Is Adderall Speed?

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kirstin Says:
Why are so many responders referring to Adderall as Speed? From my understanding, speed is a methamphetamine? Just wondering because I am considering Adderall as a possible alternative to Ritalin but don't want to take Speed!

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Verwon Says:
Adderall contains Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine, both of which are stimulants, just different from the ones in Ritalin.

It is not specifically Adderall that is considered Speed by abusers, but any stimulant drug, including Ritalin.


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Wally Says:
Having been diagnosed with adult add in '81, I can tell you ALL C-11 Stimulants are called speed on the streets. The way it was explained to me is that methamphetamine lasts longer and is the strongest of all the amphetamines. I have also read that a person that has used any of these drugs for an extended period of time cannot really tell one from the other (if given an oral dose. ) I don't know how true this is. Meth is still a C-11 drug and is prescribed, although not very often. If you have been diagnosed with add, are narcoleptic, ect. and your doctor has you on these drugs, there is no reason to fear that you are taking street speed. Part of the misinformation is due to media hype. I have had absolutely NO PROBLEM with ADDERALL.

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Jake Says:
Adderall is called speed because the first time you try it you get an amazing feeling of hpye and speed. Words cant even explain the awsome feeling! Ive been taking it for a while now and the only down sides to it to me is the REALLY DRY MOUTH, the sleep that you cant seem to get, and the worst headache ever. And that your body gets used to it the more you take it so the feeling will go away! I take four 15 mg of it at one time now. And you will become addicted to it after a while. You'll start feeling like you need it to do everything.

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jay Says:
I have taken adderall for almost 3 years since being diagnosed with ADHD at 24. Obviously, I have been impaired by adhd all of my life. The doctors I have consulted for my ADHD have all told me that many intelligent adults were never diagnosed as children, typically because they developed coping mechanisms that masked the symptoms. This was absolutely the case for me. At this point, I struggle with my inattentiveness continually but I can honestly say the treatment process which includes but is definitely not limited to adderal, has helped me tremendously. The person who said they crush up 5 adderal pills and snort them is either being dishonest or ignorant, this amount would kill you. Not to mention, 5 pills at one time would make the bottle last an unusually short period of time from the doctor's perspective, a phenomenon certain to attract further interest from the doctor and probably parents of the person snorting the pills. My advice is 1) snorting adderal is really stupid, 2) if you think you have ADHD, ask a qualified doctor, they can help.

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Bob Says:
Adderall is very potent depending on how many mg's a day you take it. I take 20 and i don't fall asleep until 4 in the morning but i get all of my homework done :)

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works for my 10 year old Says:
I declined any adhd medication for about 3 years for my 10 year old because the basic generic name for all of them is Meth... Having had a serious problem with the street version my own self I felt that I could not give it to my child... then when it came to him getting kicked out of ELEMENTARY SCHOOL I was forced to try it and it was like night and day He flourished to say the least. He was able to focus and learn. He made lists of things to do and did them. He was eager to help and used all of his pent up energy wisely, we had to also give him Abilify for falling asleep at night and for the jaw pain from grinding his teeth but he eats fine and sleeps fine too. His milligram is 30 per day, when I took one of his pills I said no way but for him...IT WORKS...I AM SO HAPPY because I didn't know how to help him. His own doctor gives his son something similar and I trusted him and i am glad I did It has been a miracle for us!!!!!!!

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Quinn Says:
@Works For My 10 Year Old, I'm sure that for a while, you thought that all of these medications began with Meth. This is not true, despite popular belief. Amphetamines and Methamphetamines are similar, except methamphetamines have an entirely new kind of addiction. Also, the thing that makes methamphetamines meth, is the characteristic of being cut by tar, battery acid, cold medicine, detergent, etc. Does this affect your child's social behavior? Probably slightly. But is he flourishing? As you said, yes. I would not consider adderall speed unless taken in quantities larger than 100 mG. I am currently prescribed to adderall, and I have never done better in high school. And this is for anyone skeptical: If you think your child is disabled in learning, or is just plain not doing well in school, you need to have them tested for ADD and ADHD. The thing is, the people who have ADD and ADHD are some of the's why we have so much trouble paying attention...we just have far too much going on in their heads! My parents just thought I was being defiant by not doing my work...but I seriously could not make myself do it until now. -Quinn

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Quinn Says:
@Jay, just saying, you don't have any clue what the kid who says he snorts them's miligrams is. You can take 300-400 milligrams without any serious consequences. You are just really jittery, it's like drinking a lot of energy drinks. Lying? No. Ignorant. Hell yes.

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LostInTheSauce Says:
See my name, thats how i felt before i was diagnosed and prescribed adderall. I am a 23 year old graduating senior in college. I would be money that part of the reason it took me six years to graduate is because I couldn't focus. I have never been one to try and fail, my problem has always been that I procrastinated so much that I didn't have enough time to try (i.e. study or start the assignment) and thus I failed. Now, I work with a counselor at my school to rid myself of my bad habits, take my adderall and pray. Life is good. These medicines are made to help you, please do not abuse them and if you are please seek help. Its people like you that make my pharmacist treat me like a crackhead when I drop off my prescription. Ok getting off my soapbox and back to regular programming.

