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tye dye man Says:

i just picked up my new prescription for 15mg oxycodone hcl ir for this month,2/26/15. it is made by rhodes pharmaceuticals and is white and very large for this kind of medication. it has to be the absolute weakest i have gotten and i have been on this pain management drug for over 7 years. over the years i have gotten what i thought to be about every different manufacture there was on this drug . does anyone who is, actually know the best one and who carries it in their pharmacy. this #[email protected]#! is crazy!!!

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Chica RN Says:

Agreed... This generic brand from Rhodes Pharmaceuticals (10/325) was a large, round white pill that had absolutely no effect on my pain. I have never received a less effective prescription- it was essentially glorified acetaminophen- without any glory... This medication costs far too much to be ineffective, let alone the costs to my body for an entire month of worthless pain relief. Will refuse any future scripts in which the pharmacy plans to dispense a Rhodes Pharmaceutical product.

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dana Says:

The 15s are a light green and small n they are very good for break pain they work for me I'm sorry for your it and I truly hope that. This helps!

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Sam Says:

I have been given the new Rhodes Pharma 30 mg, which is a large Tylenol sized pill. I had absolutely no benefit from it. It was actually made in USA, by Purdue Pharma, contains strange filler Lactose, magnesium stearate. Try to stay away from this.

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Dana Says:

Yes Watson seems to be the best i'm on them also and they work great for Break Through pain for me,try RITEAID lve been getting them from there,

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Promise Land Says:

I'm sorry to correct you @DANE, but the 15mg of this drug oxycodone made by Rhodes Pharmacuticals is by no means small & green, it's huge & in like the shape of an oliptial pill, like a xanax 1mg for example ( if you have ever seen these? ) and they are terrible & fied w/ lots of very bad & unhealthy fillers as mentioned by the gentleman behind you, also containing Cross Providone which is not good for many, I just got them from my pharacy & have been up sick all night & honestly this small forum is the most I can find on this medication. They do have a large 3page PDF on medlibrary on this medication & all about it, but that's from the manufacturer & this happens to be Purdue PhArma, I'm so sick of pharmacies playing the but the cheapest drug & get the most money from the consumer & their insurance company at the expense of the consumer, I'm only up now because I'm very sick my head & stomach hurt greatly & I'm drinking some green tea & trying to hopefully feel better, scared to take another one but my pain level is up & I only have these, I will talk to the pharmacy & inform them of all these terrible fillers the magnesium sterate being another large one which both the FDA & codex plan to eliminate from all supplements & medications from what I've read, so what's the hold up, these inert ingrediants are toxic & when taken 4-5 daily for months can be a bad thing, thanks for listening I hope others do give back some more feedback but it seems this medication is not very popular & few have had it, tried it & thus little is known by consumers and their feedback, which is also VERY STRANGE. Cheap is the name & get the big bucks all in our names, THE CONSUMER! Cheers & best of health to all, bless

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Bradley Says:

Hey Dana, where are you located? I'm in va and very hard to find good doc. Thanks!

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Jackie Says:

I live in spring, tx (Houston area) and I just got my prescription yesterday and went to my walgreens to have it filled but for my surprise I can't have it filled anywhere... I've been on oxy 15 mg IR for several years now, any thoughts?

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Promise land Says:

Hello I've given a previous post on this board the very long one but do read please. Anyways, as everyone knows it's very hard to find pharmacies that will even carry this medication in the first place, in most cases ( if one is not observed as a druggie or whatever as pharmacist are very judge mental w/ schedule 2 meds., I of course say if ones doctor has wrote the script than & if the person can go into any pharmacy they should have no problem! the only exception being like in my case the pharmacy I use is now at max of loyal monthly customers that require this medication. So they cannot take in anymore customers on schedule 2 meds., & then theirs the run around like I read many of you are getting & I'm sorry to hear of this, as chronic pain is a disease in & of itself. In reference to this medication I think the few pharmacies that do carry it, know it's the cheapest on the market & that for most insurance companies they don't have to actually loose monies upon bilking a insurance company. I know my pharmacy charges if in cash payment w/ no insurance, 2$ each. I know it's insane & sadly their are others that are carrying this medication but by better companies for up to 4$ each & that's TRULLY near being a pharmacy that's truly & practically a legal Drug Dealer & they do it (I have a few pharmacist friends in my home area two I went to college with) anyways, if you can find a pharmacy & they will fill your medication than get on board w/ them & stay w/ them, giving them all your needs not going to pharmacy to pharmacy as it sucks & again if one TRULLY needs this med & can't get it filled due to all the abusers, well that's just beyond wrong, & let them try to live just one day in our shoes, I'm grateful for my pharmacy they are good people & maybe they know there the only ones that carry this medication & being its so not like any others you see in this dosage, if they find them being sold in the community than they can narrow it down to a handful of people.

