Use Of Buprenorphine For Chronic Pain Instead Of High Dose Oxicotin

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I have been on perscribed pain meds ( percocet 10mg,oxicotin 80mg& 40mg,Soma 350mg,& Motrin 800mg) for many YEARS.I would like to be able to get off these meds,but am concerned about treating my chronic pain. Buprenorphine has been brought up in discussions, but all info I've located has said that this is not available in the USA. Does anyone have ANY ideas,information, experiance in treating chronic pain without the meds I've been taking? I do have a P.T. regime that I do daily,have gone to counceling (am going back),tried many homeopathic treatments, TENs machine,biofeedback... Any thoughts or info would be gratefully accepted.


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Am looking to get off meds without being in pain afterwards. Like most people, I need to work. Am looking for any & all suggestions - am desperate at this point.

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feetfried Says:

Subutex and Suboxone (buprenorphine) are available all over the United States.

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Verwon Says:

That is correct, it is available in the U.S. under the brand names Subutex and Suboxone. They are most commonly used to treat drug addiction and are normally only used for pain when all other pain medications have been exhausted as ineffective.

Suboxone contains Buprenorphine and Naloxone, to prevent the abuse of other narcotics while using it.

Subutex just contains the Buprenorphine.



What you are on is a normal regimen for chronic pain, many people are on similar regimens.

The biggest concern to me is the Motrin, as long-term use of it can cause serious problems, such as ulcers, liver damage or gastritis.

What does your doctor advise?

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Karen / Nomind540 Says:

THANK YOU! The replys posted have given me both great info, but more importantly - HOPE & DIRECTION. I now have a game plan to talk with Dr & Workmans Comp. Thank you!!!

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Chag Says:

It is very available.

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MHK275 Says:

It is available in the U.S. I have been using it for years. If a doctor told you that, go somewhere else. THere are A LOT of incompetent pain medication specialists out there who just want to collect fees and write scripts. It takes a while to find a good one.

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Chris88 Says:

Not every doc. can Rx this med as it requires a class and most docs don't wanna get involed but I live in CALI, San Diego and I think Im in the US, right? yeah I am. lol. I've been on it for over 4yrs. but many docs like I said don't have the power to dispense it or like another person said, the docs want to get paid for the scripts the write as I once found out doc's who would prescribe vicoden over another got paid for every script they wrote. This is why has been and still is the most prescribed and most abused pain killer on the market today. Next has got to be Oxycodone but not positive but huge pay out to doc's who rxed this over morphine and other LA(long acting) or ER(extended release) drugs! If ur in pain and need it this can be helpful but it should never be given to a patient short-term as they will most likely feeeeen for it within 12hrs of there last dose! This is when Subutex and suboxone come in handy. as I can binge on Herion, oxy for a mo. or longer and wait 24hrs or so and take a sub and Im golden! This is a great short-term and long-term maintenaince drug for addicts but not so good for pain relief as Im on 16mg's right now and I still got back pain so for that soma, flexeril, and the new Zanaflex is good as well. took 1 4mg about 6hrs ago and killed the pain in my lower back for all that time. they got the 2s and 4s, get the 4mg for sure if ur over 150lbs as the 2s u will end up doubling up or taking it every few hrs. which sucks! Anyways hopes this helps a bit and comment if u have any questions, etc... thanx, Chris B-

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philip Says:

I've been in 7 rehabs and have come to realize that ONLY YOU can help yourself. So many people abuse rehabs (lots of guys in there doing rehab instead of jail. It costs the government lots of money. Huge waste of money. But rehabs are good for some people. If you hit a wall there is always a rehab to save your ass. The only way is to taper off. But do it very slow. You have to be strong and be determined. You have to really want to stop using the drug. I am on a SMALL dose of Xanax(1.5 mg per day and suboxone 4 mg per day. I am still working ( I am past retirement age) because I have no money saved. I work in severe pain but I am able to block some of it out while I'm working and when I finish, and I'm walking to my car I can hardly bare the pain. It hurts to push the gas pedal. I take off my shoes and squezz(spelling???) my legs and feet while driving home. When I get home I take .5 mg of Xanax and sleep for 3 hours and get up and take 4 advil. Thank GOD for my three dogs because nobody gives a s*** about me. The dogs love me and all 3 of them sleep with me. They know I'm in pain. I can tell by their eyes and their actions. Anyway.........taper off taper off. eat good, get plenty of sleep and keep your mind in a safe place. Don't give in to crying.

