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End of bottle effectiveness?

OK. Kind of a weird question but has anyone noticed their androgel losing effectiveness toward the end of the bottle? I know I'm not imagining things. I'll start to feel droopy and my muscles hurt. I'll mention it to my wife and the first thing she'll ask is - are you at the bottom of the bottle again - and sure enough I am. Was really hurting this week - switched to a full bottle and feel better already. Thoughts? Your experience? ## Hello, Tooslowjoe! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you've had. Liquids, gels and ointments do tend to degrade much faster than other forms of medications, but I'm not finding any other reports of this issue. I know they usually say that shaking it or anything isn't necessary, but perhaps from now on try gently ...

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Androgel 1.62 Experience

My testosterone was at 300 before the doctor prescribed Androgel 1.62 gel. He recommend 2 applications day, initially; Follow up vista it was 1400. He backed off to once per day. Scheduled to be tested gain in 6 months. I don't see any sexual effects, as I have always had a good libido and rarely had a gf/wife want to be intimate as often as me (2X/day, at least). Ex-wife and I were 3+ times a day until she complained of a sore cervix and we gave it a two week break. I was 49, at the time and she was 33. Noticeably more energy and subtle strength gains in the gym. Actually, began to have muscle aches as my ligaments and tendons were getting conditioned to my increased strength and intensity of my workouts. I am 60 now and am stronger than most 30 year olds. Body fat is 12% and has b...

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ANDROGEL 1.62% is working great

I have been on 2 pumps or 40.5mg of ANDROGEL for 33 days and I feel much better physically and mentally. I was tested about 2 years ago and had a T level at around 280, which is low for a 44yr old straight male. I was also on a large dose of opiates (8 yrs.) which most likely caused my drop in T- production over the years. I played a high level of ice hockey and broke my T4-T7 vertebrae and had to take opioids due to the pain. I am happy to say that I am now 5 Months sober and have been in physical therapy and I feel like I’m 25 again. My libido is back to levels where I am in awe! Not trying to be funny but it’s true. Also, sticking to a gluten-free diet and moderate exercise will help get your blood panels close to perfect. I am 6 ft. 178lbs, and was close to 195lbs. 2 Mon...

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Stacking Androgel

Just curious, has anyone tried stacking Androgel with an oral compound like dbol or anavar? I havn't seen anything on this topic.

Androgel and Stroke?

My doctor prescribed Androgel 1% and, after 6 doses, I had an ischemic stroke. I guess I should get a good lawyer. ## Has it been definitively tied to the Androgel? That's the only way you'd have a leg to stand on in court, if your doctors are saying that it caused the event. Learn more Androgel details here. How severe was it? Are you doing any better? ## If you had a stoke after 6 apply i would say you would have had one anyways its not even in system after six times used so good luck lol

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getting the most of my testosterone/andro gel

I am on the androgel 1.62.I take for today which is about 81 milligrams a day. I've been on it for 4 months now and have started noticing a difference in muscle tone and it has made me want to start working out to maximize any possible gains does anyone have any advice on getting the most of absorbing the Andro gel. or anything I can do to help facilitate more growth and definition or even applying to different areas any information would be nice Thanks ## @greens, As someone who enjoys working out and training, my opinion for facilitating more growth and definition is to maintain a stricter diet. What works for me may not work the same for others, but what I typically do is set up macronutrient ratios for each meal (eating 5-6 times a day). I'm 6'2 and about 190 lbs; and fo...

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How long does Androgel side effects last?

Hi, my husband (age 33) just found out he has very low T levels across the board, his main T level was 152. He was started on Androgel 20.25 mgs 3 days ago so can't tell you how effective it's been on his levels yet but his side effects are kicking his butt at work. Nausea, vomiting, and headaches in waves throughout the day. Can anyone who's been on this give me an idea how long the hard core side effects will last? hopefully they taper off soon, poor guy :( ## It could take about 4 to 5 weeks for things to improve. How is he feeling, now? Has there been any change? The FDA lists other side effects as possibly including dizziness, weight changes, and mood swings. Is he on any other medications? ## Are you sure it’s the andro? Is he on any other meds? Ask the doctor bu...

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How long is Androgel active on clothing?

I had someone massage my shoulders, then when I put my coat back on she gave me a hug. My question: Could any Androgel on her hands have transferred to the coat? I took the coat outdoors in 90 degree weather to inactivate any remnants. Then I took the coat outdoors in frigid weather to also inactivate it. I have been afraid to wear the coat because I don't want to expose anyone. Am I worrying for nothing. This incident took place almost two years ago, Would that time alone inactivate the Androgel? Please advise. ## Yes, after 2 years, you are most likely worrying over nothing. Even the FDA warnings only apply to immediately active transfer, as in within an hour, or two. They warn that women exposed to it could experience issues if they become pregnant, soon after exposure. It should...

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Androgel causes homosexual urge in husband

My 50 year old husband has been on Android gel replacement therapy for 2 years. Within 6 months of starting the treatment he became a changed man. He purchased a rubber sex toy, started looking at gay porn on the internet, and our sex life basically stopped. Just recently I found that he had placed a personal ad for sex with a man. During all this time he had become aggressive mean and quick to anger. I filed for divorce, and when I confronted him he broke down. He was never like this before the androgel therapy. We are trying to reconcile, and I am doing research on the connection between androgel and latent homosexual urges in straight men. Is there any research out there concerning this link, and are there any other men out there who have experienced this while on androgel therapy? #...

