Lupin 10/325 Vs Qualitest/par Norco

Alas No yellow norco Says:

I've been on pain management for many years due to chronic pain from degenerative arthritis and fibromyalgia. Taking 10/325 Qualitest/Par that worked for pain with no side effects. Helping to live a quality life. Last month I was given Lupin white 10/325. Terrible side effects. Borderline migraines, anxiety, tightness, little pain relief, lack of hunger and crying in pain in the night.

Called many pharmacies to try and find the yellow Norco meds that work, no luck. Called Qualitest/Par to find a local pharmacy that carries them. Qualitest no longer manufactures hydrocodone products!! Does ANYONE have any med change options I can discuss with my doctor? He is aware of what is going on.

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Marie Says:

Good luck finding anything these days due to the so called opioid crisis! My husband and I have been on the 7.5mg and 10mg for many many years and noticed a change in them in a very short time, so it’s not due to build up a tolerance to them. They haven’t worked very well for few years now. Sometimes it feels like taking placebos. Mallinckrodt brand are the ones we take

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VerFree Says:

The first issue that I have to point out is that if you are calling around to various pharmacies to ask about a medication, especially a controlled substance, you are not likely going to get an honest answer about whether or not they carry it, at all. Usually, they will just say no, and try to get you off the phone, because they have no way of knowing if the person calling is a legitimate patient with a need, or a possible thief/drug trafficker.

The only way to get a real, honest answer is by actually going to the pharmacy, with your prescription in hand. I know that doesn't change anything in your case, if they are no longer manufacturing the one that works best for you, but you should be aware of this, in case you run into a similar situation in the future.

The FDA warns that Acetaminophen with Hydrocodone is an opiate analgesic that carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and dry mouth.

Ref: Medline Plus Hydrocodone Combination products

Marie, it is normal to build a tolerance to a medication, when you've been taking it for a long time. Have you discussed this issue with your doctor? You may need to try a different medication, or a different dosage.

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