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fightforpaincare Says:

Is there any chronic pain patients from Kentucky or Ohio that are finding themselves with no treatment and no where to turn for help? I am an advocate for pain patients and patients have contacted me saying how they had just moved to one state or the other and called many doctor offices to only be rejected because they are chronic pain patients already. The doctors offices say they are not accepting new patients or that the office does not treat pain. Can you imagine someone with cancer that has called 258 Dr offices and have been turned away because they take opiate medicine for pain? I was just wondering about how many patients were living in these states with no care or are left to with draw in severe pain with no dignity? Please share your experiences if you can. I feel there can be help for people in this situation.

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Verwon Says:

I feel bad for everyone that's suffering, it is tragic and no one should have to go through such a thing.

However, if you're going to be an advocate and help people in these types of situations, there is one major problem that is occurring, which I can fill you in on, so maybe you can inform those that contact you and they can avoid the problem in the future.

I've said it on here many times...

When someone is calling a new doctor to set up an appointment the worst thing they can do is ask about being prescribed any current opiate, or other controlled substances that they are on.

This is one of the biggest reasons I've seen many patients not even get in the door for a preliminary appointment. Most doctors and their staff are taught to see this as being drug seeking behavior and that is the only way they will look at it, because they haven't seen the person's records and test results at this point.

Learn more pain management details here.

However, if they set up an appointment, without mentioning such medications or asking if the doctor will prescribe anything specific, and just make sure that the new doctor/clinic gets a full copy of their recent medical records, they will find that most doctors will prescribe according to what has been documented as having worked for the person by a colleague.

Under the new laws, doctors have to be very careful what patients they take on to treat for pain and what/how much of anything they prescribe, so to protect their very livelihoods, they can't risk accepting a new patient that shows even the slightest sign of being a drug seeker.

Are there any questions or comments?

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fightforpaincareactionnetwork Says:

Thanks Verwon for your comment . This woman that has been informing them? Has cancer and many other major health conditions. She is willing to send all records ahead of time for proof. She lives so rural so that she can't go all over seeing many doctors before one will accept her because gas and travel is very expensive. Its been a nightmare for her. So this the kinds questions I'm asking here. It seems KY has been so stimatized that patients are afraid to speak out about it. Same thing in Ohio. I hope more patients will see this and start saying something that live in these states. Happy holidays to all!

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Desperate in NKY Says:

My husband has been thru 4 surgeries and has been told there is nothing left to do for him just to manage his pain our pcp in Louisville who has been our doctor for 15 years just told us he will no longer treat him due to he doesn't want to assume the risk ??? Now every time we try to find a doctor where we now live because he is already a pain management case no one will take him or prescribe the medication he has been on for overm6 years it seems doctors are now afraid to treat legitimate patients my husband is in so much pain he has to miss work if he continues he will lose his job what do we do now?

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Hope Says:

Someone help me please, I live in KY and was just discharged from my pain doctor because I am way beyond bracing and shots. I have severe scoliosis, I am in so much pain I do not want to live anymore, and I am not joking. I have been on fentenyl since 2007 and Oxycondone 30mg 1 4x daily. My first doctor moved away and was with him for almost three years, second doctor decided to just run a suboxone clinic after three years, and know I have been discharged from two doctors because I just need med management. My body is so disfigured from the scoliosis that I cannot even wear jeans anymore. I can no longer take the pain and I need a total left knee replacement due to my left leg is somewhere between 2 or 3 inches shorter. I have a neurosurgeon and I am looking at 17hour back surgery but I need a pain management doctor first. I know the laws have changed but what happened to a patient quality of life? I sure the hell do not have one and I am probably not the only one. If I can’t find a doctor or find someone to help me then I don’t want to live any longer no one should have to live this way and I am way past my breaking point. Someone please help me, I am begging for help please.

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IhateKentucky Says:

I have fibromyalgia , trigeminal neuralgia and symptoms of MS.. Have been on oxycodone 30mg since 9/08. Until the doctor killed himself trying to help ppl. The state came after his licenses for caring. Now I have no PCP, no pain doc and I'm ready to follow the doc that committed suicide.

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phil Says:

Have u had ne luck on doctor?

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tennille Says:

I too am in so much pain I can't stand to wake up in the morning now. I do not have a doctor and live in kentucky . I am on disability and no doctors will help me. I dont know what to do .

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Humanity Must Prevail Says:

TO ALL KY PAIN PATIENTS: If you are willing to drive, able to pay cash, and go through hell to get the scripts filled, these people might be able to help you!

Also, they are supposed to be considering opening a clinic in KY. Let's all contact them and urge them to do so!!

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Carrie Says:

Hi hopefully you will get this it looks like your post is a few years old. Anyway, I live in the Youngstown Ohio area and suffer from severe chronic pain. I have severe chrones disease accompanied by arthritis in the joints, fibromyalgia, numerous blood clots in my lungs, and severe back issues and bone spurs with disks that apparently are compressing my nerves yet no one seems to want to address it or treat it. I was in a pain management program and was being treated with opiate meds which I did not want to have to go that route but none of the injections and PT was not helping so I signed a contract agreeing to there rules about narcotic meds and I followed every rule. I finally was getting relief which meant I was sleeping better, eating better, and was able to go to events and not have to miss out on family function. I finally had my quality of life back once again and then came the new laws I believe it was HB 93 and that quick I was informed I know longer fit the guidelines to receive pain medications and since I did not respond well to the injections there was really nothing they could do for me. As a result I am a prisoner in my own body. I can't eat the pain is excruciating and debilitating. It is nothing less than pure, horrible, torture and I don't know how much more I can take. I am exhausted but the pain won't let me sleep, I can only eat a few bites before the nausea sets in, I am limited in my ADLs and right now I just feel completely defeated, like no one cares about my pain because the doctors are afraid of legal trouble which I think is borderline on black mail. Any advice anyone can give me is appreciated.

