Louisiana Expansion In Suboxone Clinics Who Accept Medicaid


For those of you who have been seeking a Suboxone program in Southwest Louisiana, I have some good news to share for the ones who aren't aware of the expansion approved by our state. There are now more options & many more physicians & also Nurse Practioners who are licensed to prescribe Suboxone and they also accept Louisiana Medicaid. Many of them are also accepting new patients in the Alexandria/Pineville area, also the Lake Charles area which is in Calcasieu Parish and in the Lafayette, La area, as well.

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Ho can I find these Doctors ? I live close to BR and I have been driving to Jefferson Parish. I am disabled and between the gas and visit I end up paying almost 200.00 plus each month. I am sure that it will be cheaper being on SSI & SSI. I have never used any illegal drugs and I live in chronic pain until I started using the Suboxone even after complete knee reconstruction surgery. I do not abuse any medication SUBOXONE GAVE ME MY QUALITY OF LIFE BACK vs. Pill pusher doctors. God bless you and your family.

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Re: Imtryingtohelp (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, What Parish do you reside in or what's the nearest metropolitan town closest to your home? I can try to do a little research in that area. However, at this time I only know for a fact that there are new clinics, physicians & Nurse Practioners who is accepting new patients for the Suboxone Program in Alexandria, Lake Charles & Lafayette, La.

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Can you give me the info for Dr offices in lake Charles area or Lafayette

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Hey, Ashley. There's several clinics in and around Lake Charles with Doctors licensed to prescribe Suboxone and whom also accepts Louisiana Medicaid. All you have to do is Google or visit www.suboxone.com and type in your zip code and that's one sure website that will lead you in the right direction. I simply googled Suboxone licensed doctors near 70601 and that is in fact one of Lake Charles' zip codes. Hope this helps you.

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Hey Kim thanks for the info. I've had a hard time finding an office visit that was covered by Medicaid/ Healthy Blue. I have my scripts covered but not the doctor and its getting to be a burden as I have epilepsy and cannot drive so I have to stay close to home. Can you do some research for me in this area New Orleans/ Metairie please and God bless.

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Hi, I'm surprised by the fact you haven't had any luck with finding a Doctor who will accept your insurance. I will definitely do a little research and post back here. Thanks!

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Hi, I was just informed that if you would call your insurance company (the number should be on the back of your insurance card) and request a list of Doctors in your area who will accept your insurance, they will definitely provide that information. You could also request to speak to a case coordinator, as well. Good Luck!

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Who are the providers in alex pineville area that accept Medicaid and a suboxone provider

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Been addicted to drugs for a year now and can't afford 250 to go to a sub doctor. Wondering if anyone knows of any in the Houma area or anywhere close? I have even thought of maybe looking for ones in New Orleans cause I don't have real reliable transportation so scared to go to far. My daughter just lost her father who we were not together at the time but still very close to an overdose and I know I need to get clean not only for myself but for her especially.

I want to live my life drug free. And get to spend all this money I do on my habit on my daughter who truly deserves it. I just need help finding a doctor that will accept medicad. I can't go to treatment due to having her. She has nobody I would be able to trust to take care of her. I just want my life back so I can enjoy it and give her the mother she deserves. If anyone knows of any doctors please help me. Thank you

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May I have the particulars for a Suboxone provider that accepts Medicaid in the Alexandria area?

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I am looking for a doctor that takes Medicaid an participates in the LASOR program. Just got out of treatment, looking to get the shot, just don't have a lot of money right now but I do have Medicaid United. {edited for privacy}

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What are those options in the Alexandria Pineville or Shreveport Bossier area?

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This is my 11th post asking the same question of sub drs in north LA, namely Alexandria Pineville area or Shreveport bossier that take Amerihealth Medicaid - and after scrolling through hundreds of posts that either send you to the official suboxone site or don't want to give out contact info due to chaos. I'm fed up. If I'm looking for sub Dr chances are pretty good I don't feel like bulls****ng around any more than I have. I did not ask for the name of the site, I asked for contact info. So don't stroke your ego unless you can actually answer my damn question. Apologies for the appearance of being rude, just reached that place you don't know where it is till you get there. Thnx

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If you check the samhsa.gov site you should be able to pull up a list of buprenorphine providers by state / area. You will likely need to go down the list to confirm they are part of your insurance.


I hope this helps!

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Re: Ttrish (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

I know a doctor and she is really good. Hang tight let me get you info, I believe she's in that area

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Re: Ttrish (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

She's a great doctor Dr Smith


708 E Main St
Oak Grove, LA 71263

I believe it's Shreveport. I hope it's close to you

good luck

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Re: crys1977 (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you so kindly, I've called and someone answered and took my name and said they'd get back to me but haven't heard anything yet. Called back and left 2 voice messages. Going to try again tomorrow. Any more in Shreveport bossier that take Medicaid would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Kf3355705 (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Does anyone know if any Suboxone doctors that accept Medicaid in Baton Rouge? I’ve been driving to Kenner once a month and it’s extremely hard afford the gas plus the cost of the visits since my husband passed away this past January. I really need help and would greatly appreciate any information I can get! Thx

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It's Oak Grove. I use to be a patient there. It's such a long drive, too. However, yes... Mrs. Cheryl is a very caring Doctor and she certainly doesn't over prescribe.

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Re: Ttrish (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

I don't understand how you haven't been able to locate a qualified physician yet. I mean.... There are literally numerous Doctors in that area. Have you tried calling your insurance? They could definitely assist you in locating a Doctor who accepts your type of insurance. Give them a call.

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I need a suboxone or bup dr that accents Medicaid in Alexandria louisiana fast please.

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Yes, Baton Rouge ctc. They do. Good luck & God Bless

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Where in Alexandria LA?

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