Does Roxicet Show Up As Percocet On 12 Panel Drug Test

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tinker Says:
does roxicet show up as perocet on a 12 panel drug test a friend taken a roxicet from when she had them before and she needs to know if they come up the same.

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Verwon Says:
Yes, the active narcotic in both of them is Oxycodone, so both would show up the same on a drug test. the other active ingredient Acetaminophen, is not tested for on these.

The one thing, however, that she does have to watch out for are the levels of it that are in her system. Many of these types of tests not only look for the presence of the relevant narcotic(s), but also how much of it is in someone's system. There are certain levels, within a given range, that they will expect to see in someone that is taking them regularly, as prescribed.

If someone's levels are too low, this is a warning sign to the doctor that the person may not be taking their medication and could be selling it.

If the levels are too high, it could be a sign that they are abusing their medication or obtaining it from some other source.


Are there any other questions?

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Calvin1020 Says:
I have a prescribsion of prcucuet and ran out, so i t ook some roxies I have a preemployment drug screening monday will i do okay

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Verwon Says:
Calvin, the narcotic in both of those is Oxycodone, so it should show up the same on a standard drug test.

Just make sure they aware that you have a prescription for it, when you go in for the test.


Is there anything else I can help with?

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Lovey Says:
via mobile
I have been on and off narcotics for pain management for 12 years. The use of the narcotics along with ibuprofen has proved to be a magic combination in doing this. I am an honest patient when it comes to every detail of my medicines with my dr. However, not everyone is. I go through this routine of having to find an entirely new dr. Because some patient does something stupid with their meds. Next thing you know, they take EVERYONE off of tube medicine. I'm getting too old for this crap and not to mention it's getting very very hard to find an honest doctor who not only dispenses the medicine (roxicet 30) but actually cares about you as an individual. The problem I have with dr.s is that they change my meds or take me off all together because of someone else and decisions are not made for me as an individual. I pay the price. In fact I am sure a lot of people do and are not treated as an individual. Is there somewhere I can get help with a dr. In my area? I have had a dr for years then all of a sudden had my medicinal regimen ripped out from under me so it's hard to know who to trust.

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Shel Says:
Lovely, where do you live??? If in East Tn, I can try to help you out with a new Dr.

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tim robbins Says:
hello, I do have a question, my wife has had a rare nerve disease and long story short after several dr visits and specalits they relized what it was a degeneritive nerve condition that produces horrifying pain and muscle atrophy. (spelling) anyways she started on lortab ten then oxycodone 15 now oxycodone 30. truth be told on the horrible times she said she did try h to help ( yes i know im not proud but im sticking by her side) and i watch her do this she sniffs it. (side note friend told her it was "opana powder" for almost a year on the bad times once or twice a month....and the cat was out of the bag and she found out that it slowly became just heroin not opana powder) so now she is quiting. but still takes a little every now and then but has a job interview coming up. lets pretend its a 12 pannal. or 13 if they have them. but might just be a five or seven.

questin) will they see the difference between the lortab ten (has scrip) oxycodone 30 and 15 (has scrip) and heroin (obviously no scrip haha.) if she stops three days before and just takes the oxyCODONE not COTIN and lortab is she good. can they even tell between the oxycodone and h. '

if it breakes down to codine then her scrip for hydrocodine will cover that???? oxycodone and heroin #4 clean. tell what do you think as a professinal. i know that you can judge and that is fine. i do, i think its dirty as hell and i would leave if she ever started shooting. i check her whole boddy sometimes for any sort of marks and no she does not shoot. I trust her when she says she does not. but back to the question.

please sound medical advise only. dont guess or google, i can do that, please from an actual dr. thanks.

and remember this is for a pre employment test not a dr test that is spacificaly lookin gto try to find the drug or not find it.


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LoveTheJourneyNotTheDestination Says:
via mobile
Lmao you think doctors troll druggie forums to give free medical advice? What planet do you live on lol ?

Oxycodone is oxycodone... Contin simply implies time released. Now MS Contin is Morphine Sulfate that is NOT oxycodone in any form. That will show different on a lab or panel test. Some misinformed people will tell you the hydrochloride (hcl) will show up different from percocets to OxyContin or roxiecodones (contins). This is bullcrap as well all oxycodones (percocets, generic percocets, oxycodone hcl roxicets ect) have hcl . Hcl or hydrochloride is a binding agent. It is found in many substances even toothpaste and diahrea medicine. So to answer ur question yes oxycodone and OxyContin and roxiecodone will all show the same. However this only applies to the old formulation of OxyContin. The new AP ( the crush proof) that has the new gel in it I'm not sure about. That new tamper proof binder might have chemicals that could show up in a lab UA. As others have mentioned most PAin clinics will test the level of medications to make sure a patient is taking the correct amount. This is to ensure a patient isn't diverting ie selling thier meds or taking more than prescribed. On a side note opiate dependence is a rough way to live. Feeling like a zombie only crankier because you didn't have enough pills to gobble up is a terrible life. This is even worse for those people who are not only dependent but addicted as well ,as this type of person usually abuses the amount of meds and must then resort to buying them off the street and then stress about UA, pill counts ect. My advice is to ween yourself down to only the prescribed amount and follow your doctors orders. If you are not receiving enough meds to live near pain free impart that to ur doctor. However a lot of addicts simply use that as an excuse to obtain more pills so they can stay high longer and more often. A good way to insure you never run out is to use what I call the "every other day" approach. Every other day only take half of what you are prescribed. Then you have the option of the next day using a little extra or just using the prescribed amount and having some extra for a rainy day. This method still allows a person to enjoy a buzz without the added stress of cutting every day down to just getting by.