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Carrie Says:

I am 37, living in Youngstown Ohio and I am constantly living in Pain everyday and thanks to HB93 guidelines. Just a brief history I have Crohnes Disease, fibromyalgae, multiple blood clots on each lung, and have chronic pain so severe that I miss out on so many things and opportunities to spend with my family. After suffering in pain for several years in 2010 it became unbearable and after a great deal of coaxing I decided to become a patient at The doctors pain clinic. We did the conservative stuff, injections, PT, acupressure, masotherapy, chiropractic care, you all know how it is. Finally after several months of trying several treatment options I agreed to begin opiate pain medications. I was not in favor of it at first but wanted out of pain. They put me on kadien twice a day and percocet for break through pain. In early 2012 after feeling great and was having a significant decrease in pain I wanted to wean down off the narcotics and did so successfully, I followed all the rules, signed the contract, submitted to drug panels, came in for pill counts whenever I was asked, never missed an appointment, and actually turned in the left over meds.

Fast forward 2 1/2 years and I am back in excruciating pain and in need of help but no one will help me. I have been informed that I am not eligible for pain control because I am under 50 and don't have cancer (because they have to treat cancer pain). I have been turned away by five pain management centers with the words there is nothing more we can do for you. Everyday I pray that God would give me cancer so I can get some relief from this terrible pain. So right now I have given up on any hope I will ever have relief from this torture. I am so desperate to have some relief that I've thought about other ways to end the pain. I am faced with the fact that this is it for me this is good as its going to get, and I just don't know where to go what to do butt what I do know is I can't live like this much longer, I don't want to live like this. Any help would be appreciated.

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Bob Says:

I live in Kentucky and I have to go to Indiana for pain management . I suffer from RSD from a gunshot injuries also I have Rsd in my spine from a failed back surgery I have been on meds for over 12 yrs . 2months ago I noticed my pain meds weren't working the pharmacy had switched the brand and I think that's what set this whole mess off I am a 56 yrs old male I am in horrible health with several illnesses I am also a BTK . I have gone to this pain clinic for 3 yrs I always complied with the rules but I guess I broke the rules when I ask for a non generic brand after telling the nurse something with the generic brand she went flying out the door to talk to the Dr which I have only seen 2 times in 3yrs and she starts yelling at me they cut my meds in half and telling me I might want to find another clinic stating they were going to cut them even more . I am now in agony and can barley function I truly believe as bad as my health is I don't have much longer left in this world . I struggle just to do simple things others take for granted. Most of the things wrong with me are thanks to medical community . I don't want to return to that clinic anymore because I have lost all faith in the clinic. Please if someone can help me I have a family and I feel so bad for them that they have to see me go down hill like this , and if I am running out of time shouldn't I at least have the right to be comfortable . If I told my whole story it would take a day to write it . Thank you so much

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godzilla Says:

Dr. Richard A. Lingreen in Frankfort, KY - Commonwealth Pain Specialists can be reached at 502-352-2530

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Katbird101 Says:

I live in Kentucky & cannot find any physician to help me with chronic neck pain and Fibromyalgia. I have been told for over 20 plus years to learn to deal with it. I have been seriously considering suicide, I can't deal with it anymore. Does anyone know of a physician near me that will treat chronic pain? I am not looking for pain pills, if there may be an injection out there that I haven't already gotten over the years (I have had plenty of them) it would be awesome. Please help, time is running out.

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Jackie Says:

Where do I find a doctor in the Ashland, KY area that prescribes medication for chronic pain?

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Shaina Says:

Yes, my husband is exactly in those shoes. We live in Kentucky. Please let me know if there is anything that could help him so he's not suffering in pain every day. No one is willing to see him because he has a lot of chronic illnesses that cause him constant chronic pain, so he's forced to lay and suffer. I don't know what else to do or where to turn to seek help with this? Please let us know. {edited for privacy}

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hottiefromky Says:

Re: Hope (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

If anyone out there is looking for Pain Management in KY, I have an EXCELLENT doctor I can recommend. He is out of Bowling Green, KY.

Name: Ram Pasupuleti, MD


I have been with him off and on for 10+ yrs. One big disclaimer: you must have documentation of a legitimate pain condition. Or be willing to have new tests done to verify a legitimate pain condition. He is NOT a pill-mill kind of doctor who will just prescribe anything to anyone. He very thorough and does it all, interventional, shots, meds, etc. He was the first and only doctor I found that really listened to my problems. Plus, a very compassionate and caring doctor and staff. It took me many, many doctors and years of trying to find anyone willing to help me. Even though I have bone death in both shoulders and hips. He explained my kind of pain as one that comes from bone cancer without the cancer part. I wouldn't wish this pain to anyone, and he was the first to sympathize and treat accordingly. Good Luck out there.

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