Doctors Willing To Prescribe Xanax In Nyc

Blackydee Says:

i have a current prescription of Xanax 2mg. 4x aday that runs out tomorrow need to find a new Dr. as mine is out sick indefinitely. Can somebody help me? I'm scared!!!

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EDDY Says:

8 mg a day is a dose that is very high. You should have begun tapering or looking for a replacement doctor sooner if that was even possible. If you feel the withdrawal symptoms, too many to mention, GET to an E.R. and seek help. In the mean time consider an Urgent Care place and bring your paperwork

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Blackydee Says:

Thank you Eddy. Do you think Urgent Care will help me? I was told don't even bother to do that or go to the ER.

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EDDY Says:

Honestly no for this type of medicine, but there is nothing worse than running out on this drug

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EDDY Says:

Whoever told you that the E.R is wasting your time is doing you a disservice.

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Pauline D Says:

Can someone please tell me a dr primary, neurologist, pain management etc that will prescribe xanax?

I'm going through a car accident legal suit and the car that hit me has insurance that pays for any dr so insurance is not an issue.

Though I live in Northern New Jersey I fractured my skull in this last car accident almost 3 yrs ago, severe ptsd, constantly having chest pains, left or right arm or hand going numb numerously, I also had a skull fracture at 1 yrs old back in 1979.

My mom sued some department store in Jersey which shortly went out of business, wasn't able to take the money out from the settlement until I was 18, didn't get much back in 1979, but every year until was 18 to sign the $ out of the bank, $1,000 dollars built up every year as interest in the bank till I was 18.

Needless to say, on my 18th Bday, received a pretty penny, hurt, $68 thousand.

Oh, rewind, severe ADHD as a kid and HYPO MANIA, hyper?, hypo?, whatever but I talk a lot to the point my family and friends have to constantly put me in check and tell me To SHUT THE F*** UP ALREADY. I like to work out and when those endorphins and adrenaline run through me, I get such a high from it, I can't stop, go 4-5 hrs a day when I work out, people constantly come to me in the gym and ask what steroids do it take. I tell them NONE, GODS HONEST TRUTH, just have great genetics and always been really healthy as far as my diet, protein, taurine etc intake, vitamins, that's about it but no supplements. It's sad seeing kids and guys in the gym 2 yrs later looking exactly the same as they did when they 1st joined. Every one thinks I'm on steroids, even my good friends on FB, so I go to my primary care dr to get a "testosterone test done" every month only cuz it's very expensive & my insurance won't cover more than 1 time a month. It tests for "testosterone, free-testosterone, & why ? But also "Sex hormone Globulin". I love posting photos of my testosterone test on instagram and fb to get the apologies I deserve and the haters wish they were me. I also am 38, but never heard I look older than 26, it's so weird, like I'm a vampire. I smoke cigs though, and tan, and still look exactly like I did in photos I have of me over 12 yrs ago, crazy!

Please continue to read, I'm sorry my severe ADHD does this to me. I'll get back to topic cuz I'm actually the one asking for help or a dr. There is a range of numbers, examples of top of my 3 time fractured head, ranges between 300-600 again only examples but pretty close, my test results are always in the middle 400's, only thing that is ever written in Red numbers & letters are the "Sex hormone Globulin", because at my age, a 38yr old male should be low 50's, but the last test I took I remember was "98"!!!
****ing crazy, I need to get some. I have not had a girlfriend in over 2 years and asked my dr is this OK? He smiled shook my hand and said, trust me, you will make the next girl you're with VERY VERY HAPPY.

Now the point of all this gym exercise and me LOOKING SUPER BUILT ETC, is because I'm so super manic and have constant panic attacks convinced I'm having a stroke or a heart attack. Went to the emergency room once "11x in 1 month" begging for eeg, catscan, EKG, blood, U/A, and every time they say I'm in perfect health.

On the 11th visit, Drs started realizing I have not once ever asked for a pill such as, Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, Valium etc, & they saw in my charts I've been on Xanax prescribed since I have been 16. So sure enough they realized that's really the only solution to this big problem. At the time of that month I went 11 times to the ER and they started me back on Xanax.

I have been off them for 2 yrs. Now to save your breath, or thumb if your responding by typing on your iPhone: Taking Seroquel, Thorazine, Zyprexa, geodone, risperadal, buspar, haldol, lamictol, every antipsychotic you ever heard of and more; I have gave each and every one a shot for at least 1 MISERABLE MONTH. See, dr's and I, are speculating that due to the 1st 2 skull fractures screwed up my brain chemistry, because I am what is called "PERIDOXICAL" maybe spelled wrong, but that means all those meds I mentioned, does the OPPOSITE TO ME, than to almost everyone else.

