Latuda Enhances Mood And Curbs Binge Cravings For Food

Nickoly Says:

I tried Latuda starting a month and half ago. Had a very stressful trip home many variables featuring extreme changes and suffering around me. I thrive on stability. Got extremely distressed and angry and had problems sleeping. I think the medicine actually helped. Have always been very suicidal and was going to get home and shoot myself but did not. Since then had a couple of angry dwelling days but have had seven great productive days in a row now and very hopeful for this medicine. History. I have been on Max Geodon and some wellbutrin for 3 years now and sleeping 12 hours a day. Usually pretty hopeless even though from outside i have great family life. Went on lamictal for awhile and too much anger. Lamictal curbed binge eating as well. I would suggest this medicine for anyone who is severely depressed. I will check in later but has changed my life for the better despite very stressful trip. Without it I do not think I would be here. Have lost 50 pounds rare craving for salt and sugar any more. Any medicine change is a crap shoot. Be ready for anything. Sometimes it is worth the risk. For me this has been worth it. Very fearful of loosing sleep but sleep has been stable for me.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Nickoly! How are you? I'm very glad that this medication is helping you.

Have you experienced any of the other side effects that the FDA lists, such as nausea, restlessness, slurred speech or loss of balance?

Is anyone else on this medication?

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Nickoly Says:

No none of the side effects you listed. The only effect I have noticed is some muscle tightening or twitches. I tend to flex my foot and ankle especially while driving. I drink about two gallons of water a day so i think that helps flush out some of the excess medicine in my body because I take at least 7 or 8 different meds for different conditions. Dry mouth which is a side affect of most meds i have experienced so that is why I think i have the extreme thirst that and diabetes. I have been on it about 1 month and a half to two months now. No one else I know is taking Latuda at this time. Had a pretty severe depressive episode today though. What I usually do is try to go to sleep until the worst passes.

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Sully Says:

I was going to take it but then again I'm glad I did research on it and found out all the crap they put in it to make it. I don't know about you people but there is no way I'm putting that in my body... It's no wonder that some of these med names and doctors are getting sued... Wow you people at Latuda either needs to be standing at the unemployment line or in prison... I always do a full investigation on Meds and like I said and if I were some of you people... I would throw that crap in the trash or flush it down the toilet like I did... Wow Latuda... Just Wow !!!

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Nickoly Says:

Have been on Latuda about 3 months now. Have not had any panic attacks since beginning it which is nice since I have taken Buspar which helped the attacks greatly over the past 4 years but still got them about once every two weeks. On the latuda got down to sleeping 3 hours a night in the middle of a medication adjustment now the Dr. Upped the Latuda and prescribed me some Trazadone. Still more hopeful and productive. Will let you all know how that goes later.

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anonymous Says:

Yes I went on Latuda as soon as it came out and it also changed my lifr, for the better. It takes away all of my depression. You only need 40 mg to be absorbed in your blood; therefore, you're supposed to take it with 350 cals of food. My Psychiatrist knew I would not eat 350 cals before bed so she put me on 80 mg, thus allowing the 40 mgs to absorb. I've experienced no weight gain from latuda. Its the. Newest and cleanest antipsychotic/antidepressant. I love latuda. Im very fortunate of it's coming out.

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NIckoly Says:

