Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medication In Or Around Picayune Mississippi

Gwen Says:

just moved here two and half months ago and have had no pain care. I have a pain pump installed and was on opana and soma 120 each a month and can't get a doctor here to give me any pain meds and family doc wants me to go to pain clinic but the ones here only do injections which do absolutely nothing for me, been there done that. They act like their scared to death to write a script here and although I live close to Louisiana they don't take Mississippi medicaid.This is no quality of life and there are supposed to be laws about the right to treatment of pain,YEAH RIGHT not here.Please help if anyone knows of pain clinic that takes medicaidhere who give pain meds or one in my area in Louisiana that takes MS medicaid.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Gwen! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having.

Actually, there aren't any laws regarding your right to pain treatment, there are hospital and medical policies on it, which they often title patient's rights, but no, there are no laws regarding it.

And due to the new regulations that were put in place last year, you will have to see a specialist for pain medications. GPs can no longer prescribe them for long-term ongoing use.

Have you tried checking with Medicaid to see if they have a listing of clinic they could give you?

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kathy Says:

dunk ellis in moss point takes Medicaid but call first hell give you roxy 30 alday long

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twd Says:

I live in gulfport wnd was going to mobile to get my meds what is the name of the doctor in moss point

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BL Says:

You're luck Mississippi Medicaid pays for Pain Management of chronic pain. Louisiana Medicaid won't pay for it.

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Angel Says:

Kathy, does Dr Dunk Ellis write oxycodone on the 1st visit? My husband is in severe pain and suffering and needs meds asap his last doc quit taking medicaid.

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josey Says:

I have lived in picayune my all my life I have had16 operations my cancer is back plus 3 artificial disc in my neck from 1st wreck drunk hit me totaled my car an now have 6 new bad disc in my back sciatic nerve to left leg totally pinched off so leg is numb but burns like crazy I have to stay in bed everyday without my meds. u need to go to slidell la dr hope behind copelands on gause blvd u will not find a dr in picayune to help u at all ever I have tried.or a pharmacy that will keep your medication in stock each month. I am 100% disabled and have to pay cash for my meds even though I have medicare and a supplement policy also. its not easy on people like us because others with nothing wrong with them !!!! good luck

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jojo Says:

Dr Ellis ant takeing not tell feb ury for pain

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jojo Says:

Everyone who lives in gulfport and biloxi, call dr ellis and dr barnes 228-374-7888. Also try susan perry in biloxi immediately care

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chrissypoo Says:

Do they write opana for pain i really need oxymophone to get out of pain.

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Jules Says:

What does this say? Is doc Ellis not taking New patients? Is he still giving roxis? Does anyone know?

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Ang Says:

Try Dr. Haidar,, I am going through the same as you!! It's a freaking shame! We've been to Jackson, Gulfport, etc.... Also try Laurel Pain Clinic,, Dr Barclay takes our ins and helps to keep you out of pain!!! GOOD LUCK

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Ruby Says:

Who will prescribe pain meds in picayune ms I have been on pain meds for ten years I have ms medicaid and ssi

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dirt Says:

You cant get nothing in Picayune Good Luck with that .

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Bonita Says:

Is this doctor taking new patients ??? I'm from Lucedale MS!! My Mother is 73 in severe BACK PAIN! Needs New doctor ASAP ! I don't want to loose my Mother because of Pain! Plz help

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Judy Says:

What are people like us going to do. The DEA has got to where doctors can write a Prescription for pain but three times I've went to the pain clinic in Southhaven Mississippi and all they want to do is give SHOTS in my back. In 2005 I had an accident that left me in severe pain and drop foot and a year ago I had reversed shoulder replacement that left me in more pain. I told the pain clinic that I didn't want SHOTS in my back and it won't do anything for my shoulder. her reply was, 'no shot in back no pain med.' so I left. We all need to get together and contact the DEA TO SEE IF THEY CAN CHANGE IT. I read that some doctors got together and AND got the DEA to make more rules where people can't get pain meds. if you have a history of long-term pain and prove on MRi they should not say anything to a doctor about giving you pain meds. Please someone HELP chronic patients that are on pain meds and on disability. that's just crazy. in too much pain to work but can't get your meds without going through hell to get it.

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frustrated pain Says:

I need a pain dr asap . I've been to several in past 15 years I've got hep c on top of fibromyalgia since I was 12. These dr.'s look at me and cuz I dress nice they act like I'm drug seeking !! I've got no insurance, can't get disability, unable to work from pain. I need a good dr who will listen cuz I know my body and I know wat I need to be on to try to cope wit pain !! I live in south ms any suggestions plz??

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Steve Says:

Re: Judy (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

U r so so correct!! I have been a chronic pain patient for 25 years and in the last 2 years or so it has become almost impossible to get pain meds even if you're going to a legitimate pain clinic. And it just keeps getting worse and worse and the only ones it hurts are the ones that really need it who will not just turn to illicit drugs. This is the reason that overdose deaths from illicit drugs have skyrocketed in the past 2 years, and if they keep taking our meds from us that truly need them ODs WILL continue to skyrocket. It doesn't take someone very smart to see what is causing the skyrocketing ODs!!!

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Dee Says:

Re: Bonita (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Laurel Pain Clinic takes Medicaid and Medicare. When you first go you go one time a month for 3 months after that you only have to go 3 months that may be best for your mom

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Diane Says:

Re: Judy (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

My husband is dying and is on hospice care and they don't want him to take pain medication. I think it is a sin to let someone die in pain when they could help him if they wanted to. All the government is doing is making the street drugs look good to the people who are past the point of careing where they get pain relief

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