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Dawn Says:

I have crps in both hands from carpal tunnel release...after several months, I was worse, not better. My workmens comp dr. said " You will have chronic pain the rest of your life and you will just have to learn to live with it"...oh thanks doc for screwing my hands up, not to mention how it has drastically has changed my life and limitations. I have been seeing a pain specialist ever since and that was back in 2001 when I had the release. I was on lyrica for the last 6 years, I have been off of it for three months. Now that I think back to when my severe depression started was not long since I started taking it. I don't know how many times I said I hate my life and I wish I was dead, I had thoughts of taking all my prescriptions and going to sleep for good! By the grace of god, I had my four nephews to take care of and I truly believe they saved my life! My pain management N.P wanted to keep a close eye on me when I started taking it, so I went from going every six months to every three months and when my depression got worse every two months...nothing was done, I was on 600 mg. a day, why didn't she try to lower my dose? I complained about the swelling and she said she didn't have any other patients complain, I was taking lyrica for the pain in my hands and the whole time it was making them worse! There were many time I would be driving and make a turn and not know where I day I couldn't remember my address, I couldn't remember conversations I had with my boys, I had no brain! When I came off lyrica and I did it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Hot, cold, night sweats, nauseous...I was at the grocery store and literally felt like a monster coming out of me, thank god I am off lyrica! My lawyer is checking on a class action lawsuit, all of us that has had a horrible experience with lyrica, we all need to come together and they need to pay for putting this horrible drug on the market!

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Mary Says:

I was on lyrica for chronic pain for a short period of time in 2006 or 2007. I do not remember when exactly, but I never noticed any side effects but others did. I had memory loss, staggering gait, grabbled speech and I would fall a lot and could not get up. Idid not even remember falling. I was accussed of being drunk. That is how lyrica affects me. I believe it contributed to my losing my job as a respiratory therapist @ the hospital t was working at. They even did a alcohol blood test on me which came back negative. I got off it immediately and was penalized for that. I was put on probation, but that was just for show. Afew months later I was given the choice, resign or be fired. I resigned. Now ijust tell everyone I am allergic to it. It is a dangerous drug.

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Mary Says:

I lost my memory and eventually my job of 29 years. I had side effects they did not even list. I fell down a lot and could not get up and I do not even rember falling. My family told me.

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Iris Says:

Hi everyone,
Thank you for blogging your experiences. Now I know I'm not completely crazy.

I switched from Gabapentin to Lyrica (150mg tid) many months ago to better control neuropathy pain in my feet and Fibromyalgia. At first it seemed like a gift from God; my pain subsided immensely.

I look back and I wasn't attributing the developing side effects to Lyrica. I started gaining weight because of constant hunger. If I didn't eat often, I started feeling nauseous. I've gained 20# in a short time. Not good.

The biggest problems I have with Lyrica are plumping up, memory loss, being horribly tired most of the time, and a plummetting mood. My mood has been down for months but I just thought it was part of my Bipolar Disorder, even though the Bipolar has been stable for years. I've had problems with my gait and laughed at myself when bumping into walls. My cat has learned to stay clear of me! I KNOW it's from Lyrica. I've had some blurred vision.

Due to the memory loss, I feel like an idiot because I can't hold my end of a good conversation. So I've given up any social life. I can't remember what I've read, so I've given up reading the newspaper or a book. I lose things, forget where I've going when driving, all know. Dawn's comment about forgetting her address and having "no brain" struck home. Sometimes I'll be in a shop, pull out my wallet to pay, and can't remember how to write a check!

I tried to go down on my Lyrica dose twice (from 150mg tid to 125mg tid, but I couldn't handle the rebound effects. My pain came back in full force. Both times I returned to the upper dose and the pain subsided.
I worried about my memory loss but didn't say anything to anyone until my social worker said she noticed my memory problems. Yikes!

It took me pushing things along, but my doctor agreed to send me to a neurologist. The neurologist ran his memory tests and questions and said he was pretty sure I didn't have dementia. Hurrah! That left my problems most likely due to sleep problems or meds. We decided to rule out sleep first. A sleep study revealed Sleep Apnea. OK, so after some to-do, I'll be able to sleep well. That may improve many things, e.g. memory.

Next, we'll work on meds. I hate to think of the pain and rebound effects I would have going off of Lyrica, but it's needed. The next question: What else is out there for my pain management? For that matter, for ALL of my health-managed medications. I'd love to hurl all of my meds into a dumpster and start over. But then I'd probably have one big seizure and end up brain dead, so "don't try this at home."

I'd love to hear if anyone has gone through a med-wash to clear the body of all meds (usually to begin anew.) I'm open to all holistic health paths. Please let me know what you think. And goodluck to all of you.

