Iam Looking For A Private Doctor To Prescribe Methadone In Kent England

Kay Says:

Iam looking for a private doctor to prescribe methadone on a monthly basis. I live in Kent, England, iam willing to travel to London.
I have been on methadone for over 20 years but my local centre is reducing everyone including myself. I do not want this, I want a maintenance script & if I have to go private & pay for this then I will.
Can anyone help me with a name & number of a private doctor in the South of England please ???

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neil Says:

Same thing happening in Manchester UK , trying to force reduce you, any way im sick if being in there pocket ! Iv tapered from 90ml to 10ml , then jumped , been in methadone 18 years , was s***ting it coming off, did it on my own good nutrition get fit before hand with meth storing in ya tissue I can linger a week in ya body. took valium.and nitrazepam fir anxiety and sleep , plenty water, zinc n magnesium ! Sleep isn't good 4 hrs maybe (not bad ) 7 days since my last dose, so happy as my little baby just 2 and dint want her growing up knowing daddy a methadone addict , even tho meth has helped me due to using smack fir years, good look people , if I can do it . ...any one can .. ,:)

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Kay Says:

Thanx for your reply Neil! :-)
I do know what your saying is right but I don't want to come off the methadone & "Rock the boat" so to speak. After being on it for over 20 yrs (nearer 25), losing children, my home & finally going to prison for 3yrs in 2003, I now have a new life, partner, home & 7yr old daughter.... to much to risk losing because the Government will no longer allow us to have maintenance scripts, so therefor I need to find a private doctor.
All the best in you recovery my friend x

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Alan Says:

Iam in uk looking for privet Doctor fof methadone for chronic pain as I crushed L4;&L5 on my spine. I left hospital on itthen few year ago put me on m.s.t then I moved the next Doctor put md on 160mg Zomoph twice a day & they killing me I can't eat right or go to the tolet make me feel low, is junkies that's gave methadone a bad name and it's a pity as is good pain killer for damaged spinel cord.
So if there's any help I be grarefull for appointment to try sort something out &take a look at my ininjurys.

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Kay Says:

Things may be looking up for me at least!!! I have now been informed that people have to meet a criteria to get a maintenance script (long time on methadone & mental health issues too) sadly which I do have (Severe multi personality disorder), so I have to have appointment with doctor at our local service centre, & fingers crossed all will go well. I will keep people updated! :-)

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advocate Says:

Fear not, for those of you who are suffering due to local community drug team guidelines, their are ways around this and you can find private doctors. No CDT should be using punitive measures but methadone is their to stabilize your life. You need to make a proper case and take it to the top clinical director/consultant specialist on your area. If anyone in the UK is having probs feel free to drop me an email for help or advice, happy to help if i am able.

Once on a script it's like handing over the control of your life to the doctors and they should take this seriously but in most cases it is the local drug teams who interfere with doctors prescribing which causes problems, there are organizations out their who can help and other private doctors although finding NHS doctors who are willing to prescribe outside of the share care system is rare these days but thats what you need... there are also doctors in certain areas who are more sympathetic than others as well as drug teams. {edited for privacy}

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Beak Says:

Advocate, we are experiencing this in our area of the South West, a certain private team (NHS backed/Charity) is causing my girlfriend to find alternative ways to survive on Methadone and it scares me as I never even touched anything. Getting appointments that are sensible? travelling miles to only delay by following guidelines, she is desperate for private doctor to take on and prescribe her as her motivation is trying to get her kids back and start a clean life, contacting you is difficult as this seems secure.

Kay your story sounds very much like my girls, last year when we lost her kids and I am hoping to get her through the difficult days and nights. I am encouraged by it with you having started again, we were told we get a photo every 6 months of her kid but this is starting to stop, do you get the same? do you know where your kids are ?

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Mike Says:

The Alliance (a UK-based advocacy) should be able to give you advice and point you in right direction.... have no fear matey!

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advocate Says:

