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can kissing cause someone to show positive for suboxone

I kiss my wife many times daily. Suddenly my dr said i had suboxone in my urine. How? By kissing? ## I showed positive for suboxone from kissing my wife. How is this possible? ## Hello, Roger! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having. And I think that kissing someone that's taking it regular may cause someone to show positive for various medications. I was actually just reading about it a few days ago. The FDA lists this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. It is most commonly used to treat drug addiction. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Roger, I think it might be possible, but I also think unlikely...

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Side effects of suboxone

I have been on suboxone now for just under a month. I think it is an amazing drug, i have had no cravings or interest in returning to opiates, my drug of choice was oxy. I get up every day feeling happy, and am able to take on what ever the day brings me. I am also on lexapro for depression at this time. There is one problem after i take my dose, which is 8 mg. twice a day, I am extremely tired sometimes to the point where if i sit down I will nod off, so I keep moving and can usually fight through it. I am wondering do other people feel this way or does it get better the longer you are on it? Two other things that are sometimes very bothersome are dizzyness and extreme dry mouth. I just wanted to find out other peoples experiences. Thanx ## Hey yea I get the same nod as you, it starts ...

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Round orange 970 suboxone

My pharmacy recently switched to a round orange Suboxone with the numbers 970 on it and it burns my mouth pretty bad and doesn't seem to be as effective as my old ones. Has anyone else had this problem? Why does it burn? ## Hello OhioKing, Sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble with your medication. I was taking a look into it and I've read a couple of other users that said they had a similar experience. It seems that most of these stories boiled down to either an allergic reaction or that their doctor had them taking too many dosages a day and that in the end the doctor had them go from 4x a day to 2x a day. Either way I suggest that you consult your doctor immediately in case it turns out to be an allergic reaction to the medication. Burning of the mouth is definite...

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How long after taking 1 suboxone 8mg a day can I take lortab

I have been taking one 8mg suboxone a day for a month. How long do I need to wait to take a lortab? ## Hello! How are you? It usually takes about 72 hours for other opiates to become effective for you, again, The FDA warns that these medications carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I took a small piece of subutex 10 hours ago. Can I take my hydrocodone? ## Rose, It's always best to consult the PHYSCIAN that prescribed your subutex. The mixing of powerful narcotic opiates can cause many unexpected side effects when Polly use of these substances are initiated. ## I'm prescribed 8mg of buprenorphine a day how long do I have to wait in order to ta...

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What's the difference between Suboxone and Subutex?

Can someone please tell me what the difference between suboxone and subutex is? And , why one doctor would prescribe one over the other? ## Hello, Cats68! How are you? Subutex contains the active ingredient Buprenorphine, but Suboxone couples it with Naloxone to prevent the abuse of other narcotics, while someone is being treated with it. Thus, that also explains why some doctors prefer one over the other. This is a narcotic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Dear Verwon, I now understand the difference b tween them. But why would one doctor use one over the other? Can people still feel the effects of opiates on subtext, b cause it doesn...

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Preferred brand of generic Suboxone (Buprenorphine/Naloxone)

I was prescribed and took Suboxone Films for 3 years, and tolerated them very well. Unfortunately, my insurance stopped paying for the films, and I had to start taking the generic Suboxone tablets (Buprenorphine/Naloxone 8/2mg sublingual tablets). I filled my first prescription at Rite Aid, where they gave me the hard, orange tablets made by "Amneal", with the imprint "AN 415". I went into withdrawal the second day after beginning those pills. That was the worst month of my life, as that medication did absolutely nothing beneficial. This month, I took my prescription to CVS, where I was given peach colored tablets with the imprint of "54 375", manufactured by "Roxane". While this brand is slightly better than the Amneal brand, I am still having adverse ef...

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Suboxone Tapering Effects

I've only taken 1 mg of Soboxone a day since I was prescribed it three years ago. Now I want to quit. I started tapering and am at .25 twice a day. I plan on going down to .125 mg in a couple days.Has anyone had a similar experience and should I expect for withdrawals to be easy since I've never taken more then 1 mg? ## I tried (UNSUCCESSFULLY) for almost a year to get off suboxone!! I managed to get down to mere grains (probably 1/16th of a tablet) a day for three months.. Three days after I quit completely I felt horrible. Not physically but it's like my mind was so down I could even get off my sofa to feed my fish that were six steps away! I hate this dependence and wish I had never used it as long as I have (4yrs). Unless I am able to have no obligations like a career I ...

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How late into pregnancy is it safe to stop taking suboxone?

