What Can Cause A False Positive For Methadone
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Michael Says:

My son just started taking Intuniv for ADD .Up to this point his drug test have been clean,now he is coming up positive for Methadone.Could the Intuniv be causing a false positive?

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Jewel Says:

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Benadryl will show a false positive for methadone I’ve done it a few time and paid for them to send it off for conformation at the lab it always comes back as a false positive
Idk if you took any Benadryl but if u did I would have them send it to the lab for a complete analysis

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lauragranger Says:

Read all the causes for Methadone, make a copy of the list, keep original, and have your results to show false positive.

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Nala Says:

I take 4-5 norcos a day and 1-2 soma at night Never came up positive for methedone at previous doctor. First visit with a pain management doctor I came up positive for methedone and soma but no sign for norco.

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AnonOneForNow Says:

You do mean Abilify not Ability correct?

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mcm Says:

I am on 2mg oxicodode three times a day for severe back pain. I had my urinalysis come up and say I was posative for methadone. The only other medications I take is Lamictal 10mg twice a day klonapin 1mg twice a day. My dr now thinks I broke the pain contract. I never have taken this drug. Does any one know why it came up in my test?

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garrett Says:

That's what I though I failed numerous times and they didn't believe me said I was just taking methadone

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LoveLightLala Says:

That's not true. I'm on lamictal, ability & wellbutrin. I consistently test positive for PCP & methadone. They've even stopped sending my ua to the lab because it always turns up that I did no drugs at all.

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me Says:

Seroquel can and has shown a false positive for Methadone according to the California Poison Control. According to them , there are two possibilities for showing a false positive for Methadone: Methadone use or Seroquel. That's it, nothing else can show false positive for Methadone.

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garrett g Says:

i keep failing for methadone i never did methadone i take topamax vicodine seroquel ambien neroton clonodine meclazine protonics trazadone lorazpam and weed do any of these cause a false positive

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