Can I Take Jardiance At Night


I just started Jardiance today in the morning together with my insulin and metformin xr x 1000. I have been feeling nausea all day, not been able to do much. Can I take this tablet in the evening so I can sleep away the nausea. I didnt have to run to the toilet alot but it may change as I continue/

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Hi Im curious about taking at night as well,, how is it working out for you.?

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Hello Karen,

According to the manufacturer's directions Jardiance is to be taken first thing in the morning with or without food.

My research has found that this is primarily due to the way that our bodies handle insulin after a long resting periods without eating. When my wife was diagnosed with gestational diabetes she was instructed to eat foods at very particular intervals and take her medication within very limited windows so I understand how limiting and frustrating this experience may be for you.

If the nausea continues I would advise you speak with your primary care physician to see what you can do about the situation.

I hope that this helps and I hope that you feel better soon.

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I made the enquiry about taking jardiance for diabetes at night as I have begun to do this and well I think I do have lot better quality of life in day time hours. I may try taking it in the afternoon say in November.just to see if there is a difference. metformin made me sick but I felt my doctor could not be persuaded about this, and in the end I got colon cancer. My latest dream is to check out what alternatives to medication there are as I just hate the whole cycle it creates, side effects etc

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Look into rso if you live in a medical marijuana state. There is research that shows it can cure diabetes. As well as cancer

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I'd love more info on how that works

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What is RSO? I was wondering about taking medicinal marijuana, I don't want a habit but I will do anything to avoid cancer.

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they sure are pushing this, I wonder if it will reduce unemployment

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Diabetes Type 2 can possibly be reversed with proper diet, exercise and considerable weight loss. RSO does not cure diabetes. I use CBD to help with some diabetes side effects, such as better sleep, less nausea and calming the nerves. With Jardiance, walking and no processed foods my A1c is almost within normal range and I have lost almost all my gained pounds due to this terrible disease.

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Hi, I just started taken this pill I take I at night because I feel weak and sleepy and am unable to make doctor's appointments or anything else it is working for me for now

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I was so nauseated in the morning after taking my Jardience. I decided to try taking it with food, so I don't take it until I eat. The nausea is much better.

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