Estratest Generic On Indefinite Back Order!

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Msgirl Says:

Could this mean it may no longer be produced? I had a complete hysterectomy in 2000 and nothing else has worked for me! HELP!

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Jenna Says:

Hi Msgirl,

May I ask where you found information stating that Estratest Generic is on an indefinite backorder? I couldn't personally find any information claiming that it's no longer unavailable. However, I did find out that there was a shortage of Estratest's active ingredients: "Esterified Estrogens" and "Methyl testosterone" - but according to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, that issue was resolved in 2011.


Please let me know if you come across any more information. Thanks!

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Colete Says:

Just today, my WalMart Pharmacist could only fill 7 pills. Then my PCP nurse called and told me the Estratest manufacturer had put the drug on "quarantine". We don't know what that means? Nurse suggested I try something else. There IS nothing else, is there? This is really happening here in Little Rock, Arkansas. What is going on????

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Stephanie Says:

I have had the same problem with mine. I am in Tennessee and filled my script on the 13th of December and they could only give me 14 pills. I am now out and the pharmacist told me it is on indefinite back order???? Waiting for the doctor to change me to something else. The problem is I have tried four other replacement hormones since my hysterectomy in April and this is the one that works!!!

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Colete Says:

I called a local WalGreens and they still had the pills. I had to "transfer" the script (which they did by phone). BUT WalGreens doesn't take TRICARE prescription payment, so I paid the $34 for the Estratest HS. (I didn't care how much it cost)..LOL... CALL around and see which pharmacist still has some.

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Mike Says:


Since my wife has been having the same problem obtaining Estratest in California, I decided to do a little research on the problem. Here is what I found:

Estratest is a combination of Esterified Estrogens and Methyltestosterone. Methyltestosterone is a Class III restricted drug on the Drug Enforcement Administrations controlled substance schedule. Methyltestosterone is an oral steroid with mild anabolic steroid effects. Estratest had been previously exempted from the Class III restricted drug schedule.

There was a change in the law or regulations on January 1st that eliminated this exemption. This means that the drug manufacturers, distribution centers and drug stores or doctors now have a completely new system for reporting the sale and transfer of Estratest. It also requires a new prescription form and can not be prescribed for more than a six month period on any one prescription.

When they said it was "quarantined", they probably meant it was not going to be distributed until the manufacturer/distributer could meet all of the new reporting requirements for distribution of a Class III controlled substance. There could also be a problem for the manufacturers in obtaining the Methyltestosterone for inclusion in the Estratest since it is a Class III controlled substance.

At one time there were eight pharmasutical firms manufacturing Estratest. There are now only three.
Hopefully, those three firms will still find it profitable to manufacture Estratest.

It appears that post-menapausal women are the victims of the unintended consequences of the governments zeal to restrict anabolic steroid abuse.

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Colete Says:

Thank you, Mike. Good post. My friend's pharmacist substituted a drug called Covaryx. She hasn't tried it yet. I sure hope it's the same thing as estratest.

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Sofi Says:

Estratest used to be made by Solvay. The FDA discontinued it. You can get
It generic form now. CVS, Walgreens and Target uses a a pharmaceutical company called Amneal that produces estratest. It doesn't work for me. I've been taking Estratest since 1993 when it was made by Solvay. When they discontinued it Target used a pharmaceutical company Interpharm in 2010 and it worked great, then the changed to Amneal and it doesn't work. I asked Target for a printout of estratest that I received since 2009 and everything was printed out except the manufacture. The pharmacist had to write it in. When I looked at it, he had
Amneal for 3/2010 & I said Aneal did not fill this in 2010 and I showed him the bottle. Anneal is Target using now ,but not in 2010. I find very strange that Target does not
disclose the manufacture on their printout at the
time they fill out their prescription. I'm still researching
manufactures. I was thinking of calling the FDA and asking them who dispenses the generic form of estratest since they took it off the market

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Mike Says:

Hi Sofi,
The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists reports that there are a few other companies that make a medication with the same composition as Estratest.

Centrex makes Corvaryx in full and half strength.
Creekwood makes EEMT in full and half strength.
Amneal is also supposed to be the same composition.