The med, by rhodes certainly is the worst of all but it's better than nothing, me I'm getting serious side effects as I wrote in my other post their are some seriously bad fillers in this brands oxycodone & I want to point this out to my pharmacy & ask to get another one if only for me, they have given me another brand before in the past & it was like night & day & no side effects & my pain was not gone 100%, but it was tolerable, which can make for at the very least a more productive life. I have some serious pain medication needs (long story & post is already to long I just hope to help others ) my doctors actually want me on much stronger meds & more often & I know that's a druggies dream but Oxycodone is a very very potently addictive medication & I have enough issues so I just take these a few times daily as needed, as my condition ill likely be on this med for some time, I already have been, but don't abuse them or give or sell them, that's what's wrong with the whole pain management community, & it's truly just sad & I'm just not complaining if I get rhodes up till now, s*** if your insurance won't pay for all of it, offer to pay the cash missing so that they can get which one works best for you. They are not completely trash & if you have had them you know it's better than a percoset at least.

I take an aleve w/ mine twice daily & I read a study a few months back from my professor that oxycodone & Aleve taken together make for a symbiotic relationship & it's true, also Black Seed is also a great natural herb you can get from your local Co-Op or health food store & it's TRULLY as stated even in the bible that's it's a blessed seed, king tut was found with a bag of black seeds ( nigella sativa ) so I'm not trying to preach here to you guys as you know I agree it's not the best oxycodone but rhodes pharmaceuticals specializes in controlled substances & it is MADE IN AMERICA, which is Great. I just don't to have to take it long term due to its fillers, two in particular I wrote of in my earlier post as being the two worst, I take the 15's to get away from the Tylenol & now I'm taking this junk in rhodes oxycodone, go figure!! Lol... Well to all I wish you the best of health & a pain reduced or maybe even a pain free life, it's hard on your mind, body, & even your soul & to refuse this medication to folks goes against the oaths (can't spell the name) that doctors take before going off into the world to practice. Ok, I'm done sorry so long but I think it will help some of you guys & others in the future, remember Purdue owns rhodes pharmacies so they come from same location as name brand, etc. If anyone has a question & I may be of help, please feel free to post it & say it's for my name on here, being "promise land" Mahalo...

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dana Says:

Watson suppose to be the real deal at least they use to be, now I don't know what company meds im getting now! Lol

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Mongo Says:

This is my 1st time posting,so if I get something wrong sorry.I have degenerative disc disease and live in constant pain.I'm an ex football player,so I also have other problems.I keep reading these horror stories about people having a hard time getting medicine,but that's not true for me.I take 20mg oxycotin, 30mg oxycodone,4mg dilaudid and use the 100mg fentanyl patch and I NEVER have a problem getting my meds at the local CVS store,so I don't understand why you have problems getting you try CVS,if they don't have it today they order it and get it in 2days..I realize people hurt, but I don't get why all the problems. ..DON'T GET ME WRONG,I FEEL FOR EACH AND EVERY PERSON WHO HAS PAIN AND CAN'T GET RELIEF

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Zachs sister Says:

My has been taking oxycodone 10/325 for chronic pain for a couple of years. She used to get a yellow round pill that she said was effective. The last few months the pharmacy has been dispensing the Rhodes brand RP-10/325 white round. She says they don't really work and she hates them. She has asked for the "Percocet " brand, pharmacy says they are too $$$. She was on fentanyl 75 mg patch briefly--didn't agree with her at all. I told her to try OxyContin? Any suggestions? Also...she had some pills that were white oblong and had rp on one side and nothing on the other. I did not see them and tried to look them up for her but could not even find
them. She say they did not work at all. Were they fake? And I am reading now about the dangerous fillers in the rp products and would like information about them. Thanks for your help!

