How To Get Off Suboxone Successfully - Step By Step

Success Story Says:

If you are struggling with getting off Suboxone successfully, you may want to take the time to read this. I have read a ton of hype about Suboxone being impossible to get off. How the withdrawal symptoms carry on for days, even months. Below, I would like to encourage you and let you know that it can be done. I AM LIVING PROOF YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH THIS FEAT!!! I have been free of Suboxone and all other drugs and alcohol for 3 months and I have never felt better in my life!!!


For months I read Suboxone blog sites in the effort to gather some element of hope that would encourage me to make the “jump” to get off my final 1/8 tab (1mg) of Suboxone. At the point I started reading these blog sites, I had come down from 2.5- 8 mg (total 20 mg) tablets of Suboxone. It was fairly easy to get down to 1/8 tab (1 mg). Don't get me wrong, I had moments of mood swings and depression that would fool me because of the way that the mood swings would creep up on me. I felt bipolar during the final ½ tablet to ¼ tablet and finally to 1/8th tablet before I “Jumped off”: The good news is that earlier dose decreases do not affect you as much as you would think. I went from 2.5 tablets to 2.0 tables per day in one week. I didn't even notice any withdrawal. Then, in just two weeks I had the courage to go down to 1.5 tablets per day…. Still, only slight mood swings. Then, I went down to 1 tablet per day a week later. Then 3 weeks later I went down to ½ tablet per day. Again, at this point only mild mood swings that I could deal with because I was expecting much worse. NOTE: I ALWAYS DIVIDED THE DOSES TO AM / PM DOSES.. IT HELPED.


Going from ½ to ¼ tablet per day it started to get a little tougher for the first week in terms of mood swings and a tricky onset of depression. Expect bipolar behavior. Tell your family and whoever is in your life if you can. Let them know that they can pray for you if you or they are believers in God. If you don't believe in God, don't stop reading this posting.. I will get to the Spiritual side of things later in this posting. For now, it is my heart and hope that you will read this method of getting off Suboxone. No punches held though, I will be up front with you, I am personally a believer in the one true God- Jesus Christ. He is the One who encouraged me to get on this website and help you with encouragement, hope and truth about what to expect on this tough, but wonderful journey of getting off Suboxone. The choice to believe in God is yours, but I will say that the prayers of my dad and wife were powerful and effective. There was times when I simply could not pray for myself because I didn't feel sane enough to even pray at times, though I still gave it my best. I brought up the prayers right now for you because the bible tells us in Psalm 145:18-19 "The Lord is near to all who call on Him; all who call on Him in truth. He fulfills the desires of those who fear Him. He hears their cry and He saves them". That said, let's begin the final jump shall we.


NOTE REGARDING SUPPLEMENTS: I wish that BEFORE I jumped off at 1/8 tablet, I would have used these endorphin boosting supplements. They can be found at just about any health food store. DLPA 1000 mg twice per day, GABA 500 Mg twice per day, Reloria two capsules twice per day, and 5HTP two capsules per day. I would have been better off to have started these supplements a couple of weeks prior to my final jump, but I strongly believe that they helped the process probably more that I could imagine. I am still on these supplements, now some 3 months off Suboxone. (I am not a doctor, nor am I acting in the role of a doctor, so as always please consult a physician prior to starting these supplements)

When I was on 1/8 tablet for 2 weeks I tried to completely stop taking Suboxone and had such a bad first night that it scared me into staying on 1/8 tablet per day, taken in the morning, for 2 months. The problem now lay in the fact that I was going through withdrawal in the middle of the day and a few times I even chose to drink alcohol in the afternoon. I didn't connect that the withdrawal was actually causing my fiending for drugs and alcohol. Those two months were not good times for me. When I finally came to the conclusion that I might be better off just getting off Suboxone completely, it was time to plan. I work for myself and I could hardly afford to take the time off work for fear that I might lose all my clients. I wasn't sure how long it would take to get off Suboxone and get back to a working state of mind? Drum roll please…. Here is how long it takes to start feeling better….


What You Can Expect:

Day 1: This morning skipped my morning, and only dose of Suboxone. I worked out pretty hard lifting stretching and lifting light, high repetition weights. Don't forget to push yourself to work out even if you don't feel like it. It is hugely important! That night I took two Benedryl and it didn't work like I hoped it would. I was so miserable, achy body, cramping in my calves, a "drive a person crazy" kind of feeling. At this point I had gotten 2 mg tablets from the Dr. because I told her I needed to be able to cut them down while I weaned myself off of them. So I cut a 2 mg film tablet into ¼ which is .5 mg of Suboxone. In summary, I chickened out the first night. I did sleep after that for about 5 hours. For those of you who still have the 8 mg. tablets, this means that you would have to split one up into 1/16 which is pretty hard to do, but possible if you have good eyes and you don't cheat and take the bigger portion. :)