I am almost 14 weeks pregnant. I want to stop taking my Suboxone completely, but have heard it can cause premature labor if stopped too far into pregnancy. My doctor also said that withdrawals can not cause miscarriage or hurt the unborn baby in any lasting ways. I have been taking 2mg of subutex (now Suboxone) for the past week. Am I okay to cease all Suboxone use, or should I wait another week or so? ## From what I am reading,using it while pregnant is not advised, because it can cause withdrawal symptoms in the baby. As to any other details, there really aren't any. It's used during pregnancy has never actually be studied. As to whether or not you should stop taking it, I am afraid I have to defer to your doctor on this one, since they do know your medical history. Following ...

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PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! CAN SOMEONE/ANYONE THAT LIVES IN OR WITHIN A 20 MILE RADIUS OF CHARLOTTE, NC HELP ME PLEASE TO FIND A DOCTOR WHO CAN PRESCRIBE SUBOXONE THAT ACCEPTS MEDICAID AND IS ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS AT THIS TIME!!! I AM HAVING A VERY HARD TIME FINDING A NEW DOCTOR THAT ACCEPTS MEDICAID AND THAT IS ACTUALLY ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS AS WELL. IF YOU WANT TO READ A LITTLE BIT ABOUT MY PERSONAL SITUATION, FEEL FREE TO CONTINUE READING PLEASE, I JUST NEED A NEW DOCTOR. I have been prescribed 24 mg. of Suboxone for a little over 3 years now, and I have just been dismissed from my Suboxone Doctor whom I have been seeing since April of this year (2014) for having THC in my U/A that was having to submit to every month that I saw this particular doctor. The doctor I was seeing before this d...

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Maximum dose of Suboxone/Subutex & chronic pain

What is the maximum dose of suboxone or subutex when you have severe pain? ## What is the maximum daily dose of subutex? I'm taking it to wean off of opiate pain killers but may need to stay on it for chronic pain. My doctor has me taking 2mg up to 6 times a day, but it feels like too much and I feel sick at 6 mg. I can't imagine taking more. Any answers would be helpful... thanks. ## If u have true clinical pain suboxone will not work it is for opiate detox only. It is an opiate blocker which will in turn allow your brain to make its own dopamine. ## feelinbettergoinbroke is wrong, suboxone is used for the treatment of chronic pain. Although, I think the reason you are getting sick is because your doctor has you taking 2mg up to 6 times a day. That in itself is causing you to b...

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suboxone, klonopin, neurontin drug interactions

My daughter is on suboxone and takes klonopin and neurontin. Is there a toxic interaction between these when taken together? ## Hello, Linnie! How is your daughter? I didn't find any listed, so it should be fine, as long as they've all been prescribed for her and her doctor is monitoring her regularly. Both the Klonopin and Suboxone can increase sedation, but that is the only issue listed, according to the FDA. They also carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause other side effects, such as dry mouth, dizziness and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## You are wrong. Klonopin and Suboxone mixed together can cause death and seizures. Neurontin is ok with Suboxone. Dr's prescribe Suboxone for addictions. To get people off of opioids. Dr's in WV....

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false neg for suboxone

I take Benadryl for allergies daily. I'm also taking Suboxone. Recently I gave a urine and my councilor told me it came up neg for the Suboxone. I take 12 mg daily and have never missed a day in the last three years. Could the Benadryl cause this result in my urine ? Has this ever happened to anyone else. I'm frustrated because I'm being suspected of diverting my med and I have done nothing wrong. ## This is a follow up to an earlier post. I was informed that I had a neg result for suboxone in a UA. My counselor told me it was neg and I couldn't do anything about it. I was persistent that I take my meds EVERY day. My counselor has the lab reevaluate my urine. The result came back for Suboxone. The lab admitted they made a mistake. I urge anybody who finds themselves in a...

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free suboxone clinic

I need help. I live in Knoxville Tennessee. ## Hello. I've talked to a couple doctors and I remember 2 or 3 of them but I did not put any information down, I forgot. I just need to know which suboxone doctors are cheapest on a monthly basis? Can you please let me know their names and the prices per month? Thank you. {edited for privacy} ## I am very sorry, but there is no available database of doctors current fee schedule that can be posted for you, I'm also not away of any free ones for the original poster. Joey, can you contact them, again, to ask? Suboxone is most commonly used to treat drug addiction, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. ## I'm trying to get help as well.

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Can You Take Marijuana While Using Suboxone

Can you feel the effects of marijuana while on suboxone? I heard you could. ## Yes you can. You can feel the effects of pretty much anything else that is not an opiate. Just FYI ## Yes u can.... I'm still trying to recover from a bad high that was awful last night. ## It's for the treatment of opiate addiction or pain relief. ## Yes you will feel high but only for a few minutes. I'm on subutex for chronic pain for life but also have my cannabis card. Sadly, using cannabis sublingual or eating edibles, will NOT work. I've eaten up to 300 mgs and nothing. That's insane. 1 gram of butter properly decarbed, should be all I need to be pain free and locked in my couch for 8-24 hours!!!! We thought and hoped it was the nalaloxone blocking it, so I switched from suboxone str...

