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I have these blue round tablets that say they are diazepam. They are a light blue with one side marked with an x and the other side marked ms. They are from cambodia. Are these the real deal?

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Verwon Says:

I'm sorry, but from this marking, I cannot tell you with any certainty. That is one of the hazards of ordering from foreign sources. They are not regulated like those approved in the U.S., so there is no comprehensive database of their markings.

From the little information I can find, the drug Zepam is from India and contains Clonazepam, not Diazepam. Same drug class, but different medication.


Is anyone else familiar with the tablets?

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asterisk Says:

zepam is klonopin ; works well.

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Grant Logsdon Says:

I have been taking Lexapro for anxiety and depression for years with varying results. A few weeks ago while in Cambodia, I purchased a box of Zepam, take half in the morning and half in the evening and stopped taking Lexapro and I feel better than I have in years. No headaches, no anxiety... You are correct, it is Klonopin in the US and is manufactured by Roche.

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Grant Logsdon Says:

It is definitely the US drug Klonopin manufactured by Roche. I purchased a box in Cambodia a couple of weeks ago just to try and am extremely impressed. It stopped my headaches and my depression, that is after I stopped taking Lexapro. For me it is a miracle drug and I would highly recommend it but do your research first!

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Grant Logsdon Says:

I just sent a sample of the Cambodian Zepam to a lab in NC where they did a GC on it and for a small fee of $200 and informed me that it is in reality 1.02mg Diazepam. The molecular formula and number is exact.

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damien Says:

Hey just wondering where you are getting your zepam now, i used to use the Aldeon clinic and they are not responding to my email, thanks for taking time to read

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Grant Logsdon Says:

I must apologize for reporting too soon. I sent a sample of the Zepam 10mg to MicroBac Labs in NC and for a fee of $200 they did a chemical assay on it and sent me a report stating that it is definitely Diazepam 10mg (same molecular numbers and compound). Sorry for the quick, and wrong, response. It stopped my headaches but after showing the report to my Physician, I can't take it longer than 4 months. Well, back to the drawing board.

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damien Says:

well i wish you well in finding a remedy

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al Says:


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Grant Says:

My appologies again, they are 10.2 mg...and definitely Diazepam, according to MicroBac labs. Unfortunately I had to slowly stop taking them and went to see a neurologist for the Cluster headaches and they put me on Verapamil as a preventative and Trexamet when the headaches start. They say there is no cure for Cluster headaches but Diazepam and Prednisone completely stop them...I just can't take those long term. Best of luck.

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mentallyderanged Says:

I recently got some whilst in Cambodia and they feel a lot stronger than usual dizaepam - I used to take 40mg a day and a 5mg Zepam is knocking me out. Unfortunately its giving me horiffic nightmares and my anxiety seems to have gotten drastically worse since taking them which never used to happen with the diazepam that I got in England. I brought them from a proper pharmacy - maybe its just a bad lot?

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zepam Says:

I m livin with anxiety since 5years
I tried a no of drugs and finally the magic pill is zepam
I tried other brands of clonazepam but zepam is the one that made me anxiety free.
I felt normal after a long time
the beauty of zepam is doesn't give u any high or something like that.
it makes u normal reminding of preanxious days.

I prefer zepam to valium and alprax.
u don't have the sedating effect and u feel normal completely anxiety free.

and zepam is not diazepam coz I used both and can say zepam is clonazepam.
simply put zepam is the best form of clonazepam.

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Dave jones Says:

Zepam are not made in India, they are made in Cambodia

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steve Says:

The only reason he told you that is that you will be become dependent on them, I was dependent on Diazepam but it only becomes a problem if you stop taking it suddenly. If you do become dependent you have to reduce your dose little by little over a long period of time to become non dependent. If it works for you then who cares if your dependent.......thats my view.

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steve Says:

Cluster headaches

LSD has been used as a treatment for cluster headaches, an uncommon but extremely painful disorder. Researcher Peter Goadsby describes the headaches as "worse than natural childbirth or even amputation without anesthetic."[37] Although the phenomenon has not been formally investigated, case reports indicate that LSD and psilocybin can reduce cluster pain and also interrupt the cluster-headache cycle, preventing future headaches from occurring. Currently existing treatments include various ergolines, among other chemicals, so LSD's efficacy may not be surprising. A dose-response study testing the effectiveness of both LSD and psilocybin was planned at McLean Hospital, although the current status of this project is unclear. A 2006 study by McLean researchers interviewed 53 cluster-headache sufferers who treated themselves with either LSD or psilocybin, finding that a majority of the users of either drug reported beneficial effects.[38] Unlike use of LSD or MDMA in psychotherapy, this research involves non-psychological effects and often sub-psychedelic dosages

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Joey Says:

MS - Zepam Diazepam 10mg tabs from Cambodia are the real deal. They have a MS stamp on one side and an X stamp on the reverse. Good quality Diazepam IMO.

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Charley Says:

Al how do i know you are genuine?

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Ralphy9 Says:

Hello there Dave Jones, hope all is well and had a good New Years Eve ! I hope I'm not mistaking you with another Dave Jones I knew a while back !

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MedsChat Admin Says:

Hi everyone - please note that we do not allow our discussion threads to be used for the buying or selling of medications. These forums are for informational purposes only. Thank you!

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Hi Dave. Can u get in touch?

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