Suboxone And Opiates

Kay Says:

I took 4mg of sub's at midnight and another 4 at 8am. This is the first time I've taken it in several months. How long till opiates will work again?

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Ashbash123 Says:

I have done it before within the same day....6 to 7 hours apart actually and I felt fine!! I did feel the relief from the Hydro also

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Needhelp Says:

I took 4mg of suboxone today @6am & 4mg @12pm. How long till I can take my usual 30mg roxis? I usually take 10-14 30mg roxi/day (2-3 at a time) for severe chronic migraines but ran out for 2 days, hence the subs on 2nd day. But I will get my roxis @4pm. When is it safe to take because I have a raging migraine.

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LoProf Says:

I wondering the same as"need help". Last sub was 3pm yesterday but I need to take the 30OC ASAP. Sitting on them sucks! From all my research it seems like we can take them as soon as we want, but the effect will just be less which is my experience in the past. Took 4 Norco couple hrs after 8mg sub and didn't have any effect on me. In other words, I didn't feel the norc and the sub effect wasn't fazed or compromised. I'm at 19 hrs now and going to take a 30 oc. A rule of thumb for me is to wait till my pupils dilate....then I know I'm ready. I'll report back. Wish me luck !

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Needhelp Says:

Good luck LoProf!!! My heart goes out to you. Let me know how it goes. I couldn't take the pain so I took 3 30mg roxi (my usual dose as I said b4) just 20 min ago & I'm already starting to feel some relief. Not as much as usual but any relief will do. I was ready to tear my eyes out from the stabbing & nothing OTC or baths or cold/hot compresses were doing anything. I think it must depend on it tolerance. I've been on same dose of roxis for 4 years now so my tolerance is really high. I also have dilaudid for the really bad (like ER type) migraines. It only works some of the time so I prefer the roxis.

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LoProf Says:

Yep! All good! Basically just trading one for the other except I'll admit it did take a couple extra the rest of today. Still NO sickness and things only got better as my receptors loosened the sub and accepted the opis. After 3 30s (blue roxi) I'm pain free finally and feeling awesome. Definitely NOT like going from op to subs where you HAVE to wait. There should be zero worry for anyone trying to switch this way. There's NO possibility of precip WD and nothing to worry about going from sub to your normal opi`s again. Good luck and I wish everyone a pain free world...especially if you legitimately need it.

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john Says:

I writing sub years ago and never took them all. I took one three days ago. My ? Is i have chronic pain. Will my pain meds work. Would thee subaxon be out of my system

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subgirl Says:

I've been taking subs for over 3 years now and have had 2 surgeries during this time. I am about to have my 3rd procedure where I will be going back on oxy and this is how you do it. It's true that the half life is 72 hours but it's still possible to break through the sub barrier to reach the receptors. It all depends on how long you've been on subs. So this is the rundown... At 72 hrs it will take double the amount if opiates you would usually take, at 48hrs hours 3 times and at 24hrs 4 times. So I wouldn't even start trying to make the transition until at least 72 hours unless you don't mind wasting perfectly good opiates. Now remember you can still OD if you get too crazy with trying to break through the SUB barrier, so be very careful! But... But... if you have only taken subs (say one or two) to get through a short time of not having opiates then you're in better shape because your system is not saturated. You will be good to start taking opiates once you start to feel the withdrawals (true withdrawals, not a little ache) coming back.

People get confused about precipitated withdraws when it comes to taking subs. If you're stating subs after long term use of opiates you need to wait at least 24hrs or when the withdrawals peek if under 24 hrs. If you are not already in withdrawals then taking subs too early WILL throw you straight into withdrawal and I'm sure I don't have to tell you what that feels like. But if you are going back to opiates from long term use of subs you are not going to be thrown into withdrawals, it's just going to be a waste of opiates trying to get a ceiling effect. Fact is, there is no quick way back to opiates after sub use no matter how you go about it because of how powerful subs are. But if you have taken only one or two and your system isn't saturated then it's much easier. Hope this has helped if your looking for some advice on taking opiates after being on subs...

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bob Says:

I take 15mg a day of oxycodone. How many mg of suboxone would I have to take for the same pain relief?