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if allergic to sulfa drugs will i be suboxone

I became highly allergic to sulfa drugs after being hospitalized for cellitus in my hand they pump me full of bactrim and I turned beat red and could barely breath...I was having weird tingling in my feet like when something falls asleep..hard to came in and said avoid sulfa drugs. My insurance refuses to pay for white subs and the orange get ones make me sick, rash on my neck...light the main drug in suboxone is atrifificle sweetner.. ## Hello Jen! How are you? I am sorry about the experiences you've had with these medications. Acesulfame is not the main drug in Suboxone, as an artificial sweetener, it is considered an inactive ingredient. The active ingredients in Suboxone are Buprenorphine, and Naloxone. It is an opiate that is used to ...

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Suboxone and chronic pain

Im in an addiction treatment program and I'm taking two 8/2 mg strips a day. I've been a slave to opiates for approximately 25 years. I've reached the point of being fed up with being dependent on pain pills to function. my addiction dr suggested trying to find a pain management dr who would treat my chronic pain with suboxone. It does alleviate my pain ...or might I say ..makes me functional and the pain tolerable. is this an actual option? I've done research on this and have gotten mixed reviews on the subject. I trust this site and follow it daily so I'm asking for some information and suggestions. I function better on suboxone than on oxycodone dilaudid or morphine (I've been prescribed them all plus some others) give me some feedback. What should I do or is ...

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From Suboxone to Methadone

I take 12mg of suboxone a day and it keeps me level headed and happy for the most part. It’s saved my life, but it doesn’t completely ameliorate my urges to use. Sometimes I wonder if Methadone would work better. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Methadone. Has anybody out there switched from suboxone to Methadone? ## Most people usually end up switching the other way, they go from Methadone to Suboxone, since it has been known to enable people to eventually become drug free, while Methadone is highly addictive, and know to be hard to ever taper off it, so most people must take a lifelong maintenance dose of it. (Suboxone NDC 12496-1212, Methadone NDC 0054-4571.) Have you spoken to your prescriber? You should be able to go up on your Suboxone, for awhile, to help w...

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what kind of withdrawals will I have when i stop suboxone

what kind of withdrawals will i have when I stop taking Suboxone? ## Your doctor should help you taper gradually to avoid the worst of the withdrawal symptoms, however, it is an opiate, so you will experience withdrawal effects just like stopping any other narcotic if you stop abruptly. ## Gosh, I hope someone out there will see this post and answer your questions because I have just started the suboxone also and the doctor wants me to stay on them for a good while. What will it be like when I want to come off these pills?? I would like to know what to expect when he says no more cause they all do that...get you hooked then when they reel you in they cut the hook off and your stuck with the pain. ## It has been 6 months and im still a wreck. Cant sleep massive weight gain from withdraw ...

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What Helps With Suboxone Tapering Withdrawals?

I've been taking Suboxones for the last year and my doctor has been bringing me down every visit. Once a month I'm at .5 a strip except I can't get down that low. I'm out now and feel like garbage on day 3. If I am going to go through it now I'm wondering what will help to do it? ## Hello, Tausha! How are you feeling? I know opiate withdrawals can be terrible. According to FDA reports you may experience nausea, diarrhea, rebound pain, muscle cramps, headaches, and insomnia. Ref: Medline Plus Opiate Withdrawals It is normal for a doctor to eventually taper a patient off of Suboxone. Has your doctor suggested anything to help? When I came off of high doses of opiates from being on pain management, it was pretty miserable. I took Tylenol for the aches, and pains, and of...

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Day 15 of Suboxone withdrawal. What the heck?

I'm on day 15 of no Suboxone. I took a low dose of 1/2 mg a day, if needed, for 18 mos. I never took more than that at any time. I jumped & didn't taper b/c I felt w/d at 1/4 mg anyway. It's not getting any better & I'm beginning to wonder if things will ever swing upward. My RLS is pathetic. It's even in my arms & I feel like flailing my hands, as if it'll escape out my fingers. I can't stand for it to be quiet & I'm so nervous every single second of the day. I can't relax, let alone sleep. However, I'm fortunate to have access to Neurontin & my dentist husband gave me an Rx for Tramadol today. (Hard to imagine this would actually be worse if I didn't have these.) I'm eating well, keeping myself hydrated, using Benadry...

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