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energy shot

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Roy Says:

According to the manufacturer "Dynapep™ contains a multitude of synergistic ingredients that are both oil and water soluble that effect CNS activity, induced thermogenesis, and increased up-regulation of epinephrine and nor epinephrine (energy). DynaPep™ utilizes a pegylated pH sensitive liposomal and micelle technology that allows immediate absorption of the outer polymerized shell (tier-1) followed by a slow release of the inner encapsulated spheres (tier-2).

The two- tiered delivery technology allows for an immediate release of nootropic-like phytochemicals engaging a central nervous system response while suspending a potentiated epinephrine storage for induced thermogenesis and adrenocorticotrpic synthesis. Tier-1 initiates release of the nootropic like chemicals in the alkaline environment of the mouth, which is then ingested to be rapidly absorbed in the upper intestines. Tier-2 consists of highly packed inner spheres that form an impenetrable shield around the hydrophilic outer shell in the acidic environment of the stomach. These spheres bind to the epithelial cells in the lower intestines and release the nootropic-like compounds in a slow, steady state or basal mode. This basal pharmacokinetic and steady state allows for a continuous feed of energy, thermogenesis and enhanced focus without the caffeine and sugar crash associated with other energy products"


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Mike Says:

My fiance just came home from work sick after taking this product. She is actually in bed right now sleeping after taking this product. She threw up 3 times and her co-workers had to drive her car home for her. So in other words, this product is garbage.

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trgrl Says:

Dyno-pep is the best energy supplement on market. Dont take if you are very sensitive to caffeine. Because it gives you a huge natural rush. Including a body high, increased sensitivity to touch etc. Never take with sugar and do not drink energy sodas with it. Drink water and eat protein or you will get nauseous. All in all it works great for a workout, or hard labor. Perfect for raving too :). I love it just wish it was cheaper.

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PetraTRN Says:

I love DynaPep. It's made out of natural ingredients which makes it one of the healthiest energy drinks out there. I've been using it for a while now when ever I need that extra energy boost and I've never experienced any bad side effects. Highly recommended to anyone.

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Joanne79 Says:

DynaPep is amazing. Helps me stay awake when ever I need to stay late and work and keeps me concentrated on what I'm doing.

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Grace Says:

Amazing stuff. I love DynaPep. Best energy boost out there.

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Angel Says:

DynaPep is the best energy enhancer offered on the market today. It gives you a flow of energy that lasts for hours. Love DynaPep.

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Polla Says:

DynaPep is the best energy product. I love DynaPep and recommended to anyone.

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Stan Says:

For a great workout I always take DynaPep. Gives me enormous amount of energy and keeps me going for hours. I love DynaPep.

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Matt Says:

The first time i took this product, it worked really well. I've noticed that if you are not active while taking this product it can produce side effects like: nervousness, and anxiety type feeling. If you are taking this just to stay awake and you do not move around so much, this may not be the best for you. Other than that, this product is Amazing and it does do get the job done!!

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sabrina Says:

Has there been any record of anyone having a heart attack or other heart problems while on dynapep? I have taken it three times and it works great its like liquid cocaine but sometimes I get this pain in my neck and down my left ARM. Just wondering.

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Kent King Says:

This stuff is crazy. Can't believe it's legal to be sold as a supplement. I looked up the ingredients and the active ingredient is also known as DMAA, it's a newer ephedrine substitute.

The dose must be really high though! Because I've taken 25mg before and although it energized me it was nothing like this crazy product.

The first time I took this product I didn't take it seriously at all. I figured, Oh, just a little DMAA and caffeine, no biggie. Then about 2 hours after taking it I realized I'd taken something really f***ed up.

I had tingling sensations all up and down my spine and scalp. Then my body got really warm and I felt like I'd taken something illegal (yeah, intense).

Then as time progressed I got more and more uncomfortable. Anxiety was high, and I was worried about my blood pressure and heart-rate. So I took my blood pressure with the machine at the pharmacy and to my surprise everything was basically normal.

Then my business partner cooked a wonderful crab dinner to celebrate our recent success. And I couldn't eat any of it. My appetite was worse than zero, it made me gag when I tried to swallow anything solid. That was pretty embarrassing and very rude to not eat such a nice meal. I think I offended him but I couldn't help it.

Then I laid down for about an hour and felt a little better. But in total it was much much stronger than I expected.

In response to the OP though, this is a very strong stimulant. If you got chest pains and pain in your left arm you shouldn't take this again. You might be sensitive to DMAA.

I think they are crazy to sell this product in the first place. With this dose of DMAA it's a serious liability, but I guess Jack3D has been on the parked a long time and has the same stuff in it.

Anyway, be careful with this stuff and I'd suggest just trying half of it first. But then again, people reading this are probably people who already bought it and took it an are wondering what the f*** they took. LOL

Wikipedia DMAA for more info on this stuff. They use a different name for DMAA (2-amino 4-Methyl Hexane HCL) on the packaging, but it's the same stuff.

I just tried it for the third time with breakfast and it might be pretty obvious that I did because of how long this post is!

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Jason Sdymba Says:

HOLY CRAP!!!!!! It's like having a bad trip. I just took it an hour or so ago and i feel like im going to jump out of my skin. I was making steak before I drank it and now it's just sitting on the counter getting cold. Yes i feel a tingle and i don't like it. My neck is stiff and i already had anxiety problems before i took it. I will be throwing away the other vial for sure. STAY AWAY!!!!!!

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rosie Says:

the same thing happened to my husband. he was very sick after taking this crap. he is fine while taking other caffiene supplements but this stuff was awful. he complained that his scalp was tingling and wasnt able to eat without gagging. luckily a good nights sleep did the trick to getting him to feel better.

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Monalisa Says:

Totally agree with that. If you take this product and go to the gym you will get the best result but if you don t and just sit around can cause headecke for sure.

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rosemary mendicino Says:

Dyna Pep? This stuff is GREAT!!! I have never found anything better...I don't know what's in it, but it works, it's like a happy pill. It really works, I can't believe it's on the market either! I'm just glad it is. I see some negative experiences on this thread. Maybe it only works on some people's systems? I don't drink much caffeine or take any prescriptions, I'm totally healthy! But if I need an occasional pick me up... THIS IS THE STUFF! ⤠Heaven!

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Twig Says:

It's like liquid dubstep.

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Carol Says:

I used this stuff just yesterday. I was feeling really lethargic for the past few days and remembered I bought some about a year ago. It was expired but I was desperate. I took it and it worked great the first 6 hours. The best thing I like about it other than the energy aspect is I'm trying to lose weight and am always hungry but had absolutely no appetite with this stuff. The only bad part for me was the hair tingling toward the end and I was a little tired as well but I would definitely try it again.

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Mike Says:

Dang, sorry you guys had bad experiences:/ I personally must be an alien or something, I take one at 5am, then another at 11am and have amazing energy and get a lot done at work. Gets a little spendy though. I found 100 of them on eBay for 120 dollars shipped and jumped on it, however upon receiving them I opened the box and they were all less that half full and the fluid was thicker like syrup. I tasted one and it is horrible( worse than normal) thinking about sending them back. Literally tastes like it's been eating the plastic vial. Too bad because this is the only stuff that works for me. Would anybody know more about that? Is it possible for the plastic vial to be broken down? Or is it just the nasty medicinal taste of this stuff? Thanks!

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arman Says:

I bought 100 from ebay and the product seems it should be diluted. The one on ebay has DMAA ingredient so must be old stock they are trying to get rid of. It also has different type of labeling than the retail store brands. I am not happy with ebay dynapep and now know why it was so inexpensive.

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