Adderall Xr 20mg. Blue Capsule

Josie Says:

Pharmacy recently switched me to new generic brand (blue capsule) of adderall XR. I have never seen this brand and I don't feel like it is effective. I lack concentration and focus, recurring symptoms of ADHD. Anyone else experience this?

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Verwon Says:

There can be some slight fluctuations in the amount of active ingredient in generic medications. The FDA considers these fluctuations to be acceptable therapeutic windows, but some people are more sensitive than others and experience problems with any slight change in their medication.

Learn more Adderall details here.

If you have insurance, you could try asking your doctor to prescribe it as 'brand medically necessary' so your insurance will cover it and you won't experience such fluctuations in the future, or your can try asking your pharmacy to order the other generic in for you.

Does anyone else have any advice or suggestions to add?

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fuzzy adult adder Says:

Glad saw this web site. Started the "new" blue capsule Adderall XR Tuesday morning I am also having concentration problems and my brain goes from fully alert to lethargic. AM NOT HAPPY! Want to go back to the orange coated capsule as it definitely worked.

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CLS Says:

Yes- my pharmacy recently switched from the orange generic adderall XR 20 mg capsules to the blue ones. I am a mess. I am really depressed and nauseous, and I don't feel like it's helping my ADHD at all. This is HORRIBLE. I'm a senior in college and taking 5 classes this semester and can't keep up because my meds aren't helping one bit.

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dee Says:

My 13 year old son was switch to blue capsule and it makes him nauseous. Its not as effective either because he's all over the place. Calling doctor today to request 20 mg Orange capsule this worked very well.

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dee Says:

I stopped giving this med to my 13 year old son today. He has nauseas everyday since Oct 6,2012 hes does not like the effects. last five days has been a battle to get him to take. His mood changes quick, very loud this is in the evening or lethargic and depressed during the day. I called FDA there is a consumer complaint number for each state here is the link:

This is an article about FDA approval for this Generic Version Adderall XR

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Kim Says:

I just got my first prescription of the "blue" version of 20 mg Adderall XR. I feel as though I have not even had my Adderall when taking it. Or worse than without.

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Becks Says:

Yes, I noticed the blue isnt as effective as well. I feel like it doesnt even work and they also make me very sleepy. Im hoping other people have complained as well.

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DKY141 Says:

I finished my orange capsules on Sunday the 25th and took my first blue pill today. I take 20 mg. XR for narcolepsy and today alone have had 3 sleep attacks. I've also been nauseous and thought I was sick. E-mailing my doctor's nurse to see if I can get a new script for the name brand. Might as well not take anything if this is the effect of the generic blue capsules.

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Hp Says:

Oh my gosh, I am so happy to read this, I thought it was just me!! I've been on this blue pill now for almost 3 months!! I kinda felt stupid (like I was crazy & imagining it) until I told my fiancé, who said his friend said the same thing! I definitely am calling my dr's office tomorrow. Thank you!

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Jessica Says:

Im having the same problem. My family was telling me its the same as the orange. I stay sleepy. It feels like I haven't even took one. Im glade to know that im not the only one who can tell the difference.

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Jackie Says:

What a joke this blue pill is. I have been one hot mess ever since using it. I thought it was another medication and just yesterday it darned on me that it could be this blue pill. One reason I couldn't figure it out was because the pharmacist didn't have enough to fill the reg. generic and offered me this one to complete the order. I agreed. So I had some of both in the same bottle. Some days I was taking the blue and other days the reg. one. Therefore I couldn't pin point it. All I can say is it needs to come off the market. I was depressed and couldn't figure out what had happened to me. I did nothing for two days but watched TV. Then this weekend I had the same feeling and one day at work. After talking about it to a friend, I said - wonder if it could be this new blue pill. After looking this up and found others having issues - I am sure this is my problem. No more for me. I have used adderall for about 3 yrs now so I knew it was more to this drama. Thanks to all of you for your comments. Please - lets all stop using this deadly stuff. There are some folks that are probably just starting it and don't know what to compare it to. Trust me, if it makes you depressed - its not good. God bless you all!

