Daliresp Side Effects

Birdie Says:

I have only been on daliresp for 3 days, but I'm worried about the side effects. I'm a little anxious and depressed, wheezy, headache and back ache, but mostly I'm concerned about the insomnia. Does anyone have experience in how long these side effects last? Also, I finished a round of predisone about 2 weeks ago so the lack of sleeping may still be the predisone.

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Verwon Says:

The side effects of most medications usually peak at around 4 to 6 weeks of use, when they reach their maximum effectiveness in the body and they should taper off in severity, after that.

And they can take several weeks to wear off, so yes, it could be due to this medication or from lingering effects of the Prednisone you took, it is hard to say.

If it gets worse or doesn't start to improve, then please make sure you contact your doctor.


Does anyone have experience using this medication?

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ace2257 Says:

I've been on Daliresp for over a month now. I also experienced the side effects you mentioned as well as some diarhea. I must say that it did subside and my Doctor urged me to stick with it or I would have considered stopping. I am glad I stuck it out I can definitely feel the relief in my lungs.

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elvira Says:

have been on daliresp for five days so far no side effects, so how long before i have side effects?

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Isaac Says:

I have been on Daliresp for 3 days and today I'm experiencing mild anxiety, very nervous and anxious, and the worst side effect is my Blood Pressure. Its in the range of 170 over 90 to 100. Anyone else ever had this problem?

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Becky Says:

Hello everyone, hope I am in the right place, but I just started Daliresp but not for sure if this is normal,but this is my 3rd day and I'm so weak I feel like I can't hold my head up, shaky on my feet. I have COPD,does anyone know how long some of the side effects last? Any information would be a help please, thank you.

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Kathrynne Says:

I have been taking Diliresp for about a month now and can't sleep and when I do I'm constantly dreaming and I'm having a lot of hair loss I'm also on 10 ml of prednisone just cut it down to 5 ml I'm not sure what is causing me the side effect iv taken prednisone many times but not in a everyday dose today I stopped the diliresp to see what happens

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Karinka Says:

I started taking daliresp for 3 days in a row and stopped the headaches turned into migraines and I felt stomach pains and feelings of bathroom issues.. and it seemed to bring more mucous up, coughing increased. But there is something about it that’s is making me feel better in other ways dr now has me taking 1/2 tablet, but headaches are horrible ...how long do these side effects go on?

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Patty Says:

Re: Becky (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Yes Becky, I have the same problem, don't know if I can handle it. Did not take it today. This is the second time I have tried to take it.27

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