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Gram Says:
via mobile
Yes, roxicet, Roxicodone, percocets, oxycontin, OP s. They all Show up as oxycodone on a 12 panel test.

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very curious Says:
via mobile
Funny I was at a pain management Dr for yr. And a half and was on morphine and percocet and my percocet was kept in a different place. Than my morphine and percocet was stolen so I took a few roxicodone the day b4 my visit ant the office they showed the same but when they were sent off I got cut off because they DID show up different

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soulgodess Says:
Roxicet and Percocet are both Oxycodone, the only difference is that a Roxicet is simply 30mgs and (I believe) Percocet comes in 5 & 10mgs

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pillhead Says:
fyi roxicet comes in 5mg and up

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SoberingTruth Says:
via mobile
Heroin metabolize in several ways, that will show several drugs on a standard test, Morphine, opiates, and oxycodone will all show some degree of a positive reaction with Heroin. (As a person who has administered many drug tests)
I think she may be able to explain those metabolites with her prescriptions, except for the Morphine might flag her, which might cause her urine to be sent for further testing, which might reveal the Heroin. Best to stop 10 days prior, but even 3 will be enough in about 75% of cases.

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Kc Says:
via mobile
I am I. E. Tn and am having same problem. The Dr. I am going to now has changed my meds, like they just don't listen!

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Lucy lou Says:
via mobile
Herion will show up as morphine on the urine test like for the courts. I know this cause a family member of mine takes herion and she is prescribed morphine. She is on reporting probation and she always runs out of her morphine 30mg. Then she goes and takes herion and passes her urine test through the courts and I believe it's a 7 panel....hope this helps u out.

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Jjjj Says:
via mobile
I take I oxycodone 10 mg ir
Our house and neighborhood flooded and about half of a mills we could not find
I took tonight a roxy and have drug test at pain management doc tomorrow will this show up on Their test which the send to a lab???
I'm told they are the same and it'll be fine
I can't get kicked out of pain mange management I've taken 2 oxycodone that I'm prescribed 3
A day but I'm out of meds
So I took a roxy to relive my chronic pain
I don't want to be kicked and and Blaklisted and not be able to find another doc
But a flood is out of my control and we have looked and looked in the few items we out the rest is packed up
I plan on telling my doc tomorrow at my appt about what happens take my bottle and prAy he doesn't kick me out because I literally will not be able to get out of bed
I have fibromyalgia bulging disks protrusion in my back sciatica and a pinch nerve
All the nurses are very very rude
But I love my doctor and they are hard to find these days especially
My prescription is not due till the 17th
So what was I supposed to do I called the nurse said to talk to him at my appt tomorrow
When I needed her to help me
Any advice. Are they the same
I already have a flooded gutted house and now this. I tried to get help but the nurse wouldn't help me just said they don't replace lost medication and was just out right rude to me like I was lieing to jplease someone help
I don't want to loose my great. Doc

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nomadicstone Says:
via mobile
I agree 110%. I've been in the same situation as you since 2006. A bad motorcycle wreck nearly took my right leg. Fortunately after 5 surgeries, and more metal than is in a Kia, my leg was saved. I've been on every pain medication out there, but like you said something seems to always happen with a doctor. Either they stop taking my insurance or stop prescribing pain medication and have even had a doctor pass away. Left to start over from step one, I'm treated like a junkie or a drug dealer because I know a lot about narcotics. Before my wreck I didn't know the difference in a oxycontin from the zit cream. I know what works for me but 99.999% of the time I get treated as a pill seeker that has nothing wrong with me. And to all of the seekers, I would trade you all the pain killers in the world if something other than opiates would take away my pain. Between doctors that don't understand or simply not care and the people that are not in pain, the ones that need that medication are for the most part just screwed. Since I know I'm not alone in this there should be no curiosity to what drives people to buying drugs off the streets. When you live with chronic pain you will do anything just to get some relief.

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john Says:
via mobile
Your good bro its thr same family oxycodone so it will be looking for just the oxy

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G Says:
via mobile
I am in East Tennessee I can you help me with the doctor is the people that are abusing their meds causing problems for us all. I am much too old to have to continue changing doctors because other people's irresponsibility

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