It's a shame they make it so secure otherwise people could link and help eachother, i've been through the system and out the other end! i also spoke for patients rights for a long time and was involved in this area although i have been out of this scene for almost 10yrs as far as being an advocate but i think the principles remain the same and i don't think much has changed especially as far as the moral aspects go which is where most cases had their issues, with local health institutes and community drug teams creating their own version of the guidelines which back then we called the "orange book" but a guideline is just that, if anyone tells you that they are following guidelines then please tell them that guidelines are this for a very good reason and thats because not all people fit into them so healthcare professionals and doctors need to be able to work around them, as far as reducing your meth in concerned i'd have to know the full story but they usually would not force you to go down, this is punitive behavior on their part and wrong. If you where suffering from Cancer i don't think they'd be reducing your morphine would they.... yet the stigma attached to Methadone still remains massive amongst the UK's NHS and healthcare professionals.
The current state of the NHS is in bits to be honest, it's full of holes and not like it was, for the vulnerable out their who have no one to speak for them your in trouble unless your lucky enough to end up with a real caring person, i am sure there are many but from my own experience the working conditions in hospitals has reduced these places to factory conveyor belts.
Stil to your ground and compose a letter, get some help from someone if you are able to and send this letter to the director of the organization your working with and a copy to your key worker(+their boss if needed) just so everyone is aware of whats going on, then no one can hide your case away. You can take things further if this fails, providing your doing no wrong or have no other reasons you've not mentioned there should be no reason they reduce your girlfriend like this.
I'm sure you'll get back on rack but i know personally just how scary it can be facing these things. Good Luck with it, try the alliance if you get chance, they used to be great for helping people back in the day.

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Bryan Says:

That's great Neil I hope you have been able to stay away from this poison I love hearing positive outcomes like that.

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Jason Says:

Can someone please tell me, are there any methadone clinics in Britain that are free if you are there illegally (say an American who came on his passport as a tourist, then just didn't leave)? I know NHS only pays for emergency issues if you're an illegal immigrant, or a tourist, and I'm pretty sure they don't count this as emergency treatment.

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butch Says:

Hello I'm also on methadone. But I live in the u.s.a. I want to move to great Britain! But now I'm reading this! Wow ! Are they really reducing people who are on maintenance over there? I'm in love with your country. Oh well, I've got to find out more about what's going on over there before I move I guess. Over here programs are easy to get on, I'm on mine now 25 years! I'll never get off I know that. Anyhow if anyone can help me with any information I'd appreciate it. Good luck to all of you

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MC Says:

Hi-hi, I am currently having an horrendous time with my Community Addiction Team (CAT). I've just read your posting and thought-wahey, someone who can help. I am currently on a methadone prescription which is dispensed fortnightly from my local CAT team. I am really fed up attending the clinic for a multitude of reasons so decided to speak to my own GP who runs a share-care clinic within the medical practice. He said as long as he has space then of course I could attend. At my next appointment at CAT team, I tell my addiction worker that I would like to go to toy doc's share-care clinic. She tells me that she'll need to discuss my request with her senior. At my next appointment I am told the decision -NO. Why? Because I'm on a methadone detox!!!!!!!! What alot of rubbish. Naturally I complaon and ask to speak to senior
I am given an appointment for a fortnight. Again I attend my GP who tells me I can attend his share-care clinic. He tells me to try my best to persuade senior. The talk with senior was like trying to get blood from a stone. The reason he won't allow me to go to share-care clinic is because I currently have social work involvement with my 2children. My children are aged 22months and 3 years. They are currently on a supervision order(through Scottish Children's Reporter). The last time Social Worker bothered coming to see us was beginning of January 2015. I am currently on 30mls methadone. I was on 60mls at start of detox. I begun doing 5mls a week then changed to 5mls a fortnight. My intention is to get off methadone completely, forever. Please help/advise me how to do this without the highly irritating and most unsupportive support workers at my CAT team. Thanks.

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steven Says:

Yes, thank you for your input, it is really helpful to me. I need some information about suboxone clinics in Manchester England. I am moving there in January and I am in need of help. I'm a USA veteran and I have been on suboxones for 2years,i was on morphine for over 14years with back troubles. The suboxones helped but the pain is coming back .the doctor wants me to take Meth. Because it help with the pain better. I also have mental health issues and I will need help. Ty Steven

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darren Says:

i am in chronic pain and would like to try this have u had any luck in gettin this

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darren Says:

is there any pain specialists in uk that would prescribe methadone if nuthin else is working for pain neuropathic?

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an addict Says:

The best way to get on a script of methadone is to say that you are already an addict. They will want to take a blood test so you will need to get an opiate drug into your system but be very careful if you are new to this. It takes a couple of months after you are referred by your doctor so be prepared each time to be able to have something for the possible blood test. I have been on opiates since around 1991 and the first drug I took was methadone which nearly killed me and DID kill the person before me.

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john Says:

If you need help with addiction the better clinic in my experience is definitely orzace clinic. It was the best move i made. I've been on methadone for 30 years.

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would really appreciate if you help me my friend i Says:

Hello my friend how are you I am also have a same problem like you I want to travel to my wife and daughter in the Philippines and in the Philippines on my holiday they do not have it there could you advise me where I can go on private and get this treatment would really appreciate if you help me my friend if you will do I will not forget your help

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