Day 2: The .5 mg from the night prior made this morning like a fairly normal morning. So I stretch for a long time and then worked out hard. After work out, I felt even better, but by afternoon the withdrawal set in again. Felt like I drank all kinds of coffee but I didn't . I was agitated and twitchy, making my mind and physical body feel terrible. To combat it, I stayed very busy all day with cleaning and yard work in the effort to keep my mind and body occupied. I couldn't focus on God yet…. My mind was too messed up. Yes, a person's mind can be too messed up to “feel” God, but trust me He was there with me. Hind sight I see that He was with me every step of the way. I just couldn't believe that He would let me go through such agony, but He is a God who loved me enough to let me feel the pain enough so that I would remember it. This way I would not go back!! Night came and I became scared that I would give in again, but instead about two hours before bed I took another couple Benedryl and this time it worked a little I slept about 4 hours and was miserable the rest. I recommend taking lots of warm baths or showers when you can't sleep, instead of just lying there.

Day 3: Day 3 and Day 4 are the worst. The greatest advantage you have though is that you are starting to get used to the twitchy, feeling like you are crawling out of your skin feeling. Go ahead and stretch your calves as frequently as you can. Flex them as often as possible. I heard from one doctor that it helps work the withdrawal out of your body. I did manage to get out in the yard and work on Day 3. I waited until I felt my best, then took advantage of the moment and went out and "spazzed out" on yard work as much as I could handle it. I even broke a sweat which lifted me up considerably. I took a couple of Benadryl before I went to bed, but only slept a total of about 2 hours the whole night. I couldn't focus enough to read, nor pray, nor watch a movie. None of that was going to happen, so I would either jump in the bath or shower or even find something to do I could tell that sleep was not an option. The first part of the morning on Day 4 is among the greatest challenges I have ever faced. Glad I did not have much planned, because Day 4 morning was the worst of the whole experience.

Day 4: Morning was awful because I was up the night before almost the whole night. That lack of sleep will mess with your head and try to get you to go back. On this day the middle of the day gave me a few very small ½ glimpses of hope. I felt my first surge of my own endorphins come back. Only a couple ½ hour spurts, but hey it gave me hope to NOT turn back. I figured I went this far, I might as well finish this.!! I thought I was going to sleep well this night, but it didn't happen…. Only 4 hours combined , but hey that was progress from the night before. Remember, baby steps. Celebrate the small victories. Relish them! Stay tuned and hang in there because the reward came to me in Day 5!!

Day 5: I worked out first thing in the morning. I pushed myself to do it. I started with a stretch routine. Then I felt like working out. So, try stretching first, then consider working out. I have in my notes 50/50 written down. This means that half the day I felt bad and half the day actually felt good. Did you hear that?…. I felt good. …. That is right … you can get past this. For half of Day 5 I felt better than I ever felt on Suboxone. It was natural and it was the way that God designed me to feel. My own endorphins made their first appearance and they showed up in fine fashion. The bad parts of this day caused me to want to take a nap, so if you have the liberty to do so, then by all means, indulge in that nap. Nap , nap , nap. Because if you answer the call to the mid day naps you will wake up feeling better each time. Don't worry about the extreme tiredness on day 5 and 6, just become a temporary nap person. Listen to you body and what it wants. God is trying to let you know what you need.

Day 6: Congratulations!! You have made it to the other side. I may have had 2 hours of bad feelings today , but the rest was AWESOME. I was productive, back to work, working out hard etc.

Day 7 and 8:

I am putting day 7 and 8 on here because I did hit some tired spells and down times but only a couple hours each day total. I encourage you to nap when you feel like napping. Also be encourage that it only gets better and better from here on out.

Why I Got Off Suboxone:

Everyone will have their reasons for getting off Suboxone. I can only share with you what my reasons were. If you have read this far then you must be pretty determined for your own reasons.

I started feeling like I was feinding for other drugs when I was on two " 8 mg tablets per day, so I asked my Dr. to increase the dose to 2.5 tablets per day. Two months later I started feinding for other drugs or alcohol again. So I asked my Dr. to up the dose to 3.0 tablets per day. Two months later I started feinding for other drugs, chew, alcohol etc. Are you starting to get the picture? This may not be the case for everyone, but it seemed to be the case for me. The whole purpose of Suboxone in the first place was to decrease these cravings and for a time, Suboxone was effective. It gave me enough time to get it through my head that I didn't want to be a heroin or pill addict anymore and that I wanted to get my life together.

Another reason that I decided to get off Suboxone was that I was also curious if it would feel better to just be on nothing? (Except the supplements that I mentioned above) The outcome that I came to is that I feel way better than I ever have in terms of physical, mental, and Spiritual well being.