Still on Latuda after 4 months or so. Dr.upped my dose from 80 mg at dinner to 120mg in hopes it might help the sleep issues I have had since starting it. I cannot seem to sleep more than 3 hours at a time now. Last night I did not sleep at all and I took two 100 mg Trazadone (does not work for me) and a unisom. A 1 mg xanax along with one unisom seems to be the only thing that puts me down anymore. Am very careful about taking the xanax more than once every 3 days so I do not get addicted or build up too much of a tolerance for it and it does not work anymore. A couple of weeks ago blessings I slept 3 nights in a row for 8 hours a night that was great. My Dr. has now told me to up my Welbutrin antidepressant from 300mg to 450mg because I refused to take a new medicine he offered Celexa. Do not need any new medicines or side effects since I take about 10 now. If the sleep problems continue though i would appreciate some input on what types of things help others sleep. Everyone in my house has issues with sleep and the only thing that seems to help any of us is the xanax. The great thing about Latuda though is now i can lay in bed quietly for hour upon hour and not go into a horrible K-hole of negative suicidal thinking and constant fear of the future any more. I still know the best thing for me would be to get up and read or play a video game or meditate when I am like that but I do not seem to have a self preservation gene in me. I have not actually been over tired from the little sleep either which is very good cause i fear driving when i have had so little sleep. I have been much more productive helping with chores around the house with Latuda as well. Thanks for any input you can add for sleep aids natural or otherwise. I take melatonin now but it does not seem to really help. In the past my wife's delicious chocolate chip cookies dipped in milk would always put me out, we called the milk coma juice. In the past to get to the infant stage i have read about depression which is when we are so sad we want to go to an infant stage and just get in a warm bed like the womb and indulge ourselves extremely on food, sweets or drugs or alcohol. My thing was binge eating fast food or sugary substances and with my diabetes my blood sugar would put me asleep immediately for 12 to 14 hours straight which seemed to be the only escape from the agony of my depression. I did that for 3 or 4 years straight and my relationships suffered for it. like I said earlier since I am in less emotional turmoil I have less food cravings for sugar and salt and have lost my appetite greatly. Have lost 45 pounds in 6 months without increasing my exercise much. Just eating less calories basically. Has not taken any extra will power. Now i am just trying to make healthier food choices and exercise more to maybe loose another 45 lbs and get down to 200. My A1C went from 10.1 3 years ago to a 7 today and my glucose reading are usually under 150. Anyone needing further resources on Mental health check out NAMI on the web. It is a 4 star rated charity navigator mental illness awareness group out of New York that I contribute to regularly since very little of my money is spent on anything but enhancing those peoples lives who suffer such as we do. Great resource on diet, hobbies, etc.

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mike manzo Says:

I would suggest a thirty minute walk before bed if you're able. Take a couple benadryl but not for too long because although it's the only drug that doesn't effect your liver, it has been known to cause Dimentia after prolonged use.

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Nickoly Says:

Thanks but benadryl does not make me tired. I have taken two and two unisom and did not go to sleep. I got iv benadryl in the hospital to sleep and that stuff had me slurring on the phone and i fell asleep with phone in my hand. Turns out the dose the doctor had me on of Latuda was likely too high. I complained of little to no sleep and he upped it from 80mg to 120mg. Big mistake more aggressive with family dwelling on past cannot let go full of regret but still eons less of suicidal thoughts which is great. Plus i was flexing my jaw endlessly and grinding my teeth. Since then i have taken myself down to 60mg a night of Latuda and things seem to be improving greatly on all fronts. No more jaw flexing, teeth grinding and much less aggressive antagonistic behavior which is great cause everyone who has known me my whole life knows that I am a very peaceful person and very easy to get along with generally. I still crash into a deep depression of repetitive gloom and doom and suicidal thinking every six days or so for a day or two but that is much better than being that way all the time where the only escape is sleep. I have about 8 more 60 mg latudas then I will have to start splitting my 80s to 40mg a night until i get to see a new psychiatrist in January. Hopefully it will be strong enough at that dose to keep the suicidal thinking and bad schizophrenic delusions at bay. Too high a dose of Latuda has been like being on a 4 month long methamphetamine trip for me only without the extreme paranoia and anxiety and delusions. Still have not had one panic attack since starting Latuda. I have hopes that I will stabilize on the right dose and improve relations with my wife which are strained to say the least. Dont be afraid to ask for a lower dose if you experience similar sleeplessness. I learned that on this site from another user and would not have thought of it by myself. Hope this helps. Try to be patient and count your blessings everyone. It is a stong medicine so lower doses should still work well.

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nickoly Says:

Down to 40 mg still aggressive with family and spewing negative emotions every 4 or 5 days. Cannot sleep more than 3 hours still. Getting scared and I am going to check into the hospital to see if they can help regulate my meds and get some sleep. Gave it six months. Got extremely suicidal last weekend for 14 hours and was going to blow my head off to save them from the burden of dealing with me. Too obssessed with death. Have tried to have patience but xanax is not helping the sleep anymore.

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Nickoly Says:

After 7 months on Latuda I stopped taking it. I was great for 4 or 5 days and then i would crash badly into suicidal depression. Threatening my family. It became too much for the family so I am going to Geodon. Could not get past the sleep issues. And made my mood swings worse.

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