Can Durex Water Pills Put You Into Withdrawls If Are Taking Liquid Methadone Everyday

amanda gardner Says:

can someone tell me the answer please. i need to know whats wrong with me. IM ON 75 MILIGRAMS OF LIQUID METHADONE AND 1-2 WATER PILLS A DAY BUT HAVE BEEN EXPERIENING LOTS OF WITHDRAWAL SYMPTONS

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Amanda! How are you?

Can you please double check the name of the diuretic that you're taking? There is nothing listed under the name Durex.

Can you please post back and clarify? Thank you!

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tracygirl Says:

yes anytime you lose alot of fluid from your body while on methadone weather it's through sweating or urinating the faster you work it out of your system and was not allowed to take the fluid pills my doctor wanted me to take and that's what I was told my the methadone matnence clinic I attend hope this helps .

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Nottoosmarttobefooled Says:

No. I'm on a diruetic,Lasiks to be exact and I've experienced nothing. I'm also go off 2 mgs a day. Still nothing. I'm at 75mgs now. Don't worry. If you're still worried ask the nurse at the clinic. Wish you well.

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Mike Says:

Don't take your diuretics,(water pills) until an hour after you have drank your methadone solution. All of the medication will have been filtered out by your body by the. Anything you owe out later will only have trace amounts.

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