Suboxone And Valium

Joan Says:

I have been on valium for approximately 12 years for severe anxiety and because of a severe back problems i was also put on percocet for years. Someone told me about suboxone. They said suboxone will help with the pain. So i went to a sub doc and told him i was on valium. He did not give me a U/A till months later. Doc said you are on a benzo. l said is that the valiums? He said yes. I said i told you i was on valium. He said you have to go off them. I was told if i go off my valiums i could have a seizure. I have been off the valium for a week. I am shaking and can't sleep. I feel sick. I was doing great with suboxone and valium. Now i am just sick. Please, someone help me.

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Kat Says:

Suboxone is not going to help pain. Suboxone is another addiction. Go to your doctor and tell him/her that you want to get off of the Valium and Suboxone. Good luck.

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BBK Says:

Valium is very addictive and it has been said if you take them long enough you will go out the back door with them. Saying, I believe, that your body builds up a tolerance to them and they don't do the job anymore.

I have no idea how to get off from Valium. sounds like your Dr. says cold turkey.

suboxone and Valium is just a quick fix. short term satisfaction and long term destruction. To go further with your life, you have to look for long term help. ???
good luck/

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phil Says:

Remember loose lips sink ships. Dnt tell the dr. Thst you take valium. And sab. Is not for pain.

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James weldon Says:

You can't, his fault from the beginning. Yet, you are going to suffer.

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Trissy32 Says:

I'm so sorry what happening to you . Docs are like that thou , for some reason don't explain to ppl EVRYTHING like they should. Shew smh. Did the doc take u off BOTH or jus the one?!

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Elam Says:

Joan, it's been several weeks since you posted this, so I don't know how you're doing. Valium w/d is the worst. I was on 30 mg/day for many years, and then the powers in Washington decided that opiates and benzo's don't get along and cause breathing problems, so my PM doctor was no longer able prescribe them by law. They gave me a 30 day supply to "wean off" of them. Valium builds up in your system, and since it's a CNS depressant, stays in your body for a long time. It's been 95 days since I had a Valium, and I'm feeling about as normal as I'm going to get. I hope you were able to get some relief w/out having to go CT, as I know that sucks. Been there. What I've found recently that helps anxiety is CBD oil, and it's legal to buy. I've never dealt with Subs, but I know some folks stay on it for long periods of time. Anyway, I hope you post something and that you're hanging in there.. You will feel better in time.

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Trissy32 Says:

Yes that is true about sub they aren't for pain!! They are a blocker actually

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Betty Says:

You cannot quit taking a benzodiazepine cold turkey..period. 2 drugs that can and have killed people due to withdrawal symptoms are benzodiazepines and alcohol. And for goodness sake GET off of the suboxone Asap! No it's not for pain. Methadone is for pain but don't go near that either. Sounds like you've been to a money hungry and uneducated doctor. Do your research!! I will hope that all works out for you.

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SheriAmore Says:

Hi Betty. Well it seems that due to all of these addicts who get their hands on pain meds that are Rx'd for legitimate pain & overdosing have convinced the CDC that even us pain patients who've been on pain meds legitimately for YEARS now need to be put in Suboxone. My doctor switched me to it last week. They've convinced the doctors that it can work for pain & sadly my doctor convinced me. It worked great on day 2 & 3. Now not so much. I'm beyond upset. And I'm also on Xanax which is besides the point here..just thought I'd mention it.

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john Says:

The Dr. that this woman went to is a total *****!!!

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Dallad Says:

I quit suboxzone cold turkey, beyond so sick I can't describe for 3 weeks, tough it out couple more weeks you'll be over the withdrawals

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Dave Says:

Get some Valerian-based verbal tranquilizer, the essential Valerian herbal oil, and you can also use Valerian herbal tablet sleep aids, as Valium is based on the herb Valerian.The herb is not addictive.

You can withdraw from the artificial Valium molecule using that, but you must also use a Valerian essential oil rubbed in your skin, and as essential oils evaporate and don't get properly absorbed, you must use a base oil in addition to that, anything will do, like rub some olive oil on your brow, and then massage in a few drops of Valerian essential oil into that, it does not smell very pleasant, but it will take away the worst of the agony. My massage therapy instructor who I studied use of essential oils under taught me that years ago, and said that using essential Valerian oil alone, she had successfully helped many people to withdraw from Valium.

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Ranger04 Says:

Bro that is illegal the dr can't just tell you to get off the benzo he is required by law to taper you off slowly since you have been on them so long, you can have a stroke and go into a seizure it is very dangerous to get off benzos cold turkey! And please if that's what you are doing stop and don't suffer tell your doctor, that it is the law for him to taper you off he can lose his license if he just takes you off of it. I HOPE THAT HELPS AND YOU FEEL BETTER SOON

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Fireblasterdz Says:

Switch from valium to clonazepam (klonopin). It is a benzo also but unless you take a lot it will not appear on lab work.

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Olivia Says:

Even herbs have draw backs. I would not do that unless I saw a naturalpathic doc who knows about herbal stiff

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notallbad Says:

I know you're being supportive and helpful but that information won't help. Please seek emergency care asap. Severe benzo abstinence can be fatal and needs to be treated inpatient at a specialized detoxification unit where you can be approximately monitored and evaluated until the titration process is complete. Good luck.

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BBK Says:

Valium and suboxone is just quick fixes, or short term satisfaction and long term destruction
. If you want to get better follow the Dr. orders if you like your life being addicted to valium than that is a decision you have to make. good luck

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Trissy32 Says:

Wow that has to be true cus i'd been passing drug panels when I take Klonopin, but Xanax will show just about all the time. Idk about Valium.

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Postal canary Says:

WHAT R U THINKING??? U came here looking for help. That was smart. But why didn't u think to look up how to come off of Valium? Go get ur Valium. Take a nibble. Drink warm water. When u start feeling weird again (hot flashes, shakes, dizzy, fast heart beat) take another nibble of the pill. That's how u come off any drug. Ur doctor didn't tell U how??? If he didn't he doesn't know what he's doing. U have to come off this drug slowly.

At this point since u don't want to be on them anymore, ur goal is no longer relief from muscle spasms. Now ur goal is to get off Valium without hurting too much or killing yourself by accident.
So this means, ur going to get about 3 nibbles maybe 2 off of each pill. People think the withdrawal starts right away. It does. But it gets worse and worse after the first 5 days. As more time goes by u have less and less in ur system. But u can't go cold turkey like that. So at this point ur a week off. Those little nibbles should give u decent relief for a few hours at a time. Not perfect. But it will make it easier. Do that for about another 5 days. But try and let more and more time go between nibbles and less each week.

I would find another dr. If this doctor didn't tell u how to get off this, he is a dangerous person.
While u r coming off this drug, u are going to have all sorts off muscle pain and spasms. Worse than why u went on them in the first place.

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phil Says:

Yes you need to get back on valium. I dnt know you went from perkoset to sab. For pain cuz sab. Is not for pain its to help you get off perks. So wat i would do is do wat works get back on the valium and perks. And never stop and meds just like that.

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