Life Altering Accident Chronic Pain And On Buprenorphine I Am Unsure Of What Should Do As It Difficult To Deal With This

Sober Steve Says:

I just moved out of state after a life altering accident. I have been on buprenorphine treatment, clean for over 3yrs. I'm unsure of what direction to go, pain management, methadone, etc. If it wasn't for getting hurt, I would be off the stuff or at least at a low dose! I hate the fact that I'm unable to talk for 3-5hrs a day...It's frustrating, especially with two kids and having to work my talking schedule around my med schedule! Anyone have any suggestions, advice?

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Verwon Says:

I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand, what prevents you from talking for several hours a day? Or did you mean something else and autocorrect just had fun with you?

If you've had addiction problems in the past, most doctors are going to be very reluctant to prescribe you potent medications for pain. You might actually be better of staying with the Buprenorphine or going with Methadone.

These medications carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, constipation and dry mouth.

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Sober Steve Says:

With the buprenorphine, it's a sublingual medication, it takes at least 30-40min before you can swallow, so it's pretty frustrating! I've come to accept that I'll have to live with pain the remainder of my life, but it's hard after fighting so many years to get away from that stuff to get on any kind of pain medication! I've grown and I'm certain I could take what's prescribed, it'll be locked away to where I don't have access to anymore than a days worth. I just don't want to seemingly go backwards to a methadone clinic every day and be surrounded by people I've worked so hard to stay away from 3+yrs, and feel like I'm labeled a junkie again! It's just hard to decide what's right. I'm really tired of my quality of life with my family and not buffering able to talk, it's an embarrassment and really frustrating. Now that jive moved, I have to decide quick what would be in the best interest for not only me, but my family and what's going to help most with pain...not catching a buzz...that stuff I'm over! Thank you, I know I don't make a whole lot of sense, my mind has been all over the place the last two years, slowly getting better though!lol
...Thank God!

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gardo Says:

What can't you talk for 3-5 hours a day??? I know you can't talk while the medicine is under your tongue, but it only takes 15-20 minutes for it to dissolve, so why 3-5 hours???

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Sober Steve Says:

Have you ever taken the generic subutex? They're huge, and usually end up split in half and at times even after 30min, they're not dissolved! I didn't post this question to be ridiculed, so if anyone wants to post anything, please keep it to the topic/issue that was originally posted! Thanks

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Cleigh83 Says:

Maybe they can up your buprenorphine dose i also have horrible chronic non stop pain and I am on subutex for my pain management pain medication such as percocet vocidin ms contin oxocontin morphine dilaudid don't even work for me anymore. I believe also they make a buprenorphine patch for pain management like a fentanyl patch kind of just with buprenorphine

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