Orange Round Pill With 54 375 Are The Same As The Strips

Concerned Ex addict Says:

Ive been on suboxone for 8 years. Since 2006. I know a lot about the pharmaceutical properties of medications from being an addict and being obsessed with learning everything i could about them. I hear these myths about generics not being as good as the brand name and so on, let me tell you something, to become a generic the main ingredients, the ones that actually effect you HAVE to be in the exact same quantities, So if these orange 375's have 8 mg Bup/2 Mg Nal then they will effect you THE EXACT SAME WAY AS a strip ( which I'm on, and was on the old N8's forever, and so glad they have these strips now), have taken the 375's, and its the same. Is the placebo effect that strong? I cant stand hearing friends try and tell me how this medication isn't as good as the next when they are the same exact freaking thing chemically, the filler might be different, THATS IT. When it comes to abusing drugs how a medicine is made is a different story, if people plan on say getting Morphine these days which is the new huge thing, I thought oxycontin would be king forever, but Opana's are all the rage, so glad I've been out since it came about, but that medication people want certain ones because they can be IV'ed or insufflated, while others have gumming agents to prevent life ruining highs. Way too much misinformation. someone in another thread i think said they were down to like 1/4 trying to get off, got on these orange round and had to double their dose or more to equal the effect, thats insanity. Theres no way. Seriously you guys its science. and FDA doesn't mess around.

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Matt Says:

Actually a generic according to the FDA can be 20% less stronger or 20% more stronger. With that said there is a difference

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Verwon Says:

What Matt posted is correct. You can find this information under the Hatch-Waxman Act of 1984.

It's also important to note that generics are only required to measure the amount of the active ingredients against the name brand, not against other generics. Thus, it's possible to have been taking one generic that was slightly higher in the amount of the active ingredient and then be switched to another that's slightly lower, so it may seem that the new one isn't working. Since the differences are still very slight, not even a full milligram, in many cases, your body will usually adjust in a week or so.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Dale Says:

How long does it take to get out of your system

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ProAgonist Says:

Actually generic medication only has to be within 20% of the name brand medication it is made after meaning that if you had an Oxy 10mg The generic could be as weak as 8 mg or as strong as 12 mg so in actuality some generics are actually stronger then the namebrand one would logically think that they would have to be the same exactly, but there is actually a 40% room for adjustment if you consider that the generic only has to be within 20% of the effects of the name brand which translates to a 40% window with the ability to move 20% in either being the generic drugs and not the namebrand and due to the fact they sell and produce them a lot cheaper depending on the drug, a lot of the time the generics are not as strong, however, there are some cases where I was prescribed The generics and they ran out of a certain brand and gave me another brand of generics to be able to fill my entire prescription so I ended up with two different manufacturers of generic drugs. One of the generics made by Roxane Labs that were what felt like about 50% stronger than the qualitest generics... Both were generic for Opana 10mg IR...and from what I can tell the Roxane labs were about 50% stronger then the Qualitest pills... I then did some research of my own and found several people that claimed that they were even as much as twice as strong knowing the law myself to be +- 20% room for error... I was able to confirm with out any professional lab diagnostics that they were literally 50% stronger after getting the same results with multiple different the people out there that say generics are weaker than name brand are not correct that is the way to Gen. of a statement the fact is generics are required by law to be within 20% of the effects given by the name brand of the drug...Long story short sometimes generics can be stronger and know the law does not say they have to have the exact amount of drug and then I was just as surprised as you probably will be when you read this

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J Says:

You have no idea what you're talking about. Preparations DO have an affect on how a chemical is delivered. I have a master's in molecular biology. Don't talk aobut subjects don't understand...being a drug addict is not a qualification since I am a drug addict and I see so much "I think I know so I will claim I know" statements. Keep quite, since you don't know.

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Mike Says:

This is simply NOT true. The FDA allows for a minimum amount of active ingredient when they approve generics. Therefore, it is absolutely possible that 1) different companies use different amounts, 2) newer generics put in the minimum where in the past other companies allowed for a higher concentration, 3) some generics with different fillers absorb differently in everyone since we are all unique, 4) you simply are misinformed. The orange Amneals give me a killer migraine and its an awful medication...formulated much differently than all the other subs I've had. FYI

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Conditioning A Classic Says:

That's QUITE a bit of grammatical errors coming from someone claiming to hold a master's degree. I understand the auto-correct argument, but "quite"? Really? Being a psych major, I have to say something smells like bull-feces... Or it's evidence that education doesn't equal intelligence.

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Conditioning A Classic Says:

Affect? Not effect but affect? Stop trolling and claiming false credential's. I'm not sure what your vendetta is against drug addicts seeking treatment, but please take it somewhere else. To the other people, there is a difference. They may have the same amounts of active ingredients, but for whatever reason there is a difference (at least in my experience with bupe).

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Justin Says:

Omg THANK YOU! People f***ing Crack me up with their false claims of education and blah blah blah.

How about you take your medication as prescribed and live your life like a normal person? Go about the rest of your day, be productive... Get s*** done... Stop treating it like a DRUG and get over it. It's an 8mg buprenorphine tablet. Period. Take your meds and stop thinking about it.

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JoeBLowme Says:

Learn to type with proper grammar, then maybe people will believe your ludicrous outlandish claims...hahahah molecular biologist can't even grasp the English language... And don't give me that 2nd language BS, a MCB would be smart enough to fix the simplest errors in one of the worlds most spoken languages after an education

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Michael Says:

Just a question I got the generic suboxone pills been on the strips for 3 years I feel no different from taking them I just read and heard that the pills are 20% less stronger then the name brand is that true?

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Luigi Says:

Re: Justin (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Hi! I agree. I was switched from the film to the tablets because my insurance wasn’t covering the films and I would end up with a copay of $200 . Now I’m takin the generic orange tablets and a copay $1 . So far so good. All these bad reviews of people make sick and give false hope to new people and it’s messed up ..

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Jennifer Says:

Is this a sublingual tablet to stop taking other opioids? If so, how long do you have to wait before you take one after your last dose of Fentanyl (6 hours ago)?

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