Oxycontin Not Working Anymore

lucky Says:

Does anyone have the problem of after about 10 years Oxycontin doesn't really work anymore? My son has been on 40's for that long after a severe car accident. He broke his back and neck, but they just don't really take the pain away anymore, please help if possibile. Is there something else that would work better? He just is in pain all day everyday and I hate to see him like this. Thank you very much.

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Michael Says:

Tell your son that he should try fentaly patches (not sure of spelling. Sounds like this(Fen tin all). My mother was on them for a long time almost 7 years. They are highly additive so tell him to be carefull

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Michael Says:

They also make the oxtcontin in 60 80 120 and 160mg pills to maybe that will work for him. Good luck being in pain sucks i know.

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Verwon Says:

Oxycontin is no longer available in the 160mg tablets.

You really need to speak to his doctor to explore his other options for pain relief.

Many other options are available, such as MS Contin, Fentanyl, as well as different treatments.

When the was the last time they made a dosage adjustment?

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Slim56 Says:

Long term use of The Fentanyl patch as Actiq, have some severe side Effects , They will eat your teeth up, causes dry mouth , once you see the damage its too late, it causes the insides of your teeth to rot, I was on 6, 1200 mcg, a day and wore a 100, & a 50 mcg patch, Great for pain, Good Luck

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woodstock 2009 Says:

Have Dr. do lab work to check to see if medication is effective thru normal drug screens.

the year 2008 was a horrible year for oxycodone as well as many other pain medications, the FDA has went on record an stated that not only was ineffective or unapproved ingredeints or medications was getting into manufacting supplys, but that some batches leaving the factory where being replaced an something else place in bottles this was less than 10% of supply but that s still alot

my mother had to have her blood pressure medication changed 3 times in 1 week, an wifes hydrocodone was negative by urine screens 3 times, an my last xanax screens showed negative twice, anyone doubting the effectiveness of medication should ask Dr. to routinely perform the screens

in wifes case Dr was gonna drop her because of drug contract stating she could not treat her no better than anyone else, we countered we don t want treated better than anyone else that s concerned with ineffective medication, thus the observation test was done using a control dosage we knew was testing positive, the DR. RESUMED HER REGUIMENT

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Greg Says:

Does anyone know the long term effects of oxycotin for pain mngmnt?. Such as health issues other than what I'm treating.

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bernard 24 7 Says:

I'm back and forth between the oxy 40,60,and 80 mg pills and the 40's work ok but they are nothing like the 80's exspecially if they are the oc 80's I have severe chronic back pain and it's the worst in the morning when they came out in september last year[2010] with the op formula I had to take 2 pills just to get outta bed but for years with the oc oxy's 1 pill and I'm out of the bed with no problem so check to see if your son is getting the new op pills or the powerful oc pill big difference if you take medicine

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Greg Says:

I'm sorry to hear of your sons injury. I broke my neck 9 yrs back and have been on pain med( oxy 80mg x2 daily) since. 7 surgeries just seem to make it worse. But I became more and more addicted rather than dependent on the meds. It's hard to tell the difference when someone you love is truley in pain. But you must! You can do this bye changing meds at the same or close to the same levels and see how they react. Or, give a placibo along with the current meds and see. I say this not to be apathetic but I had this problem and it almost killed me. The addiction can be very sneaky and the person addicted can be evan more. Just becareful. Let me know if you would like to talk? Thank you Greg

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Dale Maynard Says:

Have your son try Opana. I had the same problem with oxy and I assure you your son will feel a whole lot less pain with this new drug.

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THOM Says:


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oxycontinOP Says:

lil sleepy if not ur not moving, ur s*** backs up (take something to s***)

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ROJO Says:

I need a non-narcotic prescription for chronic lower back pain. I have recently stopped taking Oxycotin because it was doing too much harm to my body.

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THOM Says:

reply to question is there anythink better than oxy? YES as a former user of oxy for my pain the Dr. switched me to ...HYDROMORPH CONTIN 6 MG which i take 1 morning 1 afternoon and 1 at night i have not felt better in my whole life since i changed to this. my pain has been cut to a scale of 1 to 10... it is a 4 i thought i would be on oxy for years, but this is the best i feel ,i have my life back...good luck!