If you have read this far you may as well keep reading because the best part is yet to come. Remember, I am of the opinion that it was my faith in God that led me down this long and intricate road that I just described above called, "How To Get Off Suboxone " Successfully". God worked in ways that I never would have dreamed. I could have strategized all month long and never came up with the plan, method, or the outcome that God came up with. The Bible says in the book of Isaiah 55:8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways my ways", says the Lord.

You may not believe in God, or maybe you do, or maybe you know God, but stopped believing. If you are one who is running away or does not believe in God, know this, drugs and alcohol can certainly fog your view of God. It is my opinion that first you must get clean and sober then you have a better chance of making an informed decision as to God's authenticity.

Whether you believe in God or not, you will one day face Him. Either he will be welcoming, or judging you. I have chosen to give Him my life and submit to everything that is written in the Bible. I accept it as truth. The bible says that the Word of God is Living and Active. It also says that every word within it is inspired NOT by man, but by God. I have chosen to believe this and it has changed the way I think. Romans 12:2 "Do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

If this part of my testimony and experience sounds too Churchy to you, then at least do yourself a favor, … Ask God to help this "Christian talk" make sense to you. Seriously, have you even told Him that the "Churchy Stuff" makes NO sense to you? Have you even told Him that? Have you bothered to share that with Him? Do you know that He cares and wants to hear that come from your mouth? He wants to hear you humbly express to God that you don't know. Have you opened yourself up to the fact that if you open yourself up to Him that He will begin to show you the "mysteries" of His Word like you never imagined possible? 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land."

If you have read this far then, then I believe that the Spirit of God is calling you…. Listen to it!!! Jesus states that "My sheep hear my voice"

The place where you are if you are reading this is not a comfortable place. I have been right where you are. With all sincerity, I want you to get to where I am. True Joy is in my heart every day that I awake. There is a peace that surpasses all understanding that guides me now. I strongly encourage you to seek God first, because I want to see the peace of God enter your heart and mind.


For me, I have found that devoting myself to praying and studying my Bible and reflecting on what God has done and what He promises has been life changing. The Bible says, "Who is going harm you if you are eager to do good" 1 Peter 3:13, It also says, "a prudent man foresees evil and hides himself" Proverbs 27:12

I have a half hour to 45 minutes carved out each morning to spend reading my bible, praying much thanks and reflecting on what the bible is saying. I also listen to J. Vernon McGee on Through The Bible .org the web address is You can't claim to not understand the Bible, because this website WITH AUDIO walks you through the Bible verse by verse in an exciting way. And it is FREE!! If you don't believe the Bible at this point, try listening to the Dr. J. Vernon McGee's audios. There is a new one posted every day. Or check out the archives.


I do hope that you put some thought into all of this. If you can't think straight right now because you have already started your final descent off Suboxone, then wait until you feel good enough to really absorb what I just shared with you through the "Testimony" section of this posting. I am not trying to sell you on anything… I simply care for you because that is what God has put on my heart. I have been through what you are going through and I want to encourage you. I would like to leave you with this scripture:

Revelation 3:20

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.

May God Richly Bless Your Life.

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Chief Says:

Congratulations on your sobriety and thank you for posting this highly detailed account of your successful story. I started out on 3 strips (24mg) per day about a year and a half ago and recently decided to get off these because like yourself, I wanted to know how it felt to be normal again and not have to depend on a chemical to be able to get out of bed. When I was taking the 3 strips a day there were multiple occasions when I ran out of them 4-5 days early and had to go through the withdrawals of 24mg. Withdrawing from 24mg is the most horrific and terrifying feeling I have ever felt in my entire life, I would not wish that misery on my worst enemy and I feel extremely bad for anyone else who has to go through that. After this happening multiple times I decided it was time to get off Suboxone, but I was scared of what was to come and from what I had read online. I've heard people say it takes months for the withdrawals to subside even if you taper down slowly and a lot of other horror stories. I started by cutting down to 2.5 strips/day for 10 days with no problem, I then cut down to 2 strips/day for 14 days with no problem, 7 days ago I cut down to 1.5 strips/day and plan to cut down to 1 strip/day in 7 more days. I am not feeling any withdrawals on 1.5/day, I take 1 in the morning and a half in the evening. I work out as hard as I can each day and take vitamins daily, but I was still getting nervous/anxious about what was coming up when I got to the end of the road. I am not a religious person or a believer of any God, but I am extremely thankful that I found this post as it gave me a huge shot of inspiration, hope and eagerness to fight for my life and take these final steps to freedom. Your post has really given me an extremely positive outlook on the next few weeks, your story has freed my mind of fear and anxiety about what's to come and replaced it with excitement and a will to win this battle without looking back. It's good to know what supplements really do help and I will start the supplements before I taper down again next week. Again, I thank you for posting your story in such detail as it will serve as an extremely useful tool in the lives of a lot of people who are also struggling to win their battle with Suboxone. Your post has changed my outlook on the next few weeks. I can't wait to be free and feel normal again, I am very excited to feel my own endorphins and my own feelings in general. Thank you for your post and congratulations with your success, I hope you stay successful and I wish you the best of luck in life as you have made a positive change in mine.