Proven on me by being hospitalized many times given the meds to me and within 20 minutes I start sweating profusely, rock back and forth, very dizzy, can't stand, heart pounding so hard it feels like it's about to explode, skips beats and makes me feel TEN TIME WORSE. So drs always resort back to Xanax or clonazepam/klonopin.

Though, recently my last primary dr that's been given me 2mg xanax 4 x a day / 60 pills with a refill every 2 weeks, that's a 120 a month, due to my mania, with ambien. I sleep about 4 hrs on and off, 4:30 am latest 5am once my eyes open. I literally no joke jump out of bed once my eyes open. Can't stand laying there not tired. Reason I used to get 4 xanax 2mg bats a day is cuz the bottle says take it every 6 hrs. Wake up at 5, take 1. Lasts till 11 am, then take number 2, which lasts till 7pm, then take a 3rd that lasts till 11pm and a last 4th xanax bar along with ambien to help me sleep.

And my xanax dr retired and I don't have the patience or time to go dr shopping looking for another primary dr to give xanax. F*** psychiatrists. They just wanna push all these antipsychotic meds on you even if your not psychotic but they say, oh it has a sleepy effect so should help your anxiety, yeah ok and you'll start hallucinating too right doc? Why don't u take them? I'm sure you get pretty f***ing anxious yourself, your not a f***ing robot. Well if pills are your answer like mine you must be a junkie or a ****ing alcoholic.

Anyway bottom line, I'm on only 1mg klonopin 2x a day from my neurologist to hold me over till I find a primary care not psych dr that will prescribe sticks/xanax to me again. Should be hard. Been on record. I've been on xanax since 16 now 38 and the last 10 yrs 2mg bars of xanax. If anyone knows of a dr anywhere in north New Jersey please let me know.

{edited for privacy}

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EDDY Says:

I'm surprised you haven't experienced live changing withdrawal problems. Xanax is not going to cure you, and 8 mg a day is going to kill you at some point, usually when discontinuing the medicine. I'd get your Heart checked out and find a good personal M.D.

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Blackydee Says:

he came back 2 months later so I am ok now and just so you know, I don't take 8mg a day. I take it like it says on the label, as needed. He just happens to write it for 120...i pay for it in cash as my insurance only covers 60 pills every 25 days. It's only $45.00 for 120.

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China Says:

Hi, Does anyone know any psychologists or doctors that prescribe xanax and klonopin in Manhattan or Brooklyn? Thank you.

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TS Says:

Can you send me this docs info.. looking to replace my doc

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Lynn Says:

Re: China (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Did you ever find a doctor in Brooklyn or NY yet? I'm in dire need.

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Chuckles Says:

I have been to the er plenty of times i have panic disorder,generalized anxiety disorder,post traumatic stress disorder and bi polar disorder. I get feeling like heart attacks from my anxiety and i go and they have given me xanax but alot of times im throwing up so they give me 2 or 3 mgs of iv ativan and 25 mgs of benedryl and reglan for the nausea and tbey will give you a script if you dont have a doctor or need to find a new one they will help you trust me.

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John Says:

Re: Blackydee (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Who is your doctor? Mine just retired and I take 12mg a day of Ativan.

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John Says:

Any doctors in NYC willing to prescribe 10-12mg of Lorazepam? It's needed for severe GAD. I live in NYC and my doctor is retiring.

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EDDY Says:


12 mg of a Benzo is a Death sentence, if not while taking it, when you can't obtain it anymore

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John Says:

Re: EDDY (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Ive been taking 12mg for 17 years. I’m still alive!

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EDDY Says:

Re: John (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Right, when you lose your Doctor the new one is unlikely to provide anything near that amount, just saying...

Alprazolam produced no impairment of fertility in rats at doses up to 5 mg/kg/day, which is 25 times the maximum recommended daily human dose of 10 mg/day.

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John Says:

Re: EDDY (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Are you suggesting replacing lorazepam with Xanax? Not what I had in mind. I need a doctor to give me 10mg/day. That’s the legal daily dose. Any doctors you have I would like to have a consult visit

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RhRhRhRh Says:

Re: Blackydee (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Blackydee. Since I moved back to NY I am unable to find a doctor who is willing/able to match my 2mg Xanax script (120 for the month) so I have to drive 3 hours back to PA every month to get my refills. Would you be so kind as to share the name of your doctor? {edited for privacy}. You have no idea how much of a life saver you would be! Thank you so very much for your help in advance. I look forward to hearing back from you. Best wishes!!

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Chris Says:

Re: John (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

I’ve been taking 10 mg for 17 years as well and I’m fine. Problem my doctor retires any month now and he won’t pass the records to another doctor.

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EDDY Says:

Re: John (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

I'm not sure about my post at all but NO, don't replace Ativan for Xanax, I hated that stuff, almost died

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