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I am switching from Lexapro to Zoloft and was wondering about weight gain. Has anyone had problems with weight gain while taking Zoloft?

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I found it is almost impossible to lose weight when you are on Zoloft. When I go off Zoloft, my weight falls quite easily. But when I go back on, I do experience weight gain.

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Yes, weight gain is a normal side effect of most SSRI antidepressants.

There are two reasons for this, one is the effects of the drug on your body and the second is due to the fact that some people who suffer from depression and other mental illness issues, do not eat properly and when these drugs help them to feel better, they find their appetite returning and their eating habits improving.

The good news is that the weight gain is not severe and you weight will not continue to go up indefinitely as long as you eat a well balanced diet.

I have been on it, at varying doses, for several years now, I gained 20 pounds when I was on 250mgs, but since settling down to 100mgs as my regular dose, I lost 10 pounds of that.

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I have gained several pounds on zoloft and have only been on it for like 4 months. Further, it has increased my appetite and I wake up several times a night to eat!! I am on zoloft for anxiety issues and have always ate very healthy so my weight gain is not related to me not eating right before the med and now eating right because i feel better (which I have not really felt better, just helped with anxiety a little bit). While many people might think just stope eating and control your appetite to not gain more weight it must be noted that if I do not eat a lot and often, this med causes me to feel bad. I read that it has something to due with the sertonin and it maming the brain need more glucose. I dont know though. I just hate these damned side effects. Wish I never got started and these drugs!!

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I have been on zoloft for six years and I am on like 200 mg which is a really high dose and I have actually lost like 30 lbs

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Does Zoloft also hlp w/migranes & does this medicine help keep you awake,or make you drousy? I drive trucks for the military,here in Iraq,& need to know?

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I do have to say finding the right medication or combination medication is a nightmare to say the least, not to mention if your diagnoses is inaccurate (like me 6yrs ago) your looking at another nightmare. I have an excellent Dr. now & what she told me was "if the side affects are more dominant than the benefit.. its more than likely its the wrong medication for you". best of luck

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