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Mike Says:

Took my first blue pill today after my insurance coverage changed. i immediately felt like i was waiting for my adderall to kick in, which only complicated my adhd as it is. if anything it worsens your attention whyll taking it. calling my dr's tomorrow to get my orange back. took me like an hour to type this on the blue junk

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Mike Says:

I called my Dr's office today about these blue pills. Im prescribed to take one 20mg at 10 and one 10mg at 4. 20's were the fake blue ones, so to avoid that i got a new prescription to get 90 10mgs, 2 in am a in pm. good way to avoid these generic scams. hope it helps, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR!! they will help

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Aphrodite1973 Says:

Wow... I'm so glad I'm not the only one... Refilled my script at a local CVS, and when I took it home and opened the bottle... It wasn't my usual orange capsule... but I looked at the bottle... looked at the pill... and yup... it's the right drug and the right dosage... so I've been taking this Blue pill for about 6 weeks now and the difference is so noticable it's ridiculous... I knew something was off the second day I took it... It's just not the same... Someone PLEASE... Do something... It doesn't work...

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Hp Says:

UPDATE: I called my dr's office and they told me to ask the pharmacy to refill my next prescription with my previous generic orange pill, which I did. I spoke to a pharmacist who explained that they started using the blue ones because they were having problems with not enough to fill orders. I told her @ googling and finding posts with people having the same issue. She asked if I wouldn't mind her giving my name and number to the pharmaceutical company that makes the blue pill, especially since others are having the same problems. I did mind and when a rep called, she asked a few basic questions (like age, gender, and side effects). Hopefully others can do the same, so they can figure out this pills issues. Obviously, my pharmacy did refill with my old generic. Hope it helps.

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Hp Says:

Oops, I Didn't mind.

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Amy Says:

i'm just one more person who just a few days ago realized that my recent increase in symptoms might be due to this blue pill as well. I took old leftover orange ones that i had in my car for the last few days, and whar a difference! i'm talking to my Dr. amd my pharmacy this week. the blue pills are just as bad as not having any at all! I'm glad i wasn't imagining this.

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Savannah Says:

So glad I found this! I have been off my prescription for about a year and recently got my prescription started again, and decided to give the generic a try. It is awful!! I remember being so full of energy and focus last year when I used them. I thought they would get better, but four days in and I feel depressed and lethargic. Seems to make my focus worse. Calling my pharmacy tomorrow.

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Hp Says:

I was (am back on) the 'generic' orange ones, which seem to work fine.:)

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Aleks Says:

I knew i wasnt crazy! These blue pills are horrible! Headaches, bright lights suck, pressure on my eyes, and just overall a dirty feeling. I dont focus, i get mad, i stare off into oblivion for most of the tome im on them. Im so glad i looked into this and know to ask for the brand name. The lady at the pharmacy insisted i save money and take the generic, said they were the same. Boy is she wrong. Im gonna print this blog out and give it to her. Cant wait to get my oranges back!

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Mr Wotty Says:

I will let you know tomorrow. I hope you aren't in a hurry for feedback.

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gossipgirl Says:

what dose and maker are the orange ones. The blue ones are teva which suck

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Susan Says:

I am experiencing side effects of "brain fog" and nausea after picking up my prescription for generic Adderall XR 15mg light and dark colored capsules last week. I cannot concentrate and I am experiencing nausea and stomach pain. It took me a couple of days to realize that it might be this medication! I will be contacting my Doctor first thing in the morning, but would like to know "where" to return this medication which has apparently been recalled! I was recently laid off, so I paid $185.00 for this prescription and the side effects are scary! Thank you for any assistance that you can provide!

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Lisa N Says:

My 14 yr old noticed a huge difference
He said they were more like 10mg
Even his teachers noticed!
what ate they -NOT 20 mg that's for sure

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lisa Says:

my son swears this is the case for him and his teachers have noticed as well.

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LisaC Says:

I have been taking 10 mg xr adderall for years with success. I recently got a different color capsule and not thinking much of it was wondering why I was so scattered and could not focus on one task at a time. I looked up the capsule and it was actavis. The capsule that I was taking for many years was made by Teva. Wow...what a difference. I am not crazy and anyone who tells someone that all generics are the same, has no clue. I used to work for GlaxoSmithKline and Sandoz pharmaceuticals as a chemist and although I don't understand how generics can be so different, they are. I can't believe that the strength of the medication can be so far off when these companies should be doing analytical testing on the concentration of the active ingredient and monitoring it's stability over some years to determine the expiration date. I would imagine that some generics could be off somewhat on their active ingredient, but if a person takes 2 capsules and still feels nothing, then there is something else going on. Do the inert ingredients in the capsule affect the effectiveness? Maybe the extended release formulas release differently among the generics or maybe they don't release at all. I don't know, but I will tell you that today I picked up a generic made by Sandoz and it is night and day for me. I also found out that Walgreens has Teva generic back so I will be filling my prescription as early as possible and building up extra for times when I can't get a decent generic. I remember from my days at GlaxoSmithKline that products challenged during stability testing in the freezer maintained their active ingredient concentrations the best. Granted, I will have to do some research and make sure that amphetamine salts don't degrade or modify under these conditions, but I have stored medications in the fridge and freezer in the past to preserve or surpass expiration dates.