By-the-way, I don't think it is worth harassing the drug company: 1) it's a huge waste of time and money, 2) many patients with Fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathies have had great, life-altering experiences with Lyrica, and 3) we still have to find alternatives to Lyrica, perhaps a better way to spend time and resources.

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Bobbi Says:

As difficult as it may be to prove the harm that Lyrica has caused, I know without a doubt that it has brought me many problems much worse than the initial reason for taking it.
It did help with the pain I was suffering for a time, however this didn't last and the issues that have come from the use of it have put me through a hell I surely didn't expect. Even coming off of this poison is horrendous. I have minimized much of it in my mind, but am now coming to a clear realization about the damage this drug has caused mentally, emotionally and physically. It's near impossible to be clear about much of anything while on this, but having cut down to less than half of the 450mg dosage I was prescribed, I'm slowly getting some mental capabilities back.
This drug may not be detrimental to all who take it, and may help some, but that doesn't take away the multitude of issues, some even life threatening that many of us have encountered. People have the right to know what they may face if they choose to take it.
One small example... I used to write grants for a living, and could have written this in no time at all, it has taken me three times as long to put my thoughts together, be able to put them into words and type them out.
I strongly feel that those of us who have been harmed DO need to come together and take action, not only for ourselves, but for others who may be affected in the future.
Anyone interested in joining me, please let me know. I believe we can all come together possibly thru social media and get this ball rolling.
Blessings and better tomorrows!

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carol Says:

Have spoken to Canada prescribed compliance government agencies. They are investigating lyrica. Class action suit filed and won in USA. Canadian llawyers and government now looking into class action suit after business week of August 2013 published findings. Was on it for my fibro myalgia. Too much damage to mind and body.


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carol Says:

Hi Brad I lost my job my family my house my horse and my car due to that crap. Keep in contact. Waiting to hear from the government about the drug also. They were also interested in what was going on in the states. Good luck.

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dove2010 Says:

Hi all. I was prescribed Lyrica for pain due to nerve damage after back to back c-section then 4 weeks later hysterectomy. I took it from 2006 to approximately 2012. During which time I went from having a bout of post partum depression (child born very early) to full blown suicidal in a year and half. I am a nurse and knew what how to do it. I ended up slicing into my arteries in my arms and vein in my neck and threw myself into a lake. Miraculously, I survived it and was found by a detective that was out searching for me because my car was found by the lake and I had left my I'd and belongings in it. I had lost a tremendous amount of blood and was hypothermic. Truly a miracle I survived. But the suicidal ideations would not go away. I ended up trying once more a couple of months later by injecting myself with a very large dose of fast acting insulin. (I'm a nurse so I had access) I woke up 4 hours later but the could not walk or even sit up. My brain wasn't functional. I literally crawled (mostly with arms) to the kitchen and drank a coke. My body started working again after a while. Anyway, after again miraculously surviving again, I checked myself into psychiatric center. Between 2007 and 2011 I admitted myself into psychiatric facility 5 times. Due to the suicide attempts, I lost shared custody of my son and have only been allowed supervised visitation. (although I have never been a danger to him. Only to myself) my nursing license was suspended for almost 2 years, I had 6 ECT (electro shock therapy) sessions which did nothing by steal some of my precious memories. NOTHING would help. My depression remained absolutely relentless. My husband honestly couldnt take it anymore and was extremely close to divorcing me. (i dont blame him) I wanted to be gone and felt it would be in everyones best interest if I were gone. FINALLY, i read somewhere that this medication I was taking was causing worsening of depression and suicidal thoughts in some patients. Then it clicked. I was hospitalized to be monitored while being taken off of it because I had a seizure when I tried to stop taking it. (I have no history of seizures) Within a couple of weeks off lyrica, I had my emotions back, my horrible horrible depression/ suicidal ideations were gone and I had lost about 10 pounds of fluid weight. Lyrica truly, truly almost destroyed my life. I am back to nursing now, thank goodness. And I have my down days like everyone else. But...I have not had any suicidal thoughts. Not even close. This is one of those medications that should be taken off the market. I was lucky, or at least have one amazing guardian angel. I just want to know how many people are going to have to die before "they", whoever they are, realizes it. Definitely needs to be a class action lawsuit. Thank you for hearing me out.

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Paula Says:

I feel you! I took Lyrica for 6 months. Became so anxious that I was having control issues. Like driving was the hardest thing and I'm 54 years old. Had thoughts off driving off bridges, etc. Serious memory and decision skill loss.
After coming off slowly, I'm starting to improve, but still have a LONG way to go before I feel comfortable in my own mind. Losing your ability to think and behave normal is very scary.

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Lynn Says:

When i was on Lyrica it was the worst time of my life. It is the only time i can ever say i considered suicide in my whole life. I was a very out going person and turned into a zombie. My children were very scared for me. It went on for a year. But i was that sick and in that much pain and depression. Severe memory loss. Finally ditched that doctor and the medicine and i vow to never ever take it again. I wish there was a class action suit against this medicine.