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Drbeth2000 Says:

Sounds like you have heard the scary stories about oxycontin. I was reluctant to start it too, but I think it is one of the best pain management drugs around. Its biggest advantage is that you are not forced to take tylenol (generic) with it. I think that acetominephin is really hard on the liver, not opiates.
I think the only real risk is physical dependency. People who are in pain do not abuse opiates because they depend on them. But if and when your pain resolves then your doctor will help you cut back slowly so that you don't have a terrible withdrawal. I have some medical background and I studied it pretty thoroughly. It did slow me down a little bit initially but I got used to it and feel pretty sharp.
I have been taking Oxycontin for 3 years. It definitely slows the gut. I have been taking 3 a day because they really don't cover pain for 12 hours. The pain was waking me up, which is exactly what you don't want.to have happen. The body repairs itself during sleep. Percocets were not even letting me get 6 hours of sleep at a time. Your body cannot heal like that.
Unfortunately oxycontin has gotten a bad name because so many people abuse it. It is potent when it is crushed and people can get high very quickly. It doesn't do anything for me. I guess I am lucky it doesn't ring my biological bell because usually once people find a substance that does, they are hooked and will do anything for it. It is only because it is so powerful that people will go to any lengths for it and unfortunately there is a lot of money made by unscrupulous people. That is why oxycontin has such a bad name...not because it is a bad drug. Its effectiveness had been its downfall with addicts and criminals.
The only way you can hurt yourself with it is if you take more than prescribed or combine it with another drug that depresses respiration like tranquilizers, sleeping pills, alcohol or other pain pills. Most pain doctors will give you percocet for break through pain. As long as you take what is prescribed the way it is prescribed you will be fine.

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crissy Says:

geez i wish my dr was so understanding!! hes put me thru the gauntlet of meds u name it ive tried it the only thing that worked was the oxycontin all other meds have landed me hospitalized

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Yolanda RC Says:

Just want to share, so many believe pain medications are not good for us; all of these people have terrific high tolerance to pain. I've suffered from Fibromyalgia since I was ll years old! My pain management did not really begin until my 40's. Now at 66, I'm on oxycontin 40's x 2-3 daily. Thank God for giving me relief! If not for pain management I probably would have done away with myself years ago. You must do your Pro and Con list, you must listen to your body and not other judgmental people who tell you that you are a druggie. They do not have a clue what it is to cry yourself to sleep, to not be able to participate fully in life. You must be strong mentally to keep yourself from abusing your meds yet keeping pain free as much as possible. God bless us that suffer so much, but thank you God for Oxycontin. Last week I ran into a nurse practitioner who questioned me about "my narcotic use". and narcotics provider. I was stupefied! We had a conversation; he apologized profusely after hearing my "full story" ( he got more than he bargained for with a precise clinical explanation. It still amazes me how some health practitioners do not learn or are not taught about "pain control" and the ramifications for the patient not treated or even the high rate of suicide among-st the suffering.

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myways Says:

Please, take your son to the Dr. and tell him exactly as you explained and tell the Dr. that you believe he needs "break thru" meds. A good Dr. will understand and treat accordingly. You see Oxycontin is a "time released " med(usually written at 1pill every 12 hours. The "break thru" pill is generally taken every 4-6 hours. Good luck .

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Mark Says:

Get with a pain management doctor that does Spinal cord stimulator implant, the newer multi lead models work alot better than the older ones. I have the newest Boston Scientific 32 lead system using 2 quadtrodes in my upper cervical and 3 octodes in my mid thorac. I also take opiates too, but alot of people I have been around with this new SCS system take no pain meds because it works that good. It doesn't work on bone pain or give good relief for severe nerve irritation. Without out the unit I have implemented, there was never enough pain meds to control my pain. The combination of both the SCS and pain meds give me a quality of life I thought would never be possible again.

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lionshare Says:

In regards to your comment about oxycontin dosages, they don't make 120 , don't think they ever produced tht mil. An true they no longer manufacture160, an jus recently they started the 30 an 60mil they do not make 50mil . You mentioned fentynal patches the come in 25,50,75,and 100 mil. An they are very effective. They. Are 72hr meds 3days. Good luck

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Jewels Says:

Which health insurance provider can I sign up with if I get part-time work for the medication oxycontin? I have chronic neck pain from a whiplash; and I am hoping to go back to work part-time light clerical. I may not be able to ever work again; but I will try and I will hope to get better. I am on a prescripition assistance program, and I don't want to lose my presciption benefit for oxycontin if my income goes up. I can pay for health insurance if I work. I may have to file disability. Can anybody tell me the answer to this? Oxycontin is the only thing that helps the pain and without it I definetly won't ever be able to work without it the pain is too great. I hate being a person who is too poor to afford medication and too rich if I work to qualify for prescription assistance it is so wrong. If anybody knows the answer to this please post it! I am sick of being poor. My medication is very expensive and if working makes me lose my prescription assistance; I can't work I cant win or make a living this is not fair. I thought Obama Care assures everybody can afford insurance. I seem to fall in the middle category if I work. NOT FAIR!

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