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Humbled Says:

I want to thank you for you reply to my post. It is my hope and now my prayers that you will be successful at getting back to your own endorphins and your own frame of mind. I cannot tell you just how worth the battle it has been. Life has been great for me STILL.
I wanted to let you know one more tip that I thought of. You feet might get cold alot after that final descent. My recommendation is to use a heating pad for your feet. I have heard that it warms your blood also which for me seems to combat the isolated chills that can be annoying during, and shortly after you are free.
The heating pad somehow took away some of the withdrawel effects. Also, put a jacket on when you are cold and take your jacket off when you are hot. Sounds so simple it almost seems stupid saying that, but temperature control will be your friend in this process!!! To keep you body temperature at a comfortable level helped me alleviate some of the withdrawel symptoms. You will be putting up with enough withdrawels let alone have to deal with body temperature issue. So pamper yourself in terms of temperature control. I found it very helpful.
I will keep giving you additional keys to my success as I think of them. Feel free to ask me any questions or voice any concerns you may have along the way.
As I said in my last post, I don't want anyone to go through this process only to fail. I want you to get to the other side. It is so much better here. Keep up the good work and don't be afraid. It ended up great for me and I am under the belief that it can also end up great for you. May God be with you ,

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kris Says:

This has truly given me strength to do what I have to do to get off of subs. I haven't taken anything since weds night so not sure if this is day2 or day3 for me but last night was really hard to sleep. I have never been a heavy user of them taking only at most in a day a half of a strip so i'm hoping things get easier faster rather then longer. I have been on then for 2 years though. I'm sick of the dependency....I want to be normal again. I read your whole testimony however and will turn to God for help. Thanks again

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Chief Says:

Kris, I wish you the best of luck and really hope to hear a successful story from you. I was on 3 strips (24mg) per day for 1.5 years and after I read this detailed account of the day to day process of getting off of Suboxone, I was really inspired to finally do what I've been wishing I could do for months. I am currently 4 weeks Suboxone free and I can say that it is one of the best feelings I've felt since I started Suboxone, the excitement, adrenaline and endorphins flowing through you is a high that you could never, ever imagine to get from Suboxone. It seriously feels like I'm on pills that make me happy everyday, wake up refreshed, positive outlook on everything, and making my body feel like it's on ecstasy or something, but it's crazy that that's how our body naturally feels. You will feel 100% better off of Suboxone than you could with any amount of those horrible strips. I can say that the day by day breakdown of how you will probably feel is pretty much 100% correct. The only difference is I started feeling more energetic about 2 days sooner than he did, I'm not sure if it was from the supplements that he recommended but I started the supplements a few weeks before I actually stopped and he didn't start them until he had already stopped. THEY DO HELP YOU FEEL BETTER A LOT SOONER! I've gone through Suboxone withdrawals a few times and I wouldn't of been able to do it without the supplements, you can find them at a health food store, GNC, and some large chain retail pharmacies. Also, I tried stopping from half a strip but the WD's were still to much for me, I went to my doctor and had him write me a script for a few of the Suboxone 2mg's and If I absolutely needed to relieve the anxiety and sleeplessness I would cut the strip in to 6 small pieces and just take one tiny piece which was about 0.3mg per tiny piece and I did that for a week and a half, but only taking the tiny piece if I absolutely needed it and after that 1.5 week my body's dependence was lowered to only 0.3mg every other day rather than 4mg's daily, so it was A LOT easier to become completely clean by lowering down to the 2mg's and cutting the strip into smaller pieces. Again, I truly wish you the best of luck and hope you can make the transition successfully, I highly recommend following the advice that he posted for everyone as it was very helpful and crucial, also the supplements are a big factor, you'd never believe that supplements could make you feel a lot better by easing the withdrawals but they honestly help like you'd never imagine. Good luck Kris, you have 2 people here who have done it so it's possible to feel normal again, it may feel like a year has passed but when you feel your own body produce it's natural endorphins you'll have an epiphany and your out-look on the world will change for the better. You can positively do it, it may get hard at times but it's so totally worth the outcome. Good luck man, keep us updated on your progress or success if you feel like it, I would love to hear another success story.

