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Josie Says:

Pharmacy recently switched me to new generic brand (blue capsule) of adderall XR. I have never seen this brand and I don't feel like it is effective. I lack concentration and focus, recurring symptoms of ADHD. Anyone else experience this?

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John Says:

I have the same problem. I just started my dosage again after 3 years and am taking the blue pill. It was weird at first but I thought with the 10 dollar co-pay it was a deal. Took it that day and meh not really any more noticeable effects than an energy drink as opposed to the old orange generic that focused me and didnt make me feel laggy. Just extremely different all the way around. Going to the pharmacy to fix this tomorrow. I'll pay the extra 15 dollars to get the right drug.

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David Says:

I was switched to these blue generic 20mg adderall's in dec, 2012. I noticed something different the first week. A month later I'm half way through my second bottle of these blue capsules. I was feeling depressed more often then when I was using the orange gen. I'm a lot more tired and unmotived. And I have this wierd pressure in my head that I didn't have with the orange generic. Not to mention ive had a short temper as well. I'm calling my pharmacy tomorrow and if they can't get the orange ones ill go somewhere else. In the meantime I'm thinking of stopping them all together.

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Lulu Says:

Wow! So glad to find this thread, not that I really needed verification that the 20 mg blue generic pill is AWFUL and does not work! I've been taking the orange pill as long as it's been out for narcolepsy, was on brand name prior to that and dextroamphetamines prior to that. 25+ years of successful medication treatment of narcolepsy until this blue impostor came along! I first received this in October, had an awful month where I thought I was just "off" all month. Mentioned to my sleep doc, she said the blue is a new generic and maybe doesn't work as well, manufacturer has allowable efficacy range of +/- 10%-15%. When it came time to fill Nov. scrip, asked pharmacy if they could give me the orange pills, when they said no I found another pharmacy that could. With the orange I was able to rejoin humanity in all its glory and felt fine again. Get to February and OH NO! New pharmacy is only carrying blue impostors now. What the hey, I'll give it another go. Bad news. 3 days of wanting to sleep all day, bad headaches and the urge to physically harm my husband. Took back to the pharmacy today, pharmacist told me I'm the first to report such problems, but will try to get me the orange ones again. I have to pay cash for my scrip so am especially ticked to pay $140 for non functioning product! Pharmacist seems willing to help though, and I'm printing this thread to bring to him. The blue pills SUCK!!!

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Jackie Says:

Hello All. This is Jackie. Thought I'd ck back to see if there were addtional postings since mine. I see there are several. Wish we could do something before someone gets hurt from depression do to this awful medication that is making so many ppl sick. Its so sad. Please don't use it. I felt so bad on it until I wanted to give up. I was a mess!

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Concerned mom Says:

The blue pill is making my son nauseated... So I'm switching back to the other pills.... Hate the blue....

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Anne Says:

Oh my Goodness! I was so frustrated because I have. Been a Mess! Exhausted, Spacey, Irritated and unable to focus or stay on task. I have been taking the stupid Blue Adderall that the pharmacy gave me instead of the orange one that i used to take. I am upset that those of us that have add or Adhd have to suffer because someone wants to Jack up medicine for whatever reason and pharmacies don't discountinue using it for whatever reason. I Have had 3 months of hell! Seeing my doc. Next week!

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rose21 Says:

I recently went to the doctor this week. I've been taking the orange capsule "amphetamine salts" adderall xr 20 mgs. for the last year. They are great definently help in treating ADD. So this week I recently had my prescription increased to two of the pills a day. I took it to the phamacy, CVS, where they filled it with the new generic. Confused, I tried it and realized its not the same. For some reason you still can't concentrate. I took it and went to school and literally LOST MY KEYS. Just all over the place. So I took them back to my doctor and she wrote a new script for them with "dispense as written" well that was going to cost $1000 so obviously not an option. Now I went back today and am going to try taking the barr which is the tablet form and not an extended release 3x a day. Ugh just so disgusted with it. Does anyone know if you still have the option to get the Orange generic pills?? CVS seriously pissed me off the tech even had the nerve to say something to me about the scripts. When i'm actually losing money because of this. It also seems as though most of the stores are carrying the new blue kind because I asked the Walmart pharmacy and they were as well. This new kind sucks and my doctor said the only thing that has to be the same in the generic form is the active ingredient. Everything else is allowed to be different which is possibly why this pill does not seem to work well for most people because maybe it processes differently with different fillers?? No clue but can anyone help with some information on an easier way to obtain the orange generic xr's. I live in Ohio and we do not have a Publix where I live.

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sashaka Says:

Yeah, I suggest calling every place and ask if what company makes their generic adderal. That's what I did aand found that walgreens has them. I'm so happy I. Switched, those blue pills are the devil!! Lol

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sashka Says:

The orange 30 mg Dr is what I'm talking about. They are made by bar and are the closest to non generic you can get!

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Lulu Says:

I too use CVS & took it up with the head pharmacist. He has been "special ordering" the orange for me after 2 months of hell on the blue. He told me that CVS has a new policy of making the pharmacy customers happy as they have been dead last in customer satisfaction surveys. Talk to your head pharmacist, insist they order the orange for you and if enough people keep complaining and refusing the blue impostors, the pharmacies will bring back the orange!