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Busterwoof Says:

So, The blue ones have been shown (depending on opposite color or shade of blue) to exist as 5mg, 10mg, 15mg,or 30mg
I take the 10 mg daily because that's what helps me.

The active ingredient in Adderall is amphetamine salts and dextroamphetamine.

Side effects of the drug do include nausea. The higher the mg (20 is actually a lot for anybody, especially people who arent fully developed, in my estimates would be around 25, give or take but it's not my call to make on that one.

If a person is feeling when the medication kicks in, that means they are receiving some level of the potential high you can get from taking too much.

The kickback side effects are from a significant drop in blood sugar caused by a lack of proper eating with the medication.
Grab a big meal before taking it and it will help, but wont stop the nausea.
Dehydration is also a big side effect from amphetamine use.

Dehydration and malnutrition both link (very visibly) to side effects of lethargy, mood swings (chemical imbalance), induced manic periods (Cleaning everything very thoroughly is very common)

Taking this medication will often make it easier to follow guidelines of staying better hydrated, excersizing more, and improving ones diet, but not doing so will make afore-mentioned side effects much much worse.

Last note i find this medication can often induce a form of constipation in which the user is still deficating regularly yet the body is still retaining waste, which can lead to lower abdominal/back (bowel area) pain, further lethargy, and a hell of a lot of discomfort, for that i personally recommend increasing the fiber in ones diet.

Hopefully this has been helpful or warrants some feedback and we can all expand our awareness of the things we choose to put in our or those under our care's bodies.

Thank you

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Jess Says:

I am a 36 year old woman. I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2009, (although looking back I don't know how anyone missed the signs) I have taken Adderall since 2009 same dose with no problems. Until somewhere in 2014, I started getting the blue pill. Didn't think much of it except for the money I was saving. But at some point, I noticed I was losing my focus and becoming more impulsive. A couple of times I took two doses in a day because I thought I had forgotten it. Eventually I was taking more and more and achieving less and less. In hindsight, I should have talked with my Dr. about it, but I was afraid he would stop my prescription. At this point I was physically addicted. By 2016, I was going through my 60 EA 20mg pills and 30 EA 25 mg pills in a matter of a couple of weeks. There were days I easily took 150- 200 mg a day. I was still able to fall asleep fine, and I managed to gain 40 lbs in 2 years. The summer of 2016, I started researching, and realized most of this began when I started taking the Actavis brand. I talked to my Dr, and we began trying other meds. I have been on focalin, Vyvanse, and a nonstimulant. My body has recovered from the physical withdrawal of the Actavis Junk. I have had 2 months back on Adderall. The first being a different generic, right away that fog was gone and I could think clearly. The second month, I started with Actavis, just as an experiment. Back to the fog, and forgetfulness (what other people view as carelessness). After a week I took the rest back and told the pharmacy my experience. They switched the rest out. There is a whole lot more to my story, I just wonder if I'm alone? Out of concern I started going to rehab because of the addiction side of this and the problems it caused. Has anyone else had anything like this?

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Clyde is her dog Says:

Yes, I was given the Actavis generic of Adderall xr 20mg and it makes me so sick. Today is the first day that I have the Shire brand name Adderall XR back. The nausea is gone, the tiredness, paranoia, pressure headaches, and complete belief about life turning to s*** - it's gone.

Actavis is s***. My pharmacists and doctors all acted as if I was crazy and one doctor gave me a drug panel and then said that she wanted to put me on antipsychotics after I cried about my sugar pills and babled about my life spiraling out of control. I was pissed. One pharmacist... When he got back from vacation (he is my favorite) believed me and worked his ass to get my insurance company to pay for the brand name shire adderall a week or so early, citing my reaction to Actavis and such. It took him 4 days but he did it.

To everyone in this situation: The pharmaceutical company wouldn't agree with me. 99.999% of pharmacists are pawns for the pharmaceutical industry and spout their crap.

Don't give up. You know your body and you know when there is a problem. Stick with your convictions and fight. Good luck. I have been miserable for weeks but I kept fighting and I won. Finally.

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Beachwalk0 Says:

I have been taking the orange ones by Teva. They make me feel horrible. I mean really terrible and it gives me dry mouth. I picked up the blue ones by Actavis from the pharmacy. I hope these work better.

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