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Christina Wu Says:
I am the only person here that seems mixed about the issue of adderall. The truth is that it's generic name is methamphetamine, and it's also true that psychiatrists make money for prescribing it. In this dog-eat-dog capitalist society, even prescribing potentially dangerous drugs to children can be fair game.
On the other hand, I know what it's like to be unable to sit still and concentrate in class. And I don't think the first thing parents should turn to is drugs to control their child. I know every child is different and some children are just impossible to control, but I would suggest looking at all other alternatives first. Try connecting their learning style with their hobbies. For example, if your kid likes playing sports, perhaps incorporate active competition into learning, such as team scavenger hunts that require them to move around as they hunt for knowledge.

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venousdetention Says:
Adderall's generic name is not methamphetamine. look it up. However, it can be dangerous and addicting to many people. It is not as strong as meth but it is an amphetamine that puts stress on your heart. I've taken it at school and it feels good at first but the come down is terrible (Light-headedness, dry mouth, muscle aches, depression). Definitely not good for you if you don't have add/adhd. And @ Quinn, if you think taking 300-400 mgs of Adderall has no serious consequences you're wrong. Maybe if you work your way up, but that would be a sure sign of addiction. That could easily cause a person to go in to cardiac arrest if their heart wasn't in pristine shape. Definitely wouldn't sleep for a 3-4 days.

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anymous Says:
The kid that says that he crushes up all that adderall and snorts it is lying....cause i went to the hospital when i was 17 because i took 4 of them at one time....NOT A GOOD EXPERIENCE

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Junkie Says:
@ comment 13, this is because adderall makes your paranoid like all other amphetamines, you probably have very little drug experience and got scared and thought you were gonna die, all im saying is meth is much stronger, and ive seen my friend do a gram and be fine, so 300-400 milligrams of adderall would be an ok amount to take, ive done 260 and I did vomit, but I was no where near death or any serious health risk

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Jerry Says:
My ex was taking adderall,and if it isnt diagnosed properly it cant become adictive, and taken in enough excess, bet the same high as speed

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k0BRA Says:

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Cheyenne Says:
Wow ok your stupid. He wouldn't die from taking 5 20mg pills. That's only a 100 mg. The first time I ever took adderall they prescribed me 90mg and I'm only 95 pounds and about 5'6 AND I'm 16 and apparently a lot smarter. And I also know people that are into 200mg. AND he's also been taking adderall for 7 years. Over time your body builds up like an immunity so generally your dosage will increase over time.

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Mary Says:
The generic name for Adderall is NOT methamphetamine. Adderall is comprised of a mixture of amphetamine salts such as dextrose-amphetamine. Meth is much, MUCH stronger. While adderall does release seratonin into your system, from my understanding it has a lot more to do with dopamine (this effects your motivation - it's why when you take it, all of the sudden you find yourself cleaning everything in sight). Meth releases massive amounts of seratonin, so much that it can deplete your brains seratonin reserves and effect how your brain reacts to seratonin, causing extreme depression once you come down. Conversely, coming down off of adderall does not cause depression, but rather lethargy and extreme hunger (the exact opposite of what you feel when you're on any kind of stimulant). Adderall is called "speed" on the streets because it "speeds" people up (conversely, meth is just called meth - one clue that they aren't really alike). People can react to it differently - some talk a lot, but a common side effect is social withdrawal. Some people become violent and anxious if they take too much. You will become tolerant to it overtime, but if you are ADD and not taking it to get high, this just means that certain side-effects will lessen (such as headaches, fast heart beat and an inability to sleep). I have never met a person perscribed over 30 MG of adderall, but everyone I know takes Adderall XR, so it's possible that you need more of the non-extended release stuff for it to work.

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T Says:
I just recently started taking 40 mg of XR a day (prescribed by a doctor). I guess it's just because my body can handle this much but I never feel like Im drugged out. I just feel better, like functional and productive. Ive gotten great grades and have kept my room clean every since. The most annoying side effect is I lose circulation in my toes every once in a while. Its weird. But as far as not being able to sleep goes, I NEVER take it after 11 o'clock in the morning other wise I won't be able to sleep at all.

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Tyler Says:
Im 17 and f**k pills unless ur prescribed them and need them for schooling or daily life.........if u wanna get f***ed up smoke weed damnit......And maybe they will legalize everywere for christ's sake

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teaza Says:
i have been taking 1 30mg adderall daily for 3 yrs,and now my supplier is moving.i need to find a doctor but with all the people abusing this medicine ,and never have been to a doctor to be diagnosed im afraid i will not find a doctor.anyone out there know of a doctor in the sw florida area.i cannot get out of bed without one,but i have never abused them.

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