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Hunter Smith Says:

U have enspired me I have read your story several times for insperation unforanaly I found your story too late I came down very rapidly from 4mg a day four 4 months then all I could find was three 8 milligram strips4 days 2.5 milligrams 8 days 1 mg a day its been 10 days thought itll do im strong been very hard I am a Christian an a firm belever but I have been away on a 16 year opeite addiction a sercher iv had two serious injuries in my lifebut the addiction is the worst I no it is a disease I've been trying for years to quitbut have never succeeded suboxone has workedbut it has left me depressed and bipolar and very angrybut I think its getting betterand better everyday but its going to be a long oneI've tried the horrible things you have mentioned before they didn't work for mebut I might try just the GABA and DLPA thank the Lord for friends who understand but have never dealt with it they don't know what to do can't afford to go to the doctors thay just whant to lock u up here where I liveI am very determined to do thisI'm not going to fail this time do you have any advice please let me know I do not have an email address I have a phone number you can text me if you like thank you for the inspiration {edited for privacy}

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kris Says:

Day 3 going on day 4 tonight....I feel shaky but not too bad trying to sleep at night is the hardest part, thanks Chief I will keep you updated.

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StressISmymiddlename87 Says:

@succses story - your post made me cry. Praise God! I'm going thru what you went thru and you lifted me up with your message. Thank you!

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Humbled Says:

Hello Chief and all you who are in the act of bravery. Good for you all. Chief I hope that this still finds you Suboxone and Opiate Free. I have continued to remain Suboxone Free and Opiate Free. It can be done, ,.... it is being done and life is still good. God continues to work in my life in areas I would have never opened up to Him, had I been tied down with drugs. I'm still a work in progress and will be my whole earthly life, but praise God that I have not had the nerve to go back down the Opiate Road. May God Richly bless you all in your battle. I'll be praying for you all. Thanks, for the responses and support.

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kris Says:

Hi humbled
How long has it been for you? Day 17 & still going strong, sleep is the hardest part still but other than that things are getting better. God bless!

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Humbled Says:

It has been since June 6th that I took my last Suboxone. It took me a while to post my first posting on this site. I wanted to get my head before I posted originally on August 8th. Temptation will still find you, but it gets less and less the farther that you get away from it. You know what the Bible says, "A wise person forsees evil and runs" Proverbs 22:3 "Do not give the devil a foothold" Ephesians 4:27. I am convinced at this point that we battle a Spiritual Battle. I still battle temptation daily, but the bible also says, "who is going to harm you if you are eager to do good" 1 Peter 3:13.
Kris, I want to encourage you to thank God for that 17 days distance from opiates that you have fought for. I have not been a saint since I have quit Suboxone, but I have not gone back to opiates. I have tried marijauna a couple times but have not liked it. I have even drank a couple of time since and I hated the way I felt. Do you think God is trying to tell me something? I do!! I just want to be honest with you about my addiction to that you can have a true picture of the struggle that continues. But today, I thank God for your 17 days off Suboxone and my being clean of Opiates since June 6th and today I am clean and sober praise God. You hang in there and know that you have someone praying for your success. Keep me posted. Humbled :)

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Chief Says:

Hello again Humbled and Kris, I hope you two are still successful with your freedom from the parasite that is Suboxone. Yes, I am indeed still able to say that I am Suboxone free, currently on my 7th week. It's going really well actually, even though the natural high from endorphins I was getting at first have warn off, so it's a weird feeling to be "normal" again as I have a completely different mind set and thought process now (for the better). I have yet to have actual cravings for any opiates, has it crossed my mind, of course it has, but I quickly tossed that thought in the trash and I hope everyone does the same, there's no good outcome when you start thinking like that. Kris, I believe Humbled has been sober for around 6 months or so. I'm only assuming because his original post was on Aug, 31 and he said he was 3 months sober at that time. Also Kris, I had the hardest time trying to get any sleep during my first few weeks off of Suboxone, as well as when I was on Suboxone. When I was on the strips I took Klonopin to sleep which also sucks getting off because your anxiety and sleeplessness gets out of control, it's unbearable. Do not get a prescription for any Benzodiazapene's, unless you're only taking them for less than 2 weeks. The best non-addictive, non-narcotic treatment I found was from my pharmacist who told me to use "Unisom" but NOT the GEL CAPS, because the GEL CAPS are Benadryl and the actual tablets are "Doxylamine Succinate" which is the #1 OTC-sedative for sleeplessness and it worked wonders, put me right to sleep within 30 minutes. If you don't get 7 hours of sleep though you might feel a little groggy in the morning, it goes away after a shower and some coffee though. Congratulations on both of your successes and I hope you guys keep up the hard work because it will pay off for all of us. Good luck everyone!

