Liquid Methadone To Go On Holiday

collette Says:

i have booked a family holiday for two weeks in lanzarote and have been told today that im not allowed to take my 150mg daily does with me because the doctor thinks i should go to detox first are they allowed to do this

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Verwon Says:

Your doctor isn't obligated to treat you or provide you with any medications, whatsoever, so yes, they certainly can.

The only time any doctor is obligated to treat you is if you're in life threatening danger.

Providing you with a medication such as this is not something they have to do.

Learn more Methadone details here.

And, if they did provide you with enough doses for a 2 week travel period, he could be held responsible if something untoward were to happen.

I'm sorry, I realize it creates complications for you, but that's just the way it works.

How much time will you have to plan the detox and do it, before you leave?

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Collette Says:

I am going on holiday in may I went. Last year and was able to take 14days on 150mg with me and there was no problems I also have a disabled child and have no body to care for him and my daughter for me to go to detox for 1 month

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Melissa J Says:

I too, was prescribed methadone by my "pain doc" for lower back pain due to ruptured disc. I was on ONLY 30 mg per day & that itself was aLOT. My back pain was oy in spurts. Maybe once a week I had severe pain so there was no need for me to take so much medication. Methadone is NOT a healthy pain management and can do much worse to other areas of your body & health. Please put detox as a priority in your life or find a Suboxone treatment center to temporarily remove your need fore methadone. I took dones for 8 months and subox for 9 mths and I don't take ANYthkng except Aleve now and it's better. Save your life & your child's mom. Get off the Opiates forever

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midnight express Says:

i recently started on a methadone maintenance program (feb 7th) and i go for a daily dose of 150mg. ive had all clean results so i can get 2 take home bottles for the weekends, in a few months ill be eligible for more. but anyway, i specifically asked my counselor the other day about the bottle situation for going on vacation since its summer. he told me that he would have no problem with giving me however many bottles that i need to go away even though i only currently qualify for 2 take home bottles (time restraints, havent been there long enough)he didnt say so outright but im guessing that they will give out bottles on a case by case basis. if they feel your trust worthy and that youre not selling your bottles or getting high on them, they work with you, thats what theyre there for ,to help. but if your a mess and turning in dirty results and showing up high (as i see MANY do) they wont lift a finger to help you. im not saying this is why youre having trouble, just a possibility so please take no offense. also, i dont know why this is such a hot topic but, my methadone come in 40mg biscuits, i get 3 full and 1 half to equal 150 mg. they put in a cup and mix it with juice or water (your choice) and its orange when mixed up but when it settles, the meth looks whitish orange and the liquid sits perfectly on top, i see alot of posts about people worrying if they're going to get dope sick cuz there meth is a diff color than usual. its sad. its all the same. cuz as a junkie, once you get that thought in your head that your meds aren't working, no matter if they are or not, well swear they aren't. very self defeating. relax folks, any color is fine

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midnight express Says:

who said that she was on it for pain treatment? there are other uses for it, mainly a maintenance program, and if thats what she is on, detoxing real quick just to go on vacation really isnt an option. if it were, most wouldnt be taking methadone

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Collette Says:

I was given my methadone to go on holidays I had a fabulous time and have started a reduction program I am trusted as I only pick up once a week and get 6 bottles of 137 mls daily I always have negative urine results as I want a better life for my children than I had thanks for everybody's comments

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tony Says:

try using oxycodone 10 milligram with no Tylenol

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infodone Says:

If they are giving you 3 and one half "biscuits" then you are only getting 140 mg., not the 150 mg. you should be getting. Also, the proper name for them is Diskets. It is important for all of us who use methadone to know the proper name for our medication.

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Gemma Says:

I went to spain and took all my metadone I was on 40 ml a day went for 2 weeks I got a letter of doctor saying was on the medication and how much I was takeing on holiday everything was fine put it in my case didn't even ask me about it or anything if they did you show the letter

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Gem Says:

You are allowed I took 80ml a day with me and went for 2 weeks to Spain I put it in my case didn't even get asked a thing but I got a letter off doctors to say it was my methadone how much I was taken with me and I was fine just incase they ask you for a letter off. Your doctor take one but I didn't get asked a thing.