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I went to EVERY CVS in Phx AZ and was told the same thing. We get what we get! Meaning the cheapest, which happens to be the 'ever so hated' KVK tech. All pharmacies say, "We are aloud a certain amount of specific brands, but in general we get what "THEY" send us. And if you aren't an "established" customer who's gotten this in the past, for at least 6 mos., then you are pretty much out of luck, that also includes being w/in a 5 mile radius of the pharmacy." So when you move to a new town, GOOD LUCK, it literally is getting impossible to get brands that don't make you sicker, nor can you special order brands even if a Dr. calls in or writes on your script that you can only receive a specific brand, THE PHARMACY DOESN"T GIVE A CRAP! I have MANY reasons to be on pain medicine, and if I want to live "out of the hospital, or nursing home at 40", then I NEED to get on the right meds. My Dr.s have asked if I need to talk to a psychologist and I'm beginning to wonder if I should say "YES, because I'm getting PTSD STRICTLY from my dreaded visits to the pharmacy, you know, that place where they are just suppose to HELP you with your needs with the medicine that works for your problem. I'm beginning to think if EVERYONE started doing research on getting meds on line, even if it's from a foreign country, and if the medicine contains the proper ingredients, then am I crazy for saying if everyone started ordering this way, how could they possibly bust, catch, punish, etc.everyone. There's just too many people having the same problems. I'd rather pay for something that works, then get sicker and in more pain, and end back up in the hospital today. Back when the possibility to order on line first came out I had a friend in her last stage of cancer. She ordered exactly what she used, which was actually a small dose for what she was going through, BUT she got busted the 1st time and had to give up her monthly supply to people who actually came to her door, scary. She then did it a second time, same thing happened with a harder warning. On the 3rd month, she passed away. I felt like waiting for these people to drive all the way up to a small town in Utah, no larger cities within 5 hours, but I just wanted them to hear from a friend what she went through, and what they took away from what COULD have been a bit of a more pain free and happier last 3 months of her life. UGGGG Makes me soooooooo mad. She was FAR from a druggie, beautiful girl, with her crooked wig because she hurt so bad she just didn't care. This is America, and we treat our own like this?!?! I'll rant forever on this subject so luckily my battery is dying. Good luck everyone going through this, I know I'm soooo tired of it, but if ENOUGH people do something about it, isn't that the way we, as Americans, can get things accomplished when the state laws are involved, maybe even federal, I can't remember, probably because I"m IN PAIN!!

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2 B Blessed Says:

Not green that is what caused me to get on here and do some research they are white oval pills with R P on one side an 15 on the other.

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Donna Says:

I have found that oxycodone from walmart and wallgreens must have the least amount of drug in them because i go through withdrawal when i take them most of the time. I found that hospital pharmacies and dr office pharmacies carry the better brands. I can tell a big difference. Walmart buys the cheapest brand in bulk. There is no way possible that the FDA could check the billions of pills made every day by all the companies that manufacturer oxycodone. I suggest keep trying different pharmacies until you find the ones that work.

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Ck Says:

Get the straight oxy wthout tyenol. My 5mg straight oxycoden hcl is so strong i can take half & used take 2 of walmarts brand. Percoset is what u got. For many, these fillers & mixes are not able to deliver oxy full. Percosets are the favorite of docs, but they do nothing for me either. They dont tell you these things. U hv find out urself

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Carolyn Says:

I was given the white Roche for about 5 mos after my pharmacy changed from kick pink. Tneither were very good. The pharmacy I've been using 5 years n changed yesterday because same as CVS they will only give 7 day supply. Old understand that this is legal.

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