Can Ambian Cause A False Positive For Methadone

kikileigh Says:

I take Ambian to help me fall asleep as well as Oxycodone for chronic pain (along with other prescribed medications for bipolar/manic depression (Pristiq), anxiety disorder (Ativan), Fybromialgia (Lyrica), migraines (Fioricet), and muscle relaxers (Soma and/or Zanaflex). Will any of these (or a combination of them) cause a false-positive for Methadone in a UA? I need a FAST answer!! Thanx!

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Doctor John Says:

NO URINE Screening test, and/or EIA or IMMUNOASSAY test is 100%, there are some cross reactions, and many false positives and false negatives. That is why it is required to CONFIRM all positives by an alternative methodology, preferably LC/MS/MS. It is expensive to run, and most hospitals do NOT have the equipment or ability to confirm.
Good luck.

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Doctor John Says:


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Jay Says:

Dr John is there any 100% urine test? I had surgery 6/23 and was given meds in surg and post. A week later I tested + for methadone, something I've never took in my life. The lab is sending it off for a 2nd confirmation. I got a MAR from the hospital, which didn't show methadone and only took vicoden, antibiotic, and trazodone at home.
This could be extremely bad for me.
The only thing I can come up with is a false positive or I was given something in the hospital that wasn't charted.
I would never take something that like methadone. Help!!

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Doc John Says:

With the medications that you listed, it does not seem possible that you would test positive for Methadone. If you came up with a positive screen, demand confirmatory testing, and that will give the absolute truth if done correctly.

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Lynn Says:

I was recently in the hospital and the dr told me after i tested positive for methadone (which i've NEVER done) that trazodone can cause a false positive.

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