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blumun1 Says:
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OK now I'm they started me on the blue ones and today I started with the orange. I have been feeling some anxiety so far this am. Looked online to make sure they did not give me the wrong thing. Sounds like it may just be a bit stronger than the blue ones. I guess I will give it a week to see if I level out. Sigh. As long as I don't walk in circles all day I will be OK.

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Fritz Says:

BLUE 20 MG ACTAVIS GENERIC ADDERALL XR IS HORRIBLE!!!!! ACTAVIS GENERIC ADDERALL XR CAUSES DEPRESSIONI received a 3 month supply of 20 mg Generic Actavis Adderall XR (blue capsules from Express Scripts in May and I have been terribly depressed ever since. I have missed work and have been put on antidepressants. I feel horrible. They do not work. I am sending a complaint to the FDA, Express scripts and the manufacturer.

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LilBunnyFooFoo Says:

My husband and I are both on 20mg a day of Adderall XR. Previously CVS was filling our prescriptions with the generic made by Teva. I was given the generic by Actavis first and told my husband I didn't like it and it was *almost like taking nothing. He said "generics are generics". The next time his prescription was filled he was also given Actavis and he hates it as well. (Haha, told ya so!)
Actavis is terrible terrible terrible. I don't care what the doctors, pharmacists or chemists or whoever-ists say about is NOT the same. I know there isn't anything I can do until I get my next prescription filled, but if they don't have the generic made by Teva I'm asking for the name brand. (Generic is $7, Brand name is $53 on our insurance.) If they don't have that I'm going to a different pharmacy until I get what I want.
I tried filing a complaint with the FDA but the online form would never submit, and I didn't have the patience to wait on the phone.

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LilBunnyFooFoo Says:

I was able to finally file a report online with the FDA (, however I had to check boxes that didn't apply to the situation, for example 'Death'. Not very user friendly. Nonetheless it's sent. I hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears (eyes).

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kim Says:

I will try to do the same. This Actavis generic company did not but cause depression for my daughter. I will either look for the other generic company (BARRR) or just order the name brand (shire). ty everyone for posting

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Sashka Says:
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Yes. All of us agree on this forum that the new blue pill is complete garbage. Go to every pharmacy around you and ask what company makes their adderall. You are looking for Bar. The company name is "Bar" and they make the nest generic adderall right now. Thanks me later :)

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Shelly Kris Says:
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Oh my godness! I'm not crazy then!! I had the same feelings. I work under bright lights for 5+ hours a day and some days it was so miserable! It was like my head was physically pushing against my eyes to the point where things would get blurry until I closed and rubbed my eyes and then it would be fine again. I had extreme mood swings but I just figured it was the stress of my school environment. I also started to break out horribly! And im past puberty and rarely ever have more than one breakout. Here's one more person saying that the blue actavis pills are basically poison without any positive effects. I aliken to taking rat poison and the only difference is it doesn't kill you right away. So glad I am back on Teva generic now.

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boston lady Says:

It's been about 2 weeks since my pharmacy switched from the orange to the blue...20 mg extended release generic adderall....feeling very off and am so glad I found this site!

Symptoms include lack of concentration, but quite different than not being on adderall ...much much worse...very, very sleepy and not thinking very clearly..almost like in a fog ..will switch back immediately!

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Lil Bunny Foo Foo Says:
via mobile

I mentioned it to my PCP and the pharmacist, neither of them have heard of adverse reactions and said everyone is different and respond differently. But as this forum shows...that's not the case. Luckily my Walgreen's accepts ExpressScrips again and they have the Teva/Barr generic, my CVS doesn't, so we switched.

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kerry Says:

Hi! Wish I had found this months ago, would have saved me months of feeling sick. I have been on the brand name Adderall XR 25mg for almost 2 yrs. Last June my insurance changed from brand name to generic. I filled it at local Rite Aid (Teva) and was nauseous for over an hour every time taking this medication. As well as less focused, fatigue, and headaches. The next month I filled it at local CVS (Actavis) and it was even worse with stomach issues an hour after taking this medication. As well as less focused, fatigue, and headaches. I thought at first I had to get used to the generic and didn't think anything of it. I went to the Rite Aid and CVS out of convenience, no other reason. I went back to have prescription filled at Rite Aid and again was feeling sick every day after taking it, but not as bad as meds from CVS. I started to research generic vs brand name. I thought I was going crazy. So next month I went back to CVS and felt worse. Finally spoke with my doctor who informed me that many of his patients were having trouble with the generi Actavis. That CVS had switched to this manufacturer because it was cheaper. He also explained there have been issues with the timing release of medication in the XR. And that the rest of the 'fillers' in the medication is not FDA regulated. I found the Actavis to be horrible. Much worse than the Teva. I am finally back on the brand name. Still having some stomach issues, but its only been 4 days. Have to pay $30, but better having the medication work. Really hoping it gets better!! Thank you for this post, I thought it was just me!

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