Generic Subutex/buprenorphine. Ranking From Best To Worst..

BigDaddy8484 Says:

This is for people who actually take Subutex for the intended purpose for which it is used. So if you actually take the medication sublingually, this thread will help you. I have been taking buprenorphine for three and a half years now. This is what I have found: (8mg)

Best: Actavis 153/half moon (orange)
Middle: Roxanne 54/411 (white)
Worst: Hi-Tech 8/arrow

Again, this is for people who take medication as prescribed. You can actually break the medication in half and put it and the front of your lip like dip & chewing tobacco. It will take longer for it to dissolve like this but you will get much much more of the bupe.

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bupeODorol Says:

Does keeping the leftover saliva\bupe mixture under your toung for longer periods help at all? I try not to swallow the bupe-liva for 30 min.+...but it's a pain in the ass and if it doesn't do any good, no sense in doing it.

So, do you get all you're going to after the initial dissolve or ?


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TAC831 Says:

Thank you for your help. I also have been on Subutex for about 3 years and I just got the orange one with a half of moon and your post really did help me. I am so happy there are people like you that like to help others and not just look down on them. My family has a hard time understanding that I have to be on this medicine but I know 3 years ago when I hit rock bottom and I prayed to God to help me. I went to a doctor for of course not the right reason but he knew and talked to me about Suboxone but now I have worked my way down to Subutex and unfortunately I have health problems that means I will have to be on this for the rest of my life but I feel better about this medication because not only does it help me with withdrawals but it is something that also helps a little when I'm in pain. Thank you for ur advice, I wish there were more people that understood.

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BigDaddy8484 Says:

Let me clear a few things up... I noticed the typos after I posted the thread...

Best: Actavis 153/half moon (orange)
Middle: Roxane 54/411 (white)
Worst: Hi-Tech 8/arrow (white)

The reason i say Hi-Tech is the worst is because I have noticed different results taking those tablets. One day it will be strong and the next day I won't feel anything at all. Very inconsistent. Plus they dissolve very very fast. The reason I say the Actavis brand is the BEST is because it is thick and it dissolves slowly. Plus, every time I take them, I feel much better. I feel pain relief for my arthritis in my back. I will reply individually to the other 2 posts on here soon... Thanks for your replies :-) Glad I could help.

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BigDaddy8484 Says:

Like I said, I'll put the medicine in the front part of my lip like chewing tobacco. So because there is not a lot of spit in that area, it takes a much longer time to dissolve. Sometimes it'll take up around 2 hours to dissolve. But you get much better results from the medicine through this method. So the short answer to your question, yes.

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BigDaddy8484 Says:

TAC831, I'm glad I could help you! Unfortunately, I think that most of the people that are taking buprenorphine started out hitting rock-bottom at some point. Most of the doctors around my area won't even prescribe it unless you have hit rock bottom... and they are pretty good at telling whether or not you're for real. But I'm glad to hear that the medicine is working so well for you. It literally saved my life. I was up to 20 Percocet (oxycodone) 10s per day. If I couldn't get those, I would take Roxy's or Hydromorphone (Dilaudid). I was in baaaaaad shape. Now, it did start out as legitimate pain because I did hurt myself at work. Later that week, I walked out of a pain clinic with a prescription to 150 Percocet 10/325's. I was hooked on oxycodone before the end of that month. I stayed hooked on oxycodone for about 8 years before I found Suboxone. I took Suboxone for about 2 years and have been taking Subutex ever since. Had I not found that medicine, I would have eventually overdose and kill myself. Buprenorphine saved my life. I fully intend to take it for the rest of my life. It has had no negative effect on me or my family. (Aside from occasional constipation hahaha - but fiber powder from walmart will cure that right up). I have a girlfriend and two kids and we have a good family. The medicine has not affected my relationship with my kids or my girlfriend. Honestly, so you no reason not to take it. I get excellent pain relief from it and I do not get a "high" off of it that I am hooked on. So now you know a little bit about my story. Stay positive and keep up the good work! If you need this medicine and take it like you are supposed to, it will continue to make your life better. Don't let anyone tell you different.

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bupeODorol Says:

I have the damn Hi-Tec pills, they dissolve petty quick, but I tried the pill in my lip and it works much better. I'm taking them for chronic the better they work,the better I feel ;)

Thx for teh help!

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Jessica Says:

I had the half moons a year or more ago before I was prescribed and didn't care for them. I read on a different post that those or a different one was supposed to be swallowed.. Idk if that was right but I didn't get nothing out of those. The best for me is the 54 411 ones. I just got a new one 2 weeks ago and hated it so much! It didn't help as much but the killer was it burned like hell! It shocked and burned my tongue like no other. Idk why either. But, it was every time, not just once, so bad I couldn't stand taking it. It's from sun pharmaceuticals and it's white with 460 on it. I guess they are super new as I couldn't find much info about it. But, cvs is now getting these only, so today I have called 15 pharmacies and nobody has anything except the sun ones or the arrow with 8 on it. I'm so sad bc I need my medicine.

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BigDaddy8484 Says:

Hey Jessica. Sorry that the "orange half moon" pills didnt work out for you. I put them in my lip like chewing tobacco and they work great. The 54 411 Roxanne brand DOES work well also. I get pretty much the same effect from both the orange half moons and the 54 411's. I took the 54 411 for like 2.5yrs straight but the Walmart pharmacist started acting like a little ***** so I quit going there. Can't seem to find them anywhere else. But for now I guess I'll be sticking with the orange ones. Who else, besides Walmart, carries the 54 411's?

