Does Percocet And Oxycontin Show Up The Same On A Urine Test

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D Says:

I am rx'ed ms-contin 30mg & percocet 10mg by my pain dr. My question is, since percocet and oxycontin have the same main ingredient in them except the apap that is in the percocet, will it show up the same on a u/a for the pain clinic?

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Verwon Says:

Yes, since they both contain Oxycodone, a test that checks for the specific opiate and its metabolites will show them both as being the same thing.

What you could run into, however, is a problem if you have been taking more than the amount prescribed. Most pain management clinics use tests that also show the level of the opiate(s) in your body, to make sure you are using them as prescribed. They will expect the levels to be in a certain range, so if they are higher than the expected amounts, it could cause you a problem.




Are there any other questions?

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D Says:

With The Pain Clinics That Send Them To Labcorp For The Testing Would This Be The Same Issue About The Levels Being Too High Or Not?? Also Being On Opiates For Years From The Clinic And Having No Failed Test What Should Be Done In The Situation That They Say The Levels Are Too High??

Thanks For ALL The Info And Thanks In Advance!!!


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Verwon Says:

Unfortunately, just knowing what lab they send the test to doesn't clarify which test it is. Every lab has multiple tests they can do, it just depends on how much the person doing to test is willing to pay.

And as to the levels, if they test too high, or what have you, that is entirely up to the pain clinic and what their policies are. It varies from clinic to clinic, some will not do anything if only one test is off and there are others that will drop you as a patient immediately. It is just one of the hazards of breaking their rules, which you agree to, when you become their patient.


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iknowthis Says:

No, even on the smaller 5 or 7 panel UA screens they test specifically for Oxycontin. Yes, they both contain oxycodone but they have an advanced test that shows up Oxycontin! Your getting set up for disaster! I know from personal experience!!!

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Jay Says:

MS-Contin is sustained-release morphine sulphate. it is not the same as oxycodone.

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betterdays40 Says:

Yes they can tell if your taking oxycontin. Can anyone tell me though if im prescribed oxycontin and took some percocet (oxycodone) for breakthru but wasnt prescribed will I be ok on the test-they dont send it out its a panel test in office. Will they see I took percocet or since they are looking for oxycontin wont the percocet not show up seperate from the oxycontin. (kinda a reverse question from the above reply who wanted to know if oxycontin will show up the same as percocet which even though its oxycodone the levels will be off) but I believe im ok cause the percocet would show up in the opiate column right.

So I get oxycontin but took few percocet and can anyone tell me if I should be ok on a panel test since it wont throw my levels off and should come up with the oxycontin (oxycodone) I know if you take percocet rx and took oxycontin they would see you took oxycontin but I dont think they can tell the percocet if your prescribed oxycontin. Any help..Thanx. Im giving me 72 hours without any percocet to be safe and just take the oxycontin and shouldnt this be enough time for the percocet to leave my body anyways and just show the oxycontin. Just doing that to be safe. Thanx.

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LoveTheJourneyNotTheDestination Says:
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Oxycodone is oxycodone... Contin simply implies time released. Now MS Contin is Morphine Sulfate that is NOT oxycodone in any form. That will show different on a lab or panel test. Some misinformed people will tell you the hydrochloride (hcl) will show up different from percocets to OxyContin or roxiecodones (contins). This is bullcrap as well all oxycodones (percocets, generic percocets, oxycodone hcl roxicets ect) have hcl . Hcl or hydrochloride is a binding agent. It is found in many substances even toothpaste and diahrea medicine. So to answer ur question yes oxycodone and OxyContin and roxiecodone will all show the same. However this only applies to the old formulation of OxyContin. The new AP ( the crush proof) that has the new gel in it I'm not sure about. That new tamper proof binder might have chemicals that could show up in a lab UA. As others have mentioned most PAin clinics will test the level of medications to make sure a patient is taking the correct amount. This is to ensure a patient isn't diverting ie selling thier meds or taking more than prescribed. On a side note opiate dependence is a rough way to live. Feeling like a zombie only crankier because you didn't have enough pills to gobble up is a terrible life. This is even worse for those people who are not only dependent but addicted as well ,as this type of person usually abuses the amount of meds and must then resort to buying them off the street and then stress about UA, pill counts ect. My advice is to ween yourself down to only the prescribed amount and follow your doctors orders. If you are not receiving enough meds to live near pain free impart that to ur doctor. However a lot of addicts simply use that as an excuse to obtain more pills so they can stay high longer and more often. A good way to insure you never run out is to use what I call the "every other day" approach. Every other day only take half of what you are prescribed. Then you have the option of the next day using a little extra or just using the prescribed amount and having some extra for a rainy day. This method still allows a person to enjoy a buzz without the added stress of cutting every day down to just getting by.

