Hydrocodone Pill That Says U03

Billy Says:

Has anyone seen a hydrocodone pill that has u03 on it?

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David Says:

There actually are white oval-shaped pills marked with U03 that are identified as Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone bitartrate (325/10mg).

Manufacturer: Aurolife Pharma LLC

These pills do seem to be uncommon though, as I rarely even hear mention of them among all the other brands on the market.

Learn More: Acetaminophen + Hydrocodone

I hope this info helps!

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Lilmamakc Says:

Just got refill & it was these U03's. They are pretty weak compared to the former "Lortab" however they are controlling my pain somewhat...

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COCO Says:

The.e weaker? I had never seen them before today. At 1st, I thought pharmacy gave me wrong med until I googled it. It should be basically same thing; However, have you noticed the change in the name & came outright after it changed to class II med. I hope it'll control my pain.

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lizz Says:

where can I find a picture of the pill u03?

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Blondie Says:

My pharmacy had to get this because distributor out of others. I just took first one last night and have taken 3 doses so far today. They are terrible. I feel like i haven't taken anything.

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patrick Says:

Ya because they've been recalling pills every year since 2009

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patrick Says:

You can find it on a google image search. But even the company does not have it on their website.

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JB Says:

Hey do you think the U03 are real?

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Ciao Bella Says:

Was unable to even find hydrocodone 10/325
My doctor made a call after 2 weeks that i could not obtained .these oval, white U03 , and they are weak, and put me to sleep. It's terrible, when your handicapped and can't even get medication @ any age in Florida. We have to suffer do to the addicts, whom don't even need meds, The DEA should have this under control by now. CRAZY!!!! OMG

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Karen Says:

Was given the white oval pill with U03 2 days ago and after the 2nd day began having acid reflux very bad, has this happen to anyone else? These pills don't seem to help very much.

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Goldsunset Says:

They are terrible. Weak and make me sick for 12 hours. And cause me to have headaches.

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CIao Bella Says:

I've been on this medication, due to the fact, I'm in Florida, and this is all , I was able to find. The med is so weak, weak, weak nothing like lortab. But want can, a patient due. Your basically SOL, Eat them 2 at a time, and by spreading it out you will get 10 present of the med in you. That's the best advise , I can give , I'm still in excruciating pain, and can't move of couch, unless , I have 10 pills in me by afternoon. Maybe try to get back on perks. Good luck, lord knows we need it.....

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patrick Says:

Yes they're real & they work for people who don't really have pain Real pain, if you are mental then they work, but if you are physical than they don't work as well. Ask the doc for non generic meds, then you wont get s***ty pills.

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patrick Says:

yup, ask for non generics next time you see your doc

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patrick Says:

yes along with gastrointestinal pains...like stabbing, & almost withdrawal like symptoms...

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Lori Tabb Says:

Ya, real weak, but they are real. Good luck, spacing them out, they won't last, you'll be in pain. But if you take enough, by night you should be feeling better.

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patrick Says:

ok so what i did with my wife was i made a energy Pain management app...took 5 days, the doctor changed her regamend..to a ms cotton along with the norco & soma.
so she still had to take the aurobido norco for the whole month THO. & now every script says non generic, & i ask the pharma what she is getting. then i verified what the pills are before i leave the pharma."look in the bottle"

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nickienamie Says:

I tried the new tablets U03 tonight and I hate them..i feel like i didnt take anything..I guess Ive wasted my money..but never again! God help me if this happens when I go to the pharmacy for a months suply!

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buddy Says:

Chew or crush them b 4 you swallow
They will now be just the like ones that you are used to. crushing them eliminate time release.

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suzanne Says:

I have been taking yellow Norco 325mg for arthritic and knee pain for three years and in last year have been getting several substitutes because they run out of yellow which I request. This recent refilll I got stuck with OU3's, which does not give much info on, they are out of a pharmacy AuroLife Pharma, these pills are definitely different, I know my meds, they cause me headaches and not as effective. I believe the FDA is doing something to these meds because of the demand and street selling and fooling the people in thinking their the same when they are not, its a shame they deceive people like this. You can't trust what they tell the public today. So, is this a lifelong deal with FDA with this control over pain meds, it was supposed to end with the prescription doctor change regarding call-in refills. Now you can't even get the meds your prescribed for your pain.

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