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Mark Says:

Thank you for this post. It is what I needed to read today. Not only because of the Suboxone info but because I am a 44 yr old man who is tired of the drugs and alcohol. It has literally ruined my life and I appreciate your message of hope. I have managed to quit drinking and taking opiates but I do still use cannabis and take subs. Please pray for me!

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kris Says:

Hey chief I couldn't find the unisom in tablet form so I got the generic version ill try it tonight, think it'll still work? I am getting about 4-5 hours of sleep, sometimes solid then I wake up and just can't get back to sleep, so I get up and start my day. I use to be able to sleep 13 hours a day, of course that's what ruined my what's that tell you.
Humbled I was a heavy drinker while on subs but now I try to drink and its just not as good....I feel like it helps me get to sleep but your right its all bad....I need to cleanse and yes I thank God every day for helping me through this! But now I cry all the time, I'm a big cry baby never really having emotions at least in the last 2.5 years while on subs its driving me crazy....I hope that is temporary. So today is day 20....feel ok, more energy today than yesterday....taking it one minute at a time. Thanks everyone for your advice and words of wisdom....and good luck and congrats humbled...June 6th wow you should be about 100% now, at least physically, I know the mental cravings will longer for sometime :-(

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Humbled Says:

Kris, It has been my experience that since Suboxone, If I try to take anything to help me sleep by it Unisom or Benedryl (same thing by the way), I find that I fall asleep just fine, but I wake up about 4-5 hours later and can't go back to sleep. You might try to stick it out for a while with nothing. Maybe increase the GABA just about 500 mg or so. It is supposed to a natural aid in sleep. I started sleeping like a baby after about 1 month so hang in there and try not to get used to taking Benedryl etc. It can really cause a rebound effect. In my opinion, sleep aids should be used only occasionally.... Say when you have a family function or interview or whatever that you want to be sure to get enough sleep. Which for me is about once a month, if that. I am not a very social person so this adjustment has been much easier. I recommend that you lay low and don't put too much pressure on yourself to start feeling normal. Crying .... I know what you are saying. It is all those suppressed emotions coming back. Emotions are great!!! Enjoy every tear because it is my hope and prayer that they will soon ALL be happy tears.
Keep it up and I will keep praying for you. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. And yes I would say that I am pretty much 100% now. Cravings for opiates don't happen because I don't want to ever go through all the withdrawel part ever again. But other craving will try to come in (drinking, marijauna etc.) But they will only let you down because your brain is really looking for that Opiate High.
I am focusing on filling that void with God. I haven't exactly figured that part out entirely yet, but then again we are all clay in the hands of God (the potter) that loves us..... so, I , as well as I hope you, will be ever so patient knowing that He has this one!!! Congrats on 20 days . !!! Bask in that for a moment will you!!!
Take Care and keep me posted.

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RF Says:

Thank you so much. Your post helped me see the light at the end of tunnel. I started at about 3mg per day and was having difficulty getting past 1mg. I've been on .25 for about 4 days and plan to jump off in about a week. The mood swings are awful. Constantly apologizing to my wife. There are days when I feel great, like my self for a couple of hours and then BAM , anxiety, depression, etc.
I take .25 in the morning and then around 3pm start to get edgy, depressed, tired. Do you think I will go through what u went through after u stopped completely since I'm only on .25 for 8-10 days before I jump?
Thank you very much for sharing your experience with the world .


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kris Says:

Thanks Humbled! I really do appreciate all your help, everyones really means so much to me and does help me a lot. This has been like my NA. I too want to fill my voids with God but having not been raised religious don't really know where to start other than praying to him and reading my Bible. I'd really like to find my self in fellowship though and that's my goal however immediately it's getting sleep :-) thanks again and...
RF your not taking a lot it's really not that bad, if you really want to do it you will make it....I don't think I ever took as little as .25 and I'm doing fine minus sleep. Good luck!

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Humbled Says:

RF, When you say .25, do you mean .25 mg. or .25 of an 8mg tablet? Just curious . I want to be able to give you some specific feedback so that I might help you know more about what to expect. Let me know. Thanks, Humbled.
You are welcome Kris. Open up that Bible when you get a chance. I would send you one if you don't have one, but I think that they don't let us exchange personal email on this site do they? Addresses emails, etc? Humbled

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kris Says:

Hey Humbled just a quick message....I took the sleeping aid last night and woke up feeling great, I actually jumped right into cleaning, however I will heed your advice and not depend on it....I just wanted one good night sleep :-) day 21-3 Weeks yay!