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Cheryl Says:

I was on lyrcia for several years have lost short term memory. Unable to spell, forget everyday things I need to do. This memory thing is not getting any better. This is not worth it. Im off now however memory will never come back

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Jennifer Says:

Lyrica has DESTROYED my life. Thanks to Pfizer, I have air throughout my intestines and bowels. My obstetrician said I had the dryest eye's he'd ever seen, they feel like hot poker's are spearing them and when I first wake up I only can tell if it's light, it was 20/20, my intestines are looped, full of air and my stomach distends to point's that I have passed out and a rescue squad has come to take me to the hospital, my short term memory is gone, I'm depressed and I had to go to a G.I. doctor and cardiologist and vascular specialist. I can't drive because of my vision. I can't leave my house until it's dark outside and 97% of the time I have to wear sunglasses inside of my house and keep the curtains drawn. I forget what I was saying or going to do, all day, every day. My cognitive abilities are indescribable. I have slipped and herniated disc's all the way from top to bottom but I can't do anything about it because my heart rate, which was in the 65-75, now it is 130 plus. The only issue I have had was my back, they put me on it at the pain specialist where I was being treated for my back via EPI shots. Now they refuse.

That drug has ruined my life FOREVER!!!! I have driven or should say, someone has driven me hour's to specialist. My eye sight will never be right again.

Please, please help me!!

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Jennifer Says:

I don't know if anyone has a class action suit against Pfizer about this but I'd love to either join one or start one. This little tidbit will PISS YOU OFF!! Lyrica was recalled a long time ago.

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usfourangels Says:

I just wish there were more warnings given before Lyrica was prescribed. I didn't know until I gamed a lot of weight & forgot so much that I used to know or remember so easily. It is a horrible drug that steals life from people!!!!

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mary schrader Says:

I am starting a class action suit against this company anyone want to join me I need backup here in buffalo,ny anyone with me I don't want the money they need to be stopped, well the money would be nice too

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mary Says:

Call the FDA and get the form to report this drug. The more that do it the stronger our case will be. Here's the number: 1-888-463-6332

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Christine Says:

Has anyone tried calling the Class Action Lawsuit site (Schmidt & Clark, LLP)? Here’s the number. tel: (866)-588-0600. This is for the US only. I don’t know what they will say but maybe the more that call and tell them their experience, maybe someone will listen. Keep fighting!!

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carol Says:

Have started ball rolling. Paul Battaglia at 416-644-3088 represents Lawyer Management Class Action Suits for Canada. He has heard from two people in Canada. Keeping on eye on it for Canada. Please phone in. The more complaints the quicker the suit.

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Bobbi Says:

Thanks Ellie Mae! I hope all who read this forum feel able to share and talk about this horrible experience. I KNOW only too well how difficult it is to even type, think or write anything that resembles coherent, but we all get that and I don't know what I would have done without first being able to read others experiences and then being able to communicate with pple going through the same thing.
Hugs to all!! (((( * ))))

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Karen Says:

YES.... I am with anyone forming a class action suit re: long list of long-term results from any dosages of damned Lyrica I've been taking for 14 years, now with serious complications, willing to see 'any' attorney's physician! As well as due to the failures in passing on the RARE AND LESS COMMON SIDE EFFECTS TO in, failure to make them FULLY aware but aware only of the common ...this goes down as yet a second reason for a class action. Attorneys out there, PLEASE WRITE ME BACK FOR FULL DISCLOSURE OF MY ORDEAL, STILL taking place as I type with kidney, eye, skin, bladder, stomach nerve implications long-term. Thank you.

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Kelly Says:

Apparently there is new scientific evidence that is being covered up about how this drug really works. I was only on the lowest dose, 25mg twice a day for about 3 years. Never the less, I truly believe (I know) that it altered my thinking processes and not for the better. It has been nearly a year since I weaned myself off of it (by the Grace of God ) but I still do not feel like my old self. Despite long term conic pain due to several specific nerve injuries as well as Fibro Myalgia throughout the rest of my body, I never had suicidal thinking till I started taking this awful drug. It was so hard for me to get off and I often stumbled around in a delirious state for months. I did not drive a car for 3 weeks because I knew that I was truly unfit to do so. Because I was on such low doses, my doctor was very dismissive about me having a problem with it and actually encouraged me to go on higher doses. I have completely lost my trust in the pharmaceutical industry because of this and am trying holistic medicine, nutrition, meditation, and continuing daily nerve stretches to help with my pain. A positive attitude has always helped me get through life but I feel like Lyrics stole my natural ability to do so. It is now a daily struggle between hope and despair.

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