I Have Been Taking Pregablin Od 100 Twice Daily For More Than 18 Months Nerve Pain In Forehead Is It Ok To Takevthisvforvso Long And What Are Th

Baldev Says:

I had nerve pain in right side above eyes diagnosed as fibromyalgia or mild form of trigeminal neuralgia.
I have been taking pregablin od 100 twice daily since 18 months and tegenrtrol cr 200 - 1/2 tab thrice a day since 12 months. I also take a vitamin supplement daily. No other meds. My age is 71, male. I have not observed any side effects except increased appetite and some memory loss which may not be related to these meds but just age related.
Can I continue these meds for so long without kidney,liver or heart damage?

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Carolyn Webb Says:

I have PTSD, extremely bad anxiety and my back has been broke twice. I was on Xanax and it helped me so much. I have Medicare and want to find a Doctor who believes Xanax helps patients

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Di Says:

Re: Carolyn Webb (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Pregablin is very bad. For the body it can be fatal

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Di Says:

Re: Carolyn Webb (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

That's easy most drs will prescribe it

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