Where Should I Start To Get Off Of Hydrocodone

stephanie Says:

I've been taking Norco 7.5 for over 2 years. I have severe degenerative disc disease and arthritis in my neck. In the beginning I took as prescribed by as most people it eventually took more to do the job. I am now highly addicted. I can and will take up to 10-15 per day if I have it. I want to stop. I have to. This has taken over my life. I've tried several tines on my own and I just can't.
I'm wondering should I talk to my pain management doctor about this or where should I turn? I fear she will cut me off all together and I can't go through the withdrawals by myself. I'm thinking suboxone but don't know where to start with that. I live in a small town in Alabama and don't have a lot if choice where doctors are concerned. Where should I start? Who should I talk to?

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IPack Says:

Don't beat yourself up, you are not at fault for having disc degeneration nor for having a physical condition that is unlikely to get better anytime soon. It also doesn't sound bad enough to warrant surgery so you are stuck with either living with pain or taking opiates.

If you are in pain then you are not addicted. You may have built up tolerance hence the need for more pills and may even have some physical addiction but as long as you are not lieing about the neck pain then you are not addicted in any way that matters.

I would however recommend a more liver friendly regime such as using a longer acting opiate without Tylenol (Zohydro, OxyContin, etc) and using either morphine or multiple 10/325 hydrocodone for breakthrough pain.

If you are not in pain then you should probably get off the narcs. Don't be hard on yourself just get it done.

Best wishes.


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LearnedTheHardWay Says:

Hey, i dont know why i am feeling a need to respond, i have NEVER wrote on a forum or anything before but somehow i stumbled across your message. I used to work sales for a cellphone company and painkillers REALLY bumped up my sales and made me really enjoy talking to people.. long story short at the end of the christmas season i decided to quit cold turkey and it was about the WORST thing i could have done. Write me back if you still are looking for advice and i could help you. Painkillers are the worst catch 22, you start to take them to feel better then next thing you know you feel like absolute garbage until you take one.. and withdrawals from painkillers are the WORST.

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Exhausted Says:

Re: LearnedTheHardWay (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

How can I get in touch with you?

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