getting vicodin that is IMHO worthless, plus for me, it isn't a prescription I will need to have all of the time, so paying more once or twice is worth it because this drug is really the besy pain medication out there, it is IMO better than even percocett..Hope this helps

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Admittedly I was surprised to find so many others that value this drug as much as I do. I was actually able to get a bottle of 100 synalgos in Decembe 2009 because after speaking to the customer representative from Caraco I was told that they still had some short dated product that my pharmacist could order. Just this week I began checking again to see if Caraco had made the Synalgos available again and the Caraco representative told me that they had it available to be shipped. After three more conversations with her, three conversations with my Walgreen and Kroger pharmacists I was told that their wholesaler, Cardinal Wholesalers, informed them it was unavailable. This after the customer representative from Caraco continued to assert that it was. I then called Cardinal Wholesalers myself and low and behold reached a very sympathetic and helpful representative that finally place the order for Walgreens for me and my pharmacist said it should be her within the week. According to Caraco and Cardinal you pharmacist needs to tell their wholesaler to place a Drop Ship order for this product. Since I did get the short dated product in December I do believe I will get it this time. To everyone trying to get this medication I encourage you to be persistant.

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has anyone actually received any synalgos?

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Thanks Dan I know at least you were listening to me. It just get frustrating when I try to help and I don't get feedback, I just wanted to help is all, and I am so sorry that Synalgos is the only medication that works for her, Narcotics make my migraines worse I can only take Imetrex (thank God for samples) Anyway, I hope she gets relief soon..Only in the US does medicine cost like this, I mentioned before that I take doxipen for depression in the US 60 caps cost me $30.00 that legal online pharmacy I talked about, Masters Marketing they cost #10.00 for 60 caps..


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Pat you are correct, but some insurance companies do not cover any compounded drug. I know mine dosen't Ive been through that before with a special compounded med my wife was prescribed that cost over $370 for 30 day supply.

Compounded Synalgos is $167,00 Name brand cost me $40 through insurance. So far her migraines have been far and few, hopefully synalgos will be available soon.

I emailed caraco about 2 weeks ago and told them about their numerous availability dates. I also told them to be truthful so I'd know wherther working with Caraco was wasting my time. No reply as of yet

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