Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream For Vaginal Itching

just concerned Says:

Will this work to stop vaginal dryness and itching and what are the side effects?

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Verwon Says:

Did your doctor prescribe this?

This is a topical steroid cream, it is not normally meant to be used internally, such as placing into the vagina. Therefore, I wouldn't suggest using it that way, unless your doctor has specifically instructed you to do so.


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rima Says:

I have my vaginal itching..mostly after menstruation.. but some times it occurs normally.. it seems like it is outside or inside in vagina.. what medication should I have to do?? Will there be bad result of this? I m 21 Years old

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s Says:

can i use it on the edges of vaginal area ..I mean not putting it inside but only outlines of it ?

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Cassandra Says:

Can I use triamcinolone acetonide cream, USP for itchy and redness on vagina?? It says Rx only.

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Shelly Says:

Yes i been prescribed to use on the outside of my vigina only its for dryness an itching been using for a while only as needed relief is aswome

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Cindi Says:

I put the cream on my vagina and the itching stopped. It fills so much better

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Cupcake Says:

Am itching on my vagina lips is it OK to use this Triamcinolone? Am also pregnant14 Weeks

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wonder Says:

I have itching and redness in the area between my stomach and thigh

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Jay jay Says:

I'm itching real bad and I have the cream I really wanna know if it could stop the itching.

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triam user Says:

You should not use this if you are pregnant without consulting your doctor. They do not yet know if it would be absorbed into breastmilk. It might also affect the fetus. I do hope you have not started this without a doctor's consent. It is a steroid.

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carrie Says:

Can i use this medicine inside my vaginal there is a small bump it's look like a pimple it's does hurt .

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Ann Says:

I've been having vaginal rashes/itching for several years now. I have used several medicated creams but it goes and comes back. Any help?

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Tiff Says:

Will it burn if you use it in the inside? How does it feel when you first use it how long did it take you to get your relief ?

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Larnz Says:

Can i use Aristocort cream 0.02% on vigina as i have had alot of itching and feels so uncomfortable

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medahealthman Says:

I seen about 5 diffrent questions pertaining to the same thing your asking. I'm not at all in anyway what so ever trying to be sarcastic funny nor is this a joke! All of you young ladies that are asking this question have made it 100% obvious that you have not consulted with a md or a skin specialists at all because if you had you would already know the answer to these questions your asking!! Well here is my answer, sometimes it's hard to go to the doctor when it comes to a issue concerning that area!! I know it can be embarrassing but that is the best place to go - to your medical provider, meaning your private doctor no matter how embarrassing. They are there to help in any situation, but not being funny, it really sounds the way you ladies are talkin like it's genital herpes because of the dryness, the burning, the redness, the itchiness, the lil tiny small feels like cuts that are so small you can't see them, but the best way to describe the cuts is like really tiny paper cuts that sting on finger contact. Very very painful & you may have lil tiny or clusters of what looks like a lot of lil white head pimples filled with puss & hurts extremely bad when they pop or if you scratch them & they pop it can be very very painful. & what I mean by clusters is like a bunch of pimple looking bumps all in one area together like a circle of pimples together!! If this is the case you don't need the cream your speaking of. They have something called zoverax cream or acyclovir cream & they have it in pill form that will keep the outbreaks away & dormant. So in case you have intercourse without a condom you can spread it to your partner, but if your taking the acyclovir or zoverax pill you can keep it dormant & have regular intercourse with way way less chances of spreading it. Most of the time they want you to take it during the outbreak period because it speeds up the healing process. Without it, it can take at least 3 to 4 weeks to heal completely but with the medication it brings the healing process down to 7 to 14 days depending on the severity of the outbreak.

But if your doctor tells you, you can take one daily to keep the outbreaks away period! But stress & anxiety from worrying can cause outbreaks!! If you ever had a cold sore it's just like that but down in the genital area cold sores are very painful which is also a form of herpes! There is herpes simplex 1 & simplex 2. It lives in your central nervous system so when it lays dormant it's hiding around the nervous system so well they can't find it, but if you ever had chickenpox it's basically in everyone's system but have to have a serious cause to make it come out & when it does you have it for life because just like cancer they haven't found a cure for it yet & you would think by now they would have, but it's a virus & a virus is very hard to get rid of. So when you have something like a stomach virus it has to work itself out of your stomach, but by throwing up & eating & drinking the right things it will go away! Now please don't feel bad if that's the case but you are definitely millions & millions of people that have it. Lawyers, doctors, policemen, business men, nurses, football & basketball players, rich, poor & middle class - believe me it doesn't discriminate; white people, black people, mexican, chinese & on & on!! But you would never know because people are too afraid to talk about it because of fear of rejection from people that don't have it & afraid that people will tell others about something so personal!! But what's so funny about that whole situation is you could be sitting in a group of 10 people & I bet you at least 4 of those people have it!! But people need to learn to live with it because it's here & it ain't going no where until they find a cure! & people that do have it need to have enough respect for the person they never had intercourse with in there lives & give them the choice if they want to take the risk, but believe me if someone loves you enough they will & you have enough respect to let them know upfront & not a week or 6 months or a year or 10 min after you had intercourse with them. Then 9 times outta 10 they're not gonna want to be with you because you weren't honest with them.

I know this was a lot of talking but people need to be made aware of the facts & educated about herpes & the fact that it doesn't have to be spread if you just take the simple precautions to avoid that! & if you think this may be your issue don't be afraid to go get checked out by a doctor. I would rather find out from my doctor than a person that you just passed it on to that you have no idea how far their anger can go. People can lose their temper & hurt you very bad & now your in the hospital for more than just herpes because you couldn't have enough respect to explain your condition because if you really care about that person rather you end up with or without them at least you gave them a choice & if you end up without them you will be ok because you showed respect for yourself & that person! Ok enough of that so whomever reads this will truly be educated! So what I'm saying is don't go online thinking everyone has the answers to medication questions because your not talking to a doctor, your talking to people just like you & me ok!! So if you didn't get anything outta this I hope & pray you at least payed enough attention to know to please love yourself more & go get a real doctor. I hope this answered your questions. Now get up & go find out what's wrong with yourself & again I didn't say that's exactly what you had, I said all the ones I have read that at least 5 of you young ladies all had about the same symptoms & wanted to know if this cream would take care of it & I'm telling you all the same thing, take yourselves to the doctor & they will let you know what this cream can or cannot be used for ok! That's the best I can do. I hope it was educational & helpful in a sense. Excuse my language take your butt to the doctor!!! Got it!!!

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Irritated Says:

You said all these ladies probably have genital herpes with what they are describing but it does not mean they have herpes because I have been having these symptoms and have had vaginal testing and did not have herpes!

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Staci Says:

My vigina lips are raw and burns when i pee what can I do?

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Peach Says:

Can you use terbinafine hydrochloride cream 1% anti fungal cream on vagina

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MsSolo Says:

Can Triamcinolone Acetinide be used around the vagina area

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Kate Says:

May be a yeast infection. Go to the Dr. they have a pill you can take.

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