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Can Androgel cause a positive test for alcohol consumption

I use AndroGel 1.62 40.5 mg (2 pumps per day). Because of the alcohol base, im wondering if using it can cause a false positive test for alcohol consumption in urine, blood, and Breathalyzer tests. ## The andogel can make me false/positive on drug screen? ## Ummm not a chance buddy. Its like using hand sanitizer. Not even close to coming up on a breathalyzer test

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Tongue swelled a little

It swelled but went away. Will this get better or worse. Should I have a major concern ## Hello, Dave! How are you? Yes, you should be concerned. There is a chance that might be due to an allergic reaction and, if that is the case, they tend to worsen with repeated exposure to medication that caused it, according to the NIH. Thus, it would be best to consult your doctor to have this checked out. Letting it get worse could result in swelling that prevents you from breathing. Has there been any change?

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Working out Muscle gain

I am taking Androgel and it is not working as expected. So the Dr wants to put me the Testopil injection. Nevertheless, whether on an external source or internal, is there a good work regiment anyone can suggest while using this stuff? I am 53 and my level recording was 26, way too low. I weigh 225 at 6 foot, well out of shape but want or need to be around 180. So I am feeling this sense of ambition to improve my health and well being now that I am taking some sort of testosterone. Any suggestions will be helpful! Thanks!

Androgel and Avodart

I m 70 . I take Androgel 2.5 for low testosterone and libido . Now my urologist prescribed Avodart for some enlarged prostate My question is :can I combine both medications without risk ? Thanks a lot ## Hello, Crecy! How are you? I didn't find any problems or interactions listed, but it's always best to double check such information to be sure. The U.S. FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including decreased libido, cough and nausea. Is there anything else I can help with? ## i don t get a specific answer to my question anyone is taking Androgel and Avodart in the same time ? opinions ? thanks

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Androgel used and touched penis shaft at base.

My husband has been using androgel for about 4 years. He said he applied as prescribed, but a drop landed on his penis and caused a large scabbed sore. Is this true? Can this be from androgel? ## No that is impossible! He was playing another game with his penis and trying to hide that fact ## Completely agree with Michael. I've applied Androgel directly on my penis as an experiment when I first started and it tingled a little because of the alcohol, but nothing lasting beyond a few seconds and definitely no scab.

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Androgel Effects

On my last visit to my doctor I asked him to renew my presciption of Androgel. He said "No", because they just got a report stating that Androgel is a direct link to prostate cancer. Has anyone heard of that report? I can't find anything on te net. ## Hello, Al! How are you? It isn't specifically Androgel, it is a concern with all forms of Testosterone replacement therapy, though at this time, nothing has been definitively proven either way, so it is still under debate. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Androgel is a form of testosterone. Testosterone has been linked to prostate cancer for a long time. In fact, a treatment for advanced prostate cancer is medication and surgery to reduce testosterone levels. It sounds like you have an excellent doctor who really ...

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Androgel and Dizziness, Headaches, Fatigue

I have fibromyalgia, as well as sleep apnea, so maybe this is more complicated. I am 43. I was on testosterone shots, but felt like my chest was getting congested on them and I was gaining weight too much. The doctor also said that he thought injections causes heart attacks and switched me to Androgel. Since starting Androgen, my libido has went from about 30% of what it should be to about 1%, barely anything. I also am dizzy, have headaches, and extremely fatigued. Can Androgel cause that in some people? It's almost like a sinus infection but I'm not sure that it really is. My doctor suggested switching to axiron. It is possible for Androgel to cause bad fatigue and dizziness or lightheadedness? ## Hello, Brett! How are you? I'm not a doctor, but what I can tell you is that...

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Androgel caused dizziness even after stopping use after one month

Hello, I am a 50 yr old male diagnosed with a 225 T level and was prescribed Androgel pump 1.62% in January 2014.I started applying it and did not see a huge noticeable change in my energy level but I thought I'd give it some time to absorb. After about 3 weeks I started getting dizzy especially when I was sitting and working on my computer.Stopped using it now for a month. But the effect remains! At first I thought it was eye or ear related. Both were ruled out by extensive eye and ear tests. Has anyone noticed such a side effect? I feel as if I am little drunk, the top of my head feels a bit heavy and feel slight side to side bobbing. Do not feel sever vertigo or anything just a mild swaying effect making it difficult to work! Going to see Neurologist and Endocrinologist this mont...

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Testosterone blood/serum test reads too low??

I have found several papers which state that serum test for testosterone reads too low in the case of topical application of T, which of course we do with Androgel, so consequently people are taking too much in order to get their levels up. They say salivary test is a better indicator. Taking too much is obviously not good for one's health. Is this real or not??

AndroGel/cure for back pain

My back is messed up again. Can I rub androgel on my sore back ## Hello, Tp! How are you? Androgel is a testosterone supplement, so it will not do anything to treat a sore back and/or sore muscles. Additionally, using it inappropriately could result in your getting too much testosterone, which may result in complications. The FDA classifies this as a steroid supplement and its typical side effects may possibly include dizziness, headache and irritability. Is there anything else I can help with? ## My Pharmacist told me not to apply androgel on my spinal column. Something to do with it containing cerebrospinal fluid.

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ANDROGEL AND Abdominal Pain

I started on AndroGel about 2 months ago. I am getting pain on the right side of my abdomen. Had to go to ER 2X ran test. 2 CT scans with and without contrast. Everything looks normal. But pain is still there. I suspect it might be the Androgel but not sure because even after discontinuing (on my own) still had some pain. Then when I re continued pain seemed to increase. Pain is a sharp stabbing pain. That comes and goes. I am hesitant to tell my doctor because I fear he might just cut me off. And i really feel more energy and stronger erection while on Androgel. I am 37 and my last blood test my test level was 335 Has anyone had the same experience? If I switch to other product will I likely have same problem? ## Hi Oscar - stomach pain is actually considered one of the more serious si...

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