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RF Says:

Humbled / Kris,

I mean .25 of one mg so 1/32 of the strip. I was planning to jump off tomorrow but I'm scared. I have family stuff this weekend. I guess I can try and cut the .25 into halves and take that for a few days before I jump. I don't know.i was feeling so good two days ago and yesterday was terrible, just when I think it's all good, it's not. I was told about noxitropin pm, a natural sleep aid. It works great to put u to sleep but u wake up after 5 hours or so. Still, it's great .
I don't know if I'm doing the smart thing by wieening and wienning off or am I just torturing myself longer than I should be. Right now when I take the .25 in the morning, I am pretty ok till about 2pm. Also, smoking cigarrettes is now giving me major anxiety. I feel like I'm rambling on, sorry.

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kris Says:

Your going to have good and bad days....but s the days go on the bad days will get lesser and lesser, yes sleep is my only issue now and i'm on day 22. I'm happy with 5good hours asleep instead of the restlessness throughout the night that makes you feel like banging your head against the wall. Sorry...I knew you meant 1/32 & again I never took that little of amount having jumped at about 1 Mg so I don't think your going to have that much of problem...if your worried about this weekend skip a day and save that piece for then...just a thought. Good luck with it and keep us posted...this has really helped me.

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Susy Q Says:

I am in AA (almost 40 years) and find it difficult to work with people on Suboxone. I feel like they cannot hear what we are saying. Anyway, I am printing and keeping your post to share with others. Your post gives me hope and I understand it is supposed to be only for those on opioids. I have heard it is handed out wholesale at some treatment facilities. If you have comments on this, please post them! And hang with sobriety, it is worth every effort. Life gets so big and wonderful and this design for living is the best!

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Kf3355705 Says:

I realize this is an old forum but thought it was worth replying just in case someone stumbles upon it and possibly helps somebody. I'll get straight to the point.....

Sublocade is the only reason I was able to get off of Suboxone successfully and with no withdrawals. I'm trying to make it short and will have to leave out some details but the Sublocade injection is very very long lasting and will assist in helping you tremendously in getting off of Suboxone & Sublocade without suffering. Read up on Sublocade and ask your Doctor if you're interested in learning more.

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Mar Says:

Hello. I’ve been on zubsolv (for those who don’t know it’s basically suboxone) for about 4/5 years and I’m trying to get off of it. I’m on a very very low dose but I feel like mentally I’m not gonna be able to get off of it. I have to work and take care of my daughter. I’m all she has. I’m scared to go through the withdrawals and I know being on a low dose they shouldn't be as bad. I’ve tried to talk to my doctor about this but she wants me to keep taking them which I don’t want. I want off of them. I want to be drug free. I want to live my life and be happy. I also feel like they have made me get angry and frustrated easily, and my anxiety is bad also. Anyone have any pointers on getting off of them, like what to do or how long is it gonna last (the withdrawals)? Any feedback would be great!

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Camie Says:

Amen! I am a catholic and I believe God hears those who truly want to do their part and meet him half way! I talk to the lord daily and his mother Mary who is beautifully displayed on my nite stand holding baby Jesus and the lamb of God. Your journey gives me hope so thank you for sharing! I've had countless cancers, surgeries, and treatments. Got addicted to Percocet, then started abusing them and that led to other things, then my doctor put me on 8mg Suboxone three times a day, so I weaned down to less and less, and tomorrow is my first day with nothing, but I'm already feeling the effects of detoxing. I'm not giving up either!! If I could survive everything that I've been through, this is a walk in the park!! I commend and thank you for sharing again! God Bless.

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WhirlPool Says:

Re: GB (# 361) Expand Referenced Message

Hello GB, that is way to much subs a day in my opinion. Not sure how or why they put you on that much but here is my input... Before I was on subs I was taking 6 roxy 30's a morning, 2-3 in the afternoon, 6 at night. That's 450mg of blues a day... this was before the counterfeit pressed fetty pills now of course. I finally went and got help and I was put on 1 8mg sub strip a day. This worked. I was on that 8mg strip a day, sometimes more when I felt like it but this went on for years. About 4yrs later my life was/is 10000% better in every way, but I'm still on these damn subs. I finally went against all doctors and decided to just stop this s*** and start my process of getting off. I started cutting pieces off of the 8mg strip. Just little slices here and there, then learning a new "routine" (we all have a damn routine). Finally after a few months of doing that I made the switch to the 4mg strip. Started by taking half in the morning, cut a tiny piece of the other half for afternoon, then the rest at night. Honestly I did feel a little bad, not like total withdrawal bad at all, not even close, just a day or two of being lazy and tired. Then I was fine. I'm now on 1 4mg strip a day. Did this for about a month. Then said F it, I want the smallest strip which is 2mg. Did the same process, cut in half, save a little piece for afternoon, rest at night. No issue going from the 4 to the 2mg strip. I then cut that in half and did this all over again for a few weeks. I was down to pieces of the 2mg strip. I take like .5mg in the morning now. I did this for a few weeks, then last Saturday decided to just not take any. It got pretty s***ty the first day, second day I gave in... I probably could of made the jump but the WD's were kicking my ass, even after the .5mg in the morning and night. I will try again soon. I'm already down to 0.25mg in the morning and night. I'm going to try some of these products the original poster put or someone did about GABA and other pills. Good luck.

