Is Hgh Safe For An Older Guy?

Rick Says:

I'm a 51 year old male, 6'2, 250 lbs. I used to be in incredible shape a few years back, activities included weight training, running, biking, and a short run as a professional beach volleyball player. Well, age, gravity, surgeries, etc have all taken a toll on my body, how I look and how I feel. I'm still fairly active, no major complaints other than some significant weight gain and my chronic lower back pain. I would love to get back some of the energy and vitality that I once had. I've seen the commercial ads touting the amazing benefits that older men gained from using HGH supplements, and just wondered if I could benefit as well? I just don't have the time or the energy to do those grueling bike runs, or press those monster weights anymore. If using HGH helps pick up the slack and gets me closer to my fitness goals, then so be it, I'll give it a shot. However, I am concerned about safety. Not only the direct effects of HGH on my body, but the quality of the HGH out there. I don't have the luxury of prescription HGH from a licensed physician, so I must acquire it as an over the counter supplement. How do I know what's safe and what isn't? What's real and what's BS? Any ideas anybody?

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ISE Says:

Think you need to do research! I googled 'Is HGH safe for an older guy"

Think when it comes down to it -- Dr's monitoring this is important esp. the side effects that can happen. This is not FDA approved for what your use is. You will find $$ up font could possibly save you in the long run. A side effect is enlargement of breast tissue if not taken as prescribed. How manly!!??

I was reading on a different post that the person insisted on chewing her tablets [not HGH, just an example]- the directions said to swallow whole -do not crush or chew. Take as prescribed. Over and over she said that she chewed them and it tasted sweet, like sugar, the meds weren't effective and they didn't work. My guess is that chewing them didn't allow it to digest and absorb properly.

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Jen Says:

I have a morphine infusion pump and get a continuous flow of 32 mg's/day. I take brand Adderall XR 30 mg's - 2/day. Can anyone tell me why I'm still so tired. I feel like a zombie and yet all my test results, including Thyroid are normal. Can anyone help me - at best I get about 7 hours a day with my eyes open. I nod off constantly and as a result drop coffee or whatever is in my hand at the time. I have been to just about every doctor within 25 miles to no avail. Please ALL advice is welcome.

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Wayne Says:

I will admit, those over the counter testosterone or HGH supplements are hard on the body. The only safe way to go is using the bioidentical hormones and you have to find a really good naturopathic Dr. that will not only do the testosterone but also keep your Hgt and your estradiol checked along with it. And also it's best to use the saliva testing instead of the blood testing. A lot of these doctors that are getting into the testosterone therapy do not really know how to evaluate everything. They give you the shots for the creams and usually they have your testosterone levels at about 1100 which is really way too high. Then your testosterone starts turning into Hgt which can possibly set your prostate up for cancer and you start losing hair. Anytime you use those anabolic steroids and the testosterone supplements that you see on the TV you're playing a Russian roulette game.

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Randi Says:

Jen --

If you don't mind may I ask how old you are? How is your weight going? Do you fluctuate in your weight up and down? I have a few suggestions but I have to know your age and weight first. Thank you so much. And I'm sorry you're going through this.

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Tommy Says:

Non prescription HGH supplements bought online etc is a scam. I've tried 3 different ones with no effect. But I'm older than you (63) so that might make a difference but I wouldn't bet on it. A company can't make HGH without the FDA & a doctor's prescription. This is just my opinion but you can keep trying them but it's pretty much a scam to take your money. Maybe Google your question & see if it will answer your questions on HGH. Wish I could have found one that worked too but none did.

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Ken Says:

I’m 57 and inject .5cc of HGH. It comes in a 10,000IU bottle. I refill every month. Not cheap. IMHO I would not use it if the insurance company didn’t pay. Before you get there you need to do a battery of tests. Blood work, testosterone level. Once that’s done your doctor will make a judgement if needed. I have found out that there is no magic pill. You have to exercise, walk eat right etc. no pill will do that for you. Testosterone therapy worked much better for me than HGH. Talk to your doctor, please.

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Pain man Says:

Re: Jen (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

You DO need to find a qualified doctor to diagnose your situation. I take 400 mg of morphine (tablet) and 30 mg of oxycodone 4 Times a day as well as soma 4 Times a day and I have tons of energy. Sleep like a baby and then I’m going all day. I fear that something is incorrect. Check vitamin b complex levels etc etc...have you tried a b complex (otc)...Look into until you get a valid answer!!! You shouldn’t be nodding out like that..IMHO...I’m not a doctor but it doesn’t make sense. Good Luck

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Tommy Says:

Re: Wayne (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

My doc read my lab work & said my testosterone level is 217. I said that's low isn't it, not knowing what it's supposed to be. At 63 I think it should be a lot higher than 217 that's probably what a women's testosterone level is lol I don't know but he said at your age it's supposed to be that low. Gonna look for a new doctor.

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