Solvay was the original developer of Estratest, a trademarked medication. Other companies (Glenmark, Prasco, Breckenridge, Lannett) began producing a similar medication under diffferent names.
All of these companies have discontinued production.

It is my understanding, and I may be wrong, that the methyltestosterone is added to help prevent cramping. When my wife ran out of Estratest and was placed on Premarin, she began to have severe cramping and muscle spasms in her back. We visited our doctor and he gave her a shot of testosterone. Within 24 hours, the back spasms stopped and within three days, the muscle pain went away. So it appears that she will be on Premarin and monthly testosterone shots until the Estratest situation improves.

A weird sidenote. Methyltestosterone in Estratest is a Class III controlled substance, and is probably the reason for this situation, requires a special triple form prescription. Testosterone is not a classified controlled substance and only requires a simple prescription.

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Jon Says:

My wife had the same problem with getting her Rx refilled. The pharmacist told her the same thing as others have found out that it is "quarantined" and on back order. Her doctor also prescribed Covaryx HS for her. She's just started using it. Let's hope it works as well as Estrogenmtest Hstab did.

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Colete Says:

Jon, I since shopped around and there are several privately owned drug stores who don't seem to have a problem getting estratest. I got mine filled at one of them last week. They said they had three different supplies making the SAME thing.. I'm assuming the big pharma's (like Walmart, etc)..are the ones having the problem. Mine is half strength and looks like the old Solvay type pill. The number on the pill is #1507. Good luck

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Genny Wills Says:

Amneal is the same manufacturer as Interpharm (they purchased Interpharm several years ago and still use the same manufacturing facility. So it's strange that it stopped working for you. Should have been the same pill. The good news is that I've heard it will be back to regular inventory soon.

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Dianne Says:

I tried many hormones after having my hysterectomy in 1996. Finally, after a years worth of work, my internist said I was having Estrogen overdose and put me on Estratest HS. It has been a life saver. Now I cannot get it from Medco, nor any of the local pharmacies (big or small.) I even spoke with a local compounding pharmacy and they said they do not have the methyltestosterone to make a compound version.

Then I remembered, I am able to get another one of my medications from canadageneric. I just spoke to them on the phone and they have plenty of Estratest HS and are going to get in touch with my Doctor for the script. A 90 day fill will cost $88, plus s/h. It takes a while to get meds from Canada, but the prices and the medications are the same - just packaged differently.

I hope this helps some of you and I pray my GYN gets the order done for me quickly.

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Colete Says:

Good idea. That said, I'd still keep calling every pharmacy in town. Life for anyone without the Estratest is going to go down hill fast..

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Mike Says:

Hi Diane,
Since Methyltestosterone is now a DEA Class III controlled substance, I don't think that foreign medical providers can export it too the United States. Let us know if you are able to get your prescription from canadageneric.

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Dianne Says:

When I spoke to Canada Generic yesterday, they took my order and said it would take 10 days +/-. I have rec'd my confirmation from them, so we'll see. I spoke with my GYN's nurse this morning and even she is anxious to see if I am able to get it. As soon as the package arrives, I will let you all know.

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Dianne Says:


I am also on Cymbalta. It is approximately $200 for a months supply from the local pharmacy, or $200 for a 3 month supply from Medco. My doctor suggested I try Canada Generic and I now get my 90 day script for approximately $100!! Cymbalta is a category C drug.

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Interlineal Peruser Says:

Jenna #1, I'm not at all surprised that you, in your very own words, "couldn't personally find any information claiming that it's no longer unavailable." If it ever was, and still is, veritably, "no longer unavailable", then that would simply mean that it IS presently available, and was possibly always so since its first becoming available.

Any allegations of unavailability of course raises -- and begs -- the question: Was it ever actually unavailable everywhere, and if so, for what substantive reason[s]? It may simply be a case of demand outstripping supply in some sectors. As with myriad products of all types on the market, many folk may be unnecessarily purchasing them causing a shortage for those folk genuinely in need of them!

By informing everyone who desperately wants and/or needs Estratest, where it can be obtained, it can cause panic purcha$ing, not unlike a "run on the bank$!"