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Lauralovesliberal Says:

A one month detox from 150mgs of Methadone is possible, however I guarantee you will not feel like taking a vacation. I recently switched from Methadone to Suboxone. I am unsure as to where u live but in the States you are allowed to courtesy dose at another clinic when traveling domestically. Being tethered to methadone became a nightmare for me. You can earn carry home doses but they are easier to earn than they are to keep. I got tired of jumping through hoops. I never felt like a patient.. Just another pawn in the game. I felt terrible all the time. I wanted to sleep. My life was on hold. There are many other options now that allow you to live a normal life free of withdrawal and cravings. I cannot believe I spent 5 years going to a methadone clinic. I had no idea what I signed up for.
The fact alone that your doctor suggested that you detox before your trip that is one month away is enough proof that you receive terrible care. Any methadone prescriber would know that is not possible. Methadone is different from any other opiate. I know people who said 6 mos and I also know ppl who quit methadone years ago and said they still have residual symptoms.. Its is so bad for your body. The nervous system has a VERY hard time returning to its pre methadone/opiod state. I'm sorry for your struggle. I hope you find a way to have full control of again. Methadone was the better option for me at one time but I felt that they made it the most difficult for the few who were seriously trying to get better and take their lives back.

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Janice Says:

I am on a methadone script and my mum has booked a holiday to Egypt. . Can I take my methadone with me? As my mum is in a panic?? And a but worried about this .

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Hi people of the 'opiate' world in what ever form or amount you take. I too have been on holiday all over Europe and taken methadone with letter from drug team and never had a single problem. Hopes this gives you hope and puts you at peace a bit. Stay safe everyone and try your damn best to rid yourself of this ' affliction'.
Peace. G-STYLE M.O.F.O

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Milly Says:

Have you been to turkey iv been to Spain 5 times and never had a problem but I have been told I won't be allowed to enter turkey with my methadone trying to find someone who has been see if it is okey

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Suzanne Says:

Hi I'm going to magaluf in November and am on 50mls a day methadone and am going for a week and will be taking 6days with me =300mls in total will this b okay and do I take it in my hand luggage or in case? No sure if a need to check with Ryan air ? Shld a take a letter from doc ?? Feeling worried ? And am doing very well in treatment and have bn reducing however have halted at 50 for the past week /2 as knew a was going to be going on holiday pls ???? Help anyone recently bn in same sit

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Alan Says:

Get a letter fa doctor put it in case i do it every year never been asked to show letter i put it i single bottles wrap with bubble wrap in with towels

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B ry Says:

I've been to turkey 3 times and never had any problems at all, hope this helps.

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Cshel Says:

Hi, I am a Licensed Board Certified Clinical Psychotherapist, and chronic pain patient. Have done extensive research on The Use of Opioids to Treat Chronic Non-Malignant Pain. I AM PRO OPIOID! With being on a high dose, and methadone detox being worse than heroin detox, he is ethically bound to titrate you in a humane manner. He took an oath, the Hippocratic Oath. He may not be legally responsible but if he did not do the above you could and should file a complaint with your state medical board. It will forever be on gi record and in his file. I will not even get started on how chronic pain patients are being treated subhumanely and all like addicts! When 3-18% of CPP are addicts and the 18% are predisposed to addictive behavior! People are needlessly suffering and some even ending their pain by extinguishing their lives. It is CRIMINAL! All these people want is a quality of life...

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Hopeful Says:

I get a 2 week supply of liquid methadone in a lock box twice a's taken years to get these take homes and monthly clean U/A's but i've traveled out of the country with a 2 month supply before without problem..get a different dr..or go to the local methadone clinic where you can earn your take homes...many drs..even pain specialists are very ignorant regarding this medication..i've been subjected to surgery without anasthesia because so many physicians are so ignorant about it..good luck..God bless..and im a registered nurse..on disability and a cancer survivor. I've weaned down from 185mg to 44mg daily...good luck.

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Blue Says:

That's BS. Ask him to give you a couple refills and you can refill it there,

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