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jess Says:

I'm looking for a private doctor to get back on my meds, adderall xr, klonopin, and subutex. Since this is a weird combo most doctors don't want to prescribe mymeds any more. My doc retired and the other moved. For like 4 years I have been looking for a doctor with no luck. If anyone has a good doctor that will prescribe my meds for me again please let me know I can't keep borrowing them from my mom or friend. I am a 28 year old female with three children . I need my meds!!

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Jess! How are you doing? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having.

Due to the new regulations that were set forth by the DEA last year, you'll need to see specialists to have such medications prescribed, now.

And if you were taking the Subutex for addiction treatment, it's very doubtful that any doctor will prescribe all 2. You'd need to see a psychiatrist for the Adderall and Klonopin, then a doctor with the waiver to treat drug addiction for the Subutex.

The FDA lists all of these medications as possibly being habit forming and they may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, constipation, dry mouth and irritability.

Additionally, most will balk at prescribing Klonopin and Adderall, since they essentially oppose each other in action.

Can anyone recommend a good doctor or two in that area that may help?

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jess Says:

Thank you for the reply. I was prescribed Subutex for pain management many years ago and now with doctors and pharmacists looking at everything and/or everyone like an addict it has really made my life very difficult. The general assumption that every single doctor I talk to automatically assumes the worst. And as for the other meds. I was on them long before starting the Subutex. Luckily I have found a wonderful doctor and I am no longer taking Subutex for pain management and I feel much better. Subutex is a horrible medication, I don't know about it for people with addictions, but it was horrible for me and under the wrong guidance if a doctor who I feel was "promoting" the subs as a great alternative to opiate pain medication management. Since stopping the Subutex my pain is much worse than it was before starting, but maybe that's just me getting older I don't know.
I thank you for your information and it reminds mW if what everyone automatically assumes and how I wish I never started Subutex in the first place. People forget maybe that Subutex is not what they give to people with addiction issues but they should not be giving it at all. Its a horrible drug.

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hollywood Says:

Jess I live in ct. If you find a psychiatrist who doesn't treat us like druggies please let me know. I am in need od my meds for bi polar and add my dr. Retired. Thanks. Ittotally get how you feel.

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Winkers Says:

My doctor just retired"out of the blue" last month...I'm from CT also, and just today I saw (1) of the only (2) referrals that my doctor jotted down before retiring, and He was "ABSOLUTELY" terrible to me (I'm completely out of my adderall on top of it because there was no fair warning he was leaving?!) When I made this appt I told them I was referred from my Dr, Who unexpectedly retired...they said they had no idea my Dr was retiring (he never warned them he was sending pts their way) & they only found out about two weeks ago when a flood of phone calls came in with people stating the same thing I did. I told them I was on adderall and am almost out; I also said I was cracking them into quarters as I desperately couldn't get an appt and didn't want to go without, thus making me not feel as I should in a whole dose. The new referral Dr , completing refused ,I said "why didn't the Secretary tell me you don't prescribe that?" He blatantly lied and said I never told her I was on that?! Hmmm..yet the Secretary called me back and left a voicemail said saying that I need to bring a 6 month print out of my prescriptions from the pharmacy I use to show the Dr (I guess proof?) Anyways...why ask for Mr to bring my rx's printout with me? I thought he just said I NEVER told the Secretary I was on Adderall!?! I'm 30 years old and he said he wants to see my record from pediatrician???!! He wants to speak to my parents? (I'm a grown f'n women) so when I agreed and said it might be difficult to get such an old record (I worked in a Dr.s office and know we didn't keep records; both active or inactive that were 10 years or older) so he said my parents must have a copy? (Yeah!? Sure, it's right next to my kindergarten report cards?!!) I said I doubt it but will ask.. he then says "you must be hiding something"... and then quickly goes into something else... So I said "I'm sorry what did you just say? & he said "that people always keep stuff like that" I said "no, before that" & he completely skirted around what he said! (I've heard allot of drs didn't like my doctor or some of his pots pts, but don't take it out in me!?!) All n all I left in tears, with some weird rx I never heard of after paying $250! ...luckily we live nearby, and after my fiance calmed me down, he took the rx's (which I found out are for depression! Not Adhd!) & any other paperwork he had given me, went back, gave him the rx's, ect and demanded the money back and made sure he knew how unprofessional, inappropriate and heartless he was....and as a "psychiatrist" he should especially know that the Hippocratic Oath he took does not just apply to "physical patient harm!"
**Do not go to "417 Highland ave Waterbury, Ct" (I can't speak for the other doctors in the practice..but if they "got into bed together" for business, I'm guessing their patient care (or carelessness) applies to whatever "mission statement" they have hanging on the wall; next to his doctor degree from (no school I've ever heard of!??) SO PLEASE DON'T GO!

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hollywood Says:

I can't understand why these doctors treat genuine people like this. I guess we have the people who abuse the meds to thank. If you find someone please post as I live in CT and my shrink just retired as well. Good luck. :)

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Kt Says:

Re: hollywood (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I have a similar situation, looking for a new Dr to prescribe my 15mg Adderall and oxycodone 5mg for back pain....I suppose I am looking for an internal medicine or family practice so I don't have to see (pay) for two diff specialists, but I am out and have been out of both meds as my Dr retired abruptly as well!

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Maddie Says:

Wow. Is this whole site so people can ask for recommended docs that don’t treat people like addicts, so that they then can receive the incorrect information that you have to go to a specialist to get adderall prescribed now? It’s bs. Look for a doc in sports medicine maybe. My GP prescribes mine.

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kenneth Says:

Re: Maddie (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Who's your GP? I know a shrink in Westport who'll prescribe Adderall -hit me up for her contact info.

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CTguy123 Says:

Re: kenneth (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Hey I’d be interested in getting the details of the shrink in Wesport.

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pat Says:

Re: kenneth (# 8) Expand Referenced Message
can you give me name of dr in westport.I was diagnosed with adhd in 2010 and took adderal for years. I no longer had health insurance and stopped all medications. Now i am financialy stable and can afford medications and doctors fees. I have been unable to find a doctor

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Karissa Says:

Re: kenneth (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Can I get that Dr that will prescribe adderall

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Britt Says:

Re: kenneth (# 8) Expand Referenced Message


I found you on a form from a few years ago regarding a dr in westport that helps with adhd. I am looking to see if you can share with me the doctor or practice's info since I have had no luck finding a doctor that is willing to treat my ADHD with adderal.

Thank you

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