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Mike Says:
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If I'm taking oxycodone thirties and Opana thirties but then I take Oxycontin op twenties are they going to show up in a lab urinalysis different

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Misty Says:
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I take offense to your comment about people living opioid dependent; being a chronic pain patient, there are many patients who do not have dr's who really care about our pain. So when they cut us down and taper it is very debilitating to us. I think that if you ever had severe debilitating pain 24 / 7 / 365, maybe you could understand. Also there have been patients who have had to go looking for meds and that does not make them addicts. It means they are not treated or under-treated. So do not throw the word addict around. It is offensive to chronic pain patients. When your hurting and you NEED relief then what can you do? All the damn *****s out there spouting off about people getting addicted from one use. It is so wrong for people to be so uneducated. Not only that but people have empathy for addicts but not for chronic pain patients. So tired of everyone thinking it is the same. It is not.

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Texvet Says:

I am truly not trying to be rude, but its the people like you that can't seem to follow rules that make it horrendous on those of us that do, even it if it kills us with pain, I was denied for a year proper pain meds by my HMO, they would send me for this procedure or that, have me take everything BUT narcotic pain meds leaving me in the kind of pain that death would be better, then send me to specialist who would say "patient needs med X, X amount of times a day, they didn't like that so they kept sending me to different specialist until they had no choice but to give me half of what every specialist said, flash forward 20 years and I have had great pain management dr for last 15 years then last year we moved to Florida to be close to our children GOD HELP US, Me being forced to use VA because FL pain mgmt Dr's in my area won't accept cash pay OR they charge outrageous prices (talk about drug dealers!) for both me and my wife who are disabled, we have ALWAYS followed the rules no matter our pain, no matter if our addict son stole our meds making us run out, we sucked it up and never said a word.

If the meds you are given aren't enough to cut your pain 30-50% (you will never be 100% pain free) then either your not hurt as bad as you think because you have no films or test that show ANY reason for your pain (and I am not saying this is the case by any means) OR your Doctor sucks and thinks its all in your head and you need to find another one, but to ignore and abuse the rules and the Meds and take more than Rx'd or stuff you weren't Rx'd is exactly why Dr's, now the DEA and government is cracking down on everybody when it comes to opiate pain meds, they don't care if your a street junkie, a Dr shopper, white collar addict that can't get of enough or an injured vet with real pain who has followed the rules now we are all addicts and must be tapered off for our own good regardless of it stripping us of our quality of life.

Follow the rules, take what your given and no more. I know what its like not to have what one needs to cut pain, but going around Dr to another source is bad news and those that do it makes it bad on everybody including those of us that don't. I get tired of being judged by others actions, and now, moving to new state being forced to new Dr's right as our "National Opiate Crisis" has kicked off because little Johnny and suzy OD'd and their parents go crying to congress to, please, do something, so now the DEA threatens Dr's, any and all, not just pill mill Dr's so now everyone is diagnosed and treated like an abuser and its total BS, all because people can't follow the rules, or the fakers OD as they are looking for that so called "Euphoria" (which I have NEVER felt and haven't gone looking for it). I simply want to live in my Level 5 pain zone, not the level 7+ they currently have me in due to the crisis BS, but, like always, I follow the rules and suck it up, just do less to nothing now. Oh yea, everyone followed the rules, you would have no worries on UA.

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tammy Says:
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I took a drug screen and they said it came back with oxycodone and oxycontin in it, but I'm prescribed percocet 7.5 (I also take xanax and gabapentin). So why would it show up that it was both oxycodone and oxycontin instead of the 7.5 that I take?

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BAMA Says:
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Re: Misty (# 9)

He simply told the truth. Stop getting offended and butthurt about it. Everything he said is on point. You are not gonna die of pain... Now, yes it hurts. I go to PM too... But to act like you're offended is childish.

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Dave1970 Says:
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Re: BAMA (# 12)

You're absolutely wrong you can die from pain pain causes high level of blood pressure and heart rate that can lead to heart failure I've seen it happen to a few people

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SecretAsianMan Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1)

OxyContin is synthetic and will show up differently from oxycodone.

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