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Dsmith Says:

I put a 12mg fentanyl patch on 2 days ago and just took it off. When can i start my 8mg suboxone?

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Wd9 Says:

Hi everyone. Can someone help me out right away please with a question I have to ask please ?

I have taken 16mg of suboxone yesterday Saturday July 1st, 2017 at about 3:00pm. It is 11:00pm tonight Sunday July 2nd. So it's been exactly 32 hours since my last dose of the 16mg of suboxone. I have 2 APO 80mg OXYs and 4 20mg football OXYs. So 2mutiplied by 80mg of OXYs = 160mg of OXYs. Plus the 4 footballs multiplied by 20mg OXYs = 80mg of OXYs. So 160mg + 80mg = 240mg of OXYs that I all have on me right now. So my question is how much longer or how many more hours should I have to wait before I can take all the 240mg of OXYs, mind you I took 16mg of suboxone 32 hours ago.

Thank you for reading my post !
Please respond to me ASAP I am in a great amount of pain and want to take these 240mg of OXYs as soon as I can.


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Russ Says:

I had a really bad toothache yesterday and took one 5 mg vicodin. This will be day two with no suboxone and I was wondering if it would be ok to take my suboxone today?

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Bane Says:

How long after taking a roxy 15 will I be able to take suboxone? Please help, I need to know! I was told 4-5 hrs. I'm 110 pounds and have no fat.

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Jimmy Says:

When can i take buprenorphine after being on a daily dose of 6 percocet (10/325) for years! I need to take this med instead of going to out of state methadone clinics. Can anyone tell me when i can start this med without feeling withdrawals! Or should i just get ready for bad withdrawals, diarrhea, ect.?! Thanks.

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jimm Says:

Re: Bane (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

i dk someone should be able to help us ,i run short on my pain meds and someone gave me 5 of these meds, i was told any time after 12 hours your good but i just wish i could be of more help,

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barbara Says:

I took 8 mg of suboxone at 3pm, but I slipped up and took opiates at 2 am the next morning. Is it safe to take my morning dose of suboxone like I was supposed to since I took the opiates earlier that morning? I didn't feel the opiates at all, so I know the suboxone was working.

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Jimmy Says:

Re: barbara (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Hey no one on here has been able to help us I dk! Yes i do know that the only pain med that works id fenaly hope someone helps us

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Tan Says:

Re: barbara (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, it should be fine, I'm surprised the pain med even worked...

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Amanda Says:

Can you take Lortab (7.5mg / 325mg) with Suboxone (8mg) tablets? Will it be harmful to me?

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Vic Says:

I've been on Subs for almost 2 weeks. I took 9 ml to mg Percocets on Wednesday. Today's Friday and going to go back on my Subs. Will it still send me into precipitated withdrawals?

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Jim Says:

Re: Vic (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

No as long as it doesn't have that other bs in them ! If i does ur going to be sick! Haaa

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Vee Says:

I was getting prescribed Suboxone (the smallest film possibly made). I stopped taking it over a year ago and started Fentanyl. Now I desire to stop the Fentanyl and get back on Suboxone. How many hours should I abstain from Fentanyl in order to safely take Suboxone?

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Vick Says:

I've been taking dilaudid for a little over 2 weeks, first in the hospital and then the pills I was given. I went through 20 2 mg tabs since Thursday and it's Sunday now. Took my last 2 today. Also took 3 Lortab 10 mgs today. Need to get back on my suboxone. Can I restart it in the morning? I had a seizure going from opiates to suboxone.

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Del Says:

How long do I have to be off opiates before I start taking suboxone? I tried it before and it made me sick.

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Cathy Says:

Re: Cathy (# 22) Expand Referenced Message

Please let me know asap thx. I am reluctant to take this medication without some guidance!

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Cathy Says:

In a lot of pain and ran out of pain medication due to doctor alienation, but I found these white round Suboxone pills with '57' on them. Is there a recommended time frame between taking an opiate and the Suboxone? What is the normal dosage for a female weighing 125 lbs?

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Chickie Says:

I started detoxing with suboxone...then I took opiates after I took an 8 mg dose. Do I need to wait to be sick again or will that suboxone be in me blocking my opiate?

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