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Colete Says:

In my case, the Neighborhood Market (walmart) sent me home with 7 pills and told me about the "quarantine".. Walgreens knew nothing about the "quarantine" and neither did the Private Drug Store I called...because they had plenty and seemed surprised. ALTHOUGH my new pharmacist said they would have to contact for a new script every 6 months. Making a run on it is sadly, a consequence. This entire issue has been going on for years. Obviously, the other drug stores had other suppliers :)
Thank god for this forum. We need some positive input guys :)

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Mike Says:

I checked with four drug stores in two towns (one independent and three large chains) and they all said they did not have any estrified estrogen and methyltestosterone. The independent drug store, where we normally fill our prescriptions, said they did not anticipate any in-stock until mid-march, based on information from their supplier. If four drug stores in two town have none of this medication, I would say there is a shortage somewhere. And since this does not appear to be just a local situation, I would have to say the shortage is wide-spread.

As to a "run on the bank" so to speak, it would be difficult to have a "run" on a prescription controlled substance. It would take a lot of doctors suddenly deciding to needlessly issue a lot of prescriptions to a lot of women saying they needed Estratest. And "hording" would be a bit of a problem when the prescription can only be refilled once in a certain time period (once every month, three months, or six months). Estratest is not exactly in the "fun recreational" drug category.

Overall, I really do not see how response #17 has contributed anything positive to the general discussion. I believe that the information shared in the Estratest thread has been helpful to all who post here or read the posts.

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Interlineal Peruser Says:

The very first paragraph in #19 exemplifies a prime example of a pot's calling the kettle black, in spades, when #19 then, in #19's final para says that #17 hasn't contributed anything positive. It all adds up!

It is not difficult to have a "run" on anything. All that's required is for enough folk to require whatever is sought after and enough persons willing to participate[for their own reason$] in effecting its supply. If whatever's sought after is not only already in short supply but is known -- or even just suspected to be by enough persons wanting it -- to be in short supply, then its being "run-on" will very soon acquire a solid track record of so being time and again.

I do agree with Mike when he says that "hording"[sic] would be a bit of a problem but I can assure him that "hoarding" is a "whole heap"[pun intended] easier to "gather"[pun again]! But alas, the hordes are legend for their wont of hoarding hoards unnecessarily. Perhaps they'd do everyone -- including themselves -- a much greater favour in just taking stock of that which they do_gmatize. :o)

Drug stores -- not unlike many other businesses -- do not always willingly and veritably divulge exactly what stocks they do have in hand or what they even anticipate to have in stock by any prescribed future date. They have this nasty habit of just telling the customer what they think the customer might want to hear. The average Joe would be very surprised to know exactly that which prevails -- inter alia -- within the stocking of a drug store.

Doctors [per the auspices of the U.S. Public Health Service] in the USA[and elsewhere] are on record as having done many needless and entirely unethical things with their patients. Have a look at "The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment" for but one example about what persons who purported to be doctors infamously did at that time, and they did it non-stop for 40 years! Another prime example of very suspect doctors needing to be continually kept under a watchful eye is the highly risible yet simultaneously sad and sorry situation surrounding Dr Atul Gawande's expose of many surgeons' hypocrisy with his: *Atul Gawande's "Checklist" For Surgery Success*. It was an entirely different kettle of fish when those particular surgeons were asked if they wanted Gawande's "checklist" used on them if they themselves were to go "under the knife" as a patient and not just be the person wielding the knife as per usual! These hypocrites soon changed their tune! How touching! It still has me in stitches[metaphorically, that is :o)], but suture self..err..suit y'self!

Yet another example where many doctors didn't have a clue what they were doing and were rightly exposed to their public writ large was "The Rosenhan Experiment".

Doctors and Druggists are only human and therefore not infallible. Apart from the giving of life and abiding by a duty of care towards our fellow man, the very next greatest gift that we can give each other is to challenge each other's ideas, but never "ad hominem". Just as Jack Nicholson said to Tom Cruise, in, 'A Few Good Men': "You[some folk] can't handle the truth!" Now ain't that the truth? Let it be told that some[many?] folk can only get by on a daily dose of being told that -- and only that -- which they want to hear. Otherwise, they can at times tend to be deaf as a post_er! :o)

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