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Jessica Says:

I had the same issue with cvs in my town. Anywhere else I've had no issues. Cvs was where I went to to get the 54 411 BUT now they have switched to this new brand that are not good at all! They burned the hell out of my tongue.. Like a shocking and. Burning feeling. I don't know why and it was every time too. They are extremely new, the manufacturer is sun pharmaceutical. So this past week I called 30 pharmacies to find my regular ones the 54 411 and the only one was a Walmart neighborhood market. I never even. Knew there were those lol but it was about 40 mins from me but totally worth it. So, I suggest you call around like I did. I only had one place tell me they couldn't give me the info but all others were nice. I told them I had a bad reaction to the other ones, oh they say 460 on them, and my Dr told me to search around. So, good luck if u try to find em. Thanks for the reply too

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Roxanne56 Says:

The Roxane brand was bought out by West-Ward Pharmaceutical Company. Their subutex is the white round 460 for 8mg. They do have a burning sensation but it beats w/d anyway. I contacted the company and requested information on their version. It is exactly as the other Roxane 54/411 we are used to. Obviously something is off with the fillers which makes it bitter. They were very helpful and returned my email soon. Their number is 1-888-241-7108. Or West-Ward Pharmaceutical Company Columbus. The mind is a powerful thing. To my knowledge the other ones are being phased out so it's this or...?? For myself I've been on them since 2005. I have tried all other brands. Imma stick with these. The duration is as long and quality. My only concern which I told them is the "burning" creates more salivation which leaves me with more to absorb. Takes longer. Anyway good luck.

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Roxanne56 Says:

Can you please help me. I've been on subs over 12yrs. Roxane was always the best to me. We know they are phased out and bought out replaced with Wentworth white 460 I think or 490 8mg. I take 24mg a day . I be had activis sp? I don't like they don't last. At first the new Roxane was ok I had still some left in my system from the old. Now I'm really tripping I'm getting almost breakthrough. W/D.i contacted the company and the chemist said no difference and gave me the formula. There is a difference. It's like some are fake or something We all know hitech is junk. What's going on. I hate the mylan too. What am I left with?? I'm having serious cravings. Should I go bk to suboxone strip's? At least the bupe is original or is it?? Any help greatly appreciated

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Can Says:

I have ran into this issue and I've been on subtext for 4 and half yrs have taken the whole spectrum yesterday I went an attempted to fill script at cvs they had 5 of the 54 411's and preceded to inform me today they would have rest come get them at noon at 2 pm cvs informs they did not get after haggling with the pharmacy I called 24 pharmacies before I found one with them in stock!! I made the mistake of getting the small one last month and I can honestly out of the at least two yrs of the 4 I actually thought about other stuff after having no thoughts for soo long!!

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Elle Says:

I have been on Subutex for a couple of years now and never had a problem getting my script filled. I live in the Tampa area. Recently, my normal CVS and about 6 others close to me have been out of Subutex completely. I don't understand how that is possible. I ended up going to Walgreens and got the Activis brand ( orange with half Moon). I have been nauseous since I started taking them. I use to take the Mylans and never had a problem. Has anyone else had physical effects from switching brands? It seems everyone has there own preferences, but I just don't feel great on the orange ones. Definitely going to look around before next refill because I don't like how I feel on the oranges.

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regpharm22 Says:

There will be no more Roxane Labs 54411 because it was bought out by Westward Labs (subsidiary hi-tek) and while the new manufactures have the same buprenorphine (the active ingredient), there are different fillers, binders, dyes, cellulose, etc etc etc (the non drug or non active ingredients). The amount of the NON active ingredients (the binders, fillers, cellulose, etc) are so minuscule that it is extremely rare to have an effect other than what is called a placebo effect which is your mind making you 'feel' that they are 'not working' . I am not doubting any of you, I am just trying to give a bit of information and fact about why the Roxane brand is no longer available, etc. Hope this helps

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Subzero Subutexn Says:

Re: bupeODorol (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I gave a friend a couple of my tex's the other day and it was his first time to ever take them . Well I forgot to tell him to put them under his tongs , so I freaked out and called him , he said that he done swollowed the pill and it had him feeling as If he was a humming bird .. so I'm gonna try this method when I think about it to see for myself.

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Melanix Says:

Re: Jessica (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

I just got them too. Ice thrown up everyday since I got them! :( and I was content with the Hi-Tech ones I have been taking for 8months because I didn't know the difference in brands and ive always got mine at riteaid and went to cvs randomly and these sun pharmaceuticals brand are terrible. I can't ,function or eat and CVS doesn't give a damn, idk what to do till I go back to my doc next month

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Jennifer Says:

Re: Jessica (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Sun pharma is a TERRIBLE company. They are in India and have been shut down and cited before for deplorable lab conditions. I can’t stand them.

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Lilly31 Says:

Re: BigDaddy8484 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

What is your opinion on the M924 round white subutex? I feel like I'm a lot more tired since I started these but I also know I have a lot of stress catching up to me & pack of sleep. So I wasn't sure if it was these M924 bc I'm use to the 54s , or if that's just in my head & all my "symptoms" are just my own person problems unrelated to either one.. I hear the "drug" amount & kind is the same but the filler itself is made with different stuff.. What is different in the filler in the M924 then the filler in the 54s and are there side effects different in the M924 different then the 54s?

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Bupey Says:

Re: bupeODorol (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Hi what pharmacy are you finding the hi-tek s at? Rite aide had them now they all switched to the 460 s and i hate them

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angelica Says:

the orange are awful. Roxanne are the best. I've taken subs for 5 years and will not fill my script until i known for sure its the Roxanne.

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