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robin Says:

Buprenorphine is approved in the United states now..has been since about early 2000's..the Buprenorphine alone, or subutex, does work excellent for pain...but the Buprenorphine with naloxone, suboxone, isn't worth a crap for pain...I had a neurologist/psychiatrist, who was from another country, tell me that Buprenorphine has been used for pain overseas for years and it's better than most other pain meds in US, mainly because it is strong, but it has a long half life, which means it is suppose to help for up to up to 24 hrs, that's why it's given once a day, and how much depends on the person...but overseas they think it's excellent because it prevents having to take pills every few hours and because it lasts so long, people don't require break through meds because the pain management stays continuous...he said it took US forever to approve it, but even he said, the US still doesn't want to label it "for pain", instead it's given mostly for people coming off pain meds to prevent withdraw then the buprenorphone/naloxone is given by addiction specialists and the naloxone will make u get profusely sick if u take any other pain meds....but this dr told me that overseas it's the main med for pain that he didn't understand why US took so long to approve it here and still not labeling it for pain..he said it's less dangerous than most of the pain meds given in US for pain...well he was giving it to pts to come off opiates and pain meds plus he gave to chronic pain pts for chronic pain.....well he ended up getting his license suspended for trying to help people...I never went to him personally, but had family who did and my family member was so bad he was on a cane...he said the Buprenorphine helped great and lasted long time...this dr just knew the US would have to get up to date..but no...He only wanted to help people...hutee had had a bad accident himself overseas and was given a bad hip replacement and buprenorphine was all he ever took..actually our country is alot more uneducated and behind times then most other countries.

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Davy Says:

I understand exactly how you feel. I am at the end of your frustration with my own so called pain medication doctor. I have been in a lot of pain for 15 years. I went from 58 and three quarters down to 5 foot 5. I have xrays that show the proof of disks that are gone and some that are half gone and eight vertebras that are tilted. Yet I have an a****** doctor getting paid to write a prescription for suboxone, which Does not work for me. I have always kept my medication low nothing more Vicodin 10 maybe 4 times a day. Because eventually you will get tolerant and you will have to increase or go to a different medication. I waited 15 years for that release and that drug is not relief that drug is dangerous it interact with every single other medication you can take. As for nobody giving a s*** about you, email me at {edited for privacy} I give a s***. I also have two dogs and a cat that share the bed with me. Fortunately for me I also have a spouse Who used to be my boss. I have been on Social Security disability Since 2003. Since I could no longer work for him, We simply decided to marry. It's still a wonderful relationship. But he does not have pain anywhere and though he sympathizes with me he does not completely understand my frustration. I however completely understand yours. Feel free to write back to me. Do not feel that you are in this alone. There are some things I can share with you that will help you immensely.

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carolyn Says:

Buprenorphine/subutex/suboxone does absolutely nothing for pain. I been on it for a little over 3 yrs and I was diagnosed with cancer in April 2015. Since I was honest about what meds I currently take (suboxone) I'm treated like a junkie and now no pain med will work on me and I'm in the worst pain ever. I'm looking for a dr that will help me explain to my oncologist that Buprenorphine does not help after major surgery. Been there done that once before since no med drs or surgeons in Kentucky seem to have any knowledge about Buprenorphine/ suboxone. Taking suboxone has made my life a nightmare so far. I'll prob die from cancer before these drs will actually listen to what I'm saying. It's bad when the patient knows more about a certain med than the dr. I can't understand why my dr won't even do any research on subs to know I'm telling him the truth. What can I do?

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ja mart Says:

Carolyn...I get you exactly. I have chronic pain issues from a mva which was 16 yrs ago...I'm treated like as a DRUG seeking psycho addict and I research all the time regarding pain analgesic medication but the health CARE professionals don't know how or what or why when prescribing for chronic pain issues... I am not able to make sense of this and frustration added to pain is crazy..
There is such hopelessness and no one who is licensed gives a *uk about anything but money
...I wish you the there a way to get back to you??? Thanks for sharing.

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