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whirlpool Says:

Re: T time (# 360) Expand Referenced Message

Have you personally done the Ibogaine treatment? Very interested in this, but also very skeptical..

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WhirlPool Says:

Good story and great info. I just made my first attempt to get of Subs. It didn't go so well.. Here is my story for anyone who cares or has any feedback:

Broke my back in 2010, went on percs... doctor stopped giving them to me, so I turned to other means (typical story) 8yrs later... I was taking 6 30mg blues in the morning, 4 in the afternoon, 6 at night... Yes 16 a day, very expensive. This was before the counterfeit fetty pills. Finally went on subs about 4yrs ago. Went on 1 8mg strip a day. I was on the 1 8mg strip for years. This past year, 2022 I decided on my own to start getting off of them. Forgot to add, by this time I've completely made a career for myself, family, everything. Subs saved my life, I can't say it didn't. I just hate that I'm still on them. So in 2022 I switched from 1 8mg a day to the 4mg strips. Half in morning, half at night. The switch wasn't that bad, the first few days was maybe a little withdrawal feeling, but not bad at all. So I was on the 4mg strip for about 3 months, then I asked for the smallest strip which is 2mg. Which is what I have now. I stayed on the 2mg strip for about 2 months. I then started cutting them into 1mg strips a day. So now I'm taking .5 mg in the morning, .5mg at night. Did this for a few weeks. Feel fine. The other day, I woke up on Saturday, had to go do errands. Normally I take the .5mg when I wake up but I didn't have time. By the time I got home around 2pm I hadn't taken anything and I just finally said F it! not taking it. I decided to take some Kratom I had, just 1 gram of it. In my mind I thought it helped, but probably didn't do anything. I was able to surprisingly sleep that night and said to myself... ok this isn't so bad. haha yeah.. woke up on Sunday wasn't feeling too too bad, so I decided to take more Kratom. I don't know if that made things worse but s*** went downhill fast. I actually made it through Sunday, I ended up smoking some cannabis and I slept for a few hours. Monday morning I got up in complete withdrawals. Really bad, didn't take any Kratom, just felt terrible. Like I had the flu but 10x worse. Sooo I gave up... I ended up cutting my .5mg strip into 3 pieces. These pieces are the size of like the tip of a pencil. I took 1 of those tiny pieces and it freaking saved my ass, but... I'm not back on subs. Today is Tuesday, I slept and I feel good. I'm taking another one of those tiny pieces of a .5mg strip as I type this. I'm going to try just taking this 1 piece today. Then I may attempt this again, but with some of those medicines you mentioned. Not sure how else to get through this. Thanks.

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GB Says:

Well I really want to try life without my 3 8/2 strips a day of Suboxone. It's been almost 5 years and I am 73. I am self employed and my business is doing very well and I love my work and am fairly healthy and very happily married. I have tried 4-5 times to taper down as per my Holistic docs instructions and have failed. Very frustrating and I am trying again this month I cut off about 1 5th of a strip per 3 strip day. I feel good doing it but can't seem to keep regular dosing times so they fluctuate a little bit daily. At the end of the month I end up not having decreased my amount at all! I am very frustrated at this. I have been on 3 strip for 5 years. I never crave more and basically feel very good and normal. Unlike my miserable life before with Dr. prescribed Opiates for severe chronic back pain for 3 years that stopped working and made me ill at the end. I thank God for Suboxone a getting my life & health back but now am thinking I really want out. Please my Dr. I think is disappointed a bit in me as we have become good friends he is great and I love my wife so so much I know it would make her even happier and I am wondering if I might live longer and better without it. Appreciate any help. Thanks. God bless.

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T time Says:

Or, you can just take Ibogaine! I was on Subutex for 15 years and stopped after a 10 day ibogaine treatment (see It is expensive but worth it. It is a gift from God!

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vi Says:

Re: kris (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

Hey Guys, female here. I went from morphine 90mgs. a day after multiple back surgeries. Skipping to suboxone 2mgs a day then decided to get off them. Started to wean off then threw them all out. Now i'm going through severe withdrawal mostly at night. Restless leg syndrome and in the left arm.I don't sleep most of the night. I take gabapentin 300 mgs for the back pain and an r.l.s. for the legs. I am in desperate need of relief from all this but i don't want to taper or use anything else to get by. Thanks for all your information and positivity. Oh this is my 6th day, i think. I've lost track. I'm also 70 years old so age and gender isn't a factor in this war.

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