Can U Take Adderall And Phentermine Together

ada Says:

I have taken 20mg of adderall and would now like to take a 37mg phentermine. Is this ok?

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Verwon Says:

It generally isn't advisable, due to the fact that they are both stimulants, so combining them can result in elevated blood pressure and heart rate, which may put you at risk of a heart attach or stroke.

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Dahlia Says:

20 mg of adderall should give you intense effects if you are not a daily prescription user. If you are trying to increase the stimulant effect I would suggest against the phentermine and trying taking tums or some form of bicarbonate 30-60 mins prior to adderall to increase absorption. Also, a diet high in acidity (especially soda) will greatly decrease absorption of the drug. Try eating more alkaline foods (carrots, beets, bread). This will allow you to intake a much higher percentage of that 20 mg as well as having other beneficial effects on your dietary health. Source: recent biochemistry graduate.

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reggie Says:


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can a person take adderall and adipex at the same time?

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amanda Says:

Yes I take both aderall 20mg and adipex together. I have a script for aderal but it makes me gain weight literally like 15 lbs in about 5 months. All I do is eat when I take it. So I take adipex to control my appetite with it. Gives me enough energy to get things done and I don't eat as much. I still eat breakfast lunch and dinner but not snacking. Hope this helps

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RxAdvice Says:

You can benefit on both but evenly spaced out intervals during the day. Remember your blood pressure will increase so have at least 25mg of Tenormin just in case.

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Volslady Says:

Is it best to take my adderall one day and my
Adipex the next.

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Jo Says:

I take 30mg of Adderall and 200mg of Sertraline , both have weight loss as a side effects, I don't loose a lbs, how is this possible?

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sherri Says:

I can't find findastimulantthatwillhelpmewithmycfs

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Melissa Says:

Are they both prescribed by your doctor?

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kristi Says:

I'm sorry I just read this. The answer is NO! I mixed 30 MG Adderall per day given by my primary care and an Endocrinology gave me 27 MG Phentermine for weight loss (not my original appointment) 6 weeks later I had a major stroke. I am 42 and healthy before that. My neurologist said that Phentermine and Adderall are extremely dangerous! I am now in speech therapy, Depression. Pass this information to everyone who needs to hear this. {edited for privacy}

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Missy Says:

I've been prescribed 1 20mg adderall salt tablet per day for the past 6 months. Recently, I have gained some weight (got comfortable in a relationship). My doctor prescribed me 37.5 mg of phentermine once a day. It made me nervous to take both even though I'm 26 and have a healthy heart. I tried skipping my adderall and just taking the adipex... BIG MISTAKE! I couldn't stay awake! It's so weird. I took adipex 2 years ago and lost 70 lbs with no issues. Now I take it and I find myself fighting sleep all day. So today I took my adderall around 9am and just now (12:30pm) took my adipex. We'll see how this works!

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Coco Says:

I have taken them together, the adderall and swiped.

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VARea Says:

me either! Thought it would be adderal, but after a year, its not working.

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M510 Says:

Ive been taking Adderall XR 30mg for the past year and my doctor just wrote me a prescription for Phentermine 37.5mg. For some reason I was gaining weight while taking Adderall and since I have type 2 Diabetes the weight gain causes my blood sugar to go up. So, yes they can be taken together however my doctor needs to monitor me every month to make sure everything is okay. I would not advise taking them together unless you get the okay from your doctor. I guess it depends on the person... Im 34, 155 lbs. and have never had any issues with high blood pressure however I am diabetic.
I used Phentermine a couple of years ago and lost a lot of weight so am familiar with it. I ended up stopping the Phentermine and went on Adderall for my ADD and was fine for a year but all of a sudden I was starting to gain weight again which is very bad for my Diabetes. At first I was super scared to take them both together since they are both stimulants however I haven't seen a big difference and feel okay. If anything I don't think the Phentermine is working as well as I would like it to because of my higher tolerance level from taking the Adderall for so long.

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M510 Says:

I gained 10 lbs in a month while taking Adderall! I guess on one of the lucky ones that actually lose weight...

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NJ Says:

I would think it depends on your tolerance and overall health. Ive seen someone who abused both meds chronically with an extremely high tolerance. Taking up to 10-12 phentermine pills a day then Switching to adderall, 90 20 mg pills in as little as 5 days. multiple incidents of seizures, hyperthermia, tachycardia, and hypertension as well as extreme paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations and tremors. If you are healthy and this isn't your first time taking the meds you will be fine taking one of each. Possible unpleasant or maybe pleasant side effects but why would you want to? Is it for fun? Also phentermine is not good for your heart, maybe just stick to aderall and change diet to increase effectiveness. If you do take them and have negative effects drink a lot of orange juice

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NJ Says:

I completely agree with you. I think in comparison to adderall, phentermine has way more cardiovascular risks and negative side effects. It's a terrible drug.

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NJ Says:

It's pointless to take both. Phentermine has more cardiovascular risks compared to adderall

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Traci in Kansas City Says:

Omg! Me too! I am 44 year old woman; I have been on 30mg adderall for 10 years for bipolar mania (have to prescribe it for ADHD), which is now only 1 tab in the morning to wake up. I started seeing a wellness Dr, and after extensive blood work, was put on hormone therapy, vitamin supplements & I desired a 20lb additional weight loss, so Dr prescribed 37mg of phentermine. I specifically asked if this was ok to couple with Adderall. Yes was the answer. December 10, 2016 I began this regiment. December 30, 2016 I had my first TIA (mini stroke); went to ER, they also were told of my meds; no noted concern of this combination. I had high blood pressure for the first time in my life. January 5, 2017 I saw my PCP to schedule a MRI, which he was again advised of my medication mixture, no concern & was hesitant to schedule an MRI, but did at my insistence. Again, high blood pressure, which I mentioned my BP was also high in ER days earlier. No concern mentioned.

January 10, 2017 I had the MRI in afternoon. Was told my PCP would contact me the next day with results. That same evening I experienced ANOTHER TIA. ER noted high blood pressure again & performed 2 cat scans, 1 with injectable dye. Since I had an MRI that very afternoon at my Dr's medical group (different from the hospital), they wanted to wait for my results the next morning from my PCP (because the cost of MRI is ridiculously high). Again, no mention of concern of my medication mixture. January 11, 2017; I began my own research and of course had common since ah-ha moment as I found articles also linking phentermine to stroke & I put together the link of the ridiculous combo of the adderall & phentermine. My PCP called; thank GOD my MRI results were "in normal range" (which I am waiting for my own copy to get a second opinion read), I told my PCP of my findings & my instincts; he, without any sound of actual concern, agreed I should discontinue the phentermine immediately & begin tapering off the adderall for the rest of the week & im just done with both of them.

I'm appalled that 4 MD's missed this link & put my life in serious danger. I'm 5'9, and December 10,2016 when I was prescribed & began the phentermine in addition to adderall, I weighed 178.3, had a BP of 118/87. Yesterday, my weight was 173.1 and my BP was 125/94. I do not have a death wish & am so grateful I didn't/haven't yet had a full stroke. I am still raising my beautiful family, and would rather be now 15lbs over my "ideal weight" (which realistically I have not weighed 155 since I was a stressed out single Mom, working 3 jobs & barely eating 7 years ago. So probably not even a weight I can ever achieve again in any healthy lifestyle. I'm so frustrated the medical physician system clearly let me down. Whoever reads this, PLEASE DO NOT COMBINE PHENTERMINE AND ADDERALL. It's a lethal, deadly combination that should be basic medical training to avoid.

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