Pharmacist Refusing To Fill My Script Of Suboxone. What Do I Do???

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Jaime Says:

I wet to my doc 7 days early because of running out early. I took my new script to pharmacy and said, this is early so I won't be using insurance. My doc said you can call him if necessary. Well no one wanted to. They filled two per day for three days. On the third day I asked to fill the rest on insurance for the next day. I was one day early. When I called the next morning to have my daily two filled the pharmacy manager said no we won't be filling it for another 5 days. Go to the ER for your withdrawals but don't come here because I won't give it to you. Has this happened to anyone else????

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Priscilla Says:

If you run out of suboxone too soon- you might need to increase your dose? That way you won't have to worry about being out of it too soon.

As for me- my doctor decided to make 16mg as my daily dose, but 8mg feels just a result I'd have like thirty (8mg) strips leftover every month- and of course I don't tell my doctor that I'm only taking 8mg instead of 16mg lol

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Jaime Says:

I wish you lived near me. :). I could help you take care of the extra.

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Verwon Says:

According to federal law, they shouldn't have let you get any early, since this is a controlled substance narcotic. By the edicts of the law, unless your dosage had suddenly been raised to justify your running out early, you are only allowed to get a new prescription on the very day that it's due to be filled.

The pharmacist may already be worried about the questions he is going to have to answer from the government, which is likely why he acted the way he did.

There is nothing your doctor can do to change this or get them to fill it early, unless he raises the dosage.

When are you due for your regular refill?

How are you going to avoid running out early, again?

Discover more Suboxone details here.

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Jaime Says:

Preventing not running out early is as easy as making sure my 18 month old can't throw them away again. At least that's what I think happened. Me and my other two older children have searched the house inside and out and can't find them anywhere. And I understand laws but I don't see how at this point where they already filled it early that they would just stop. I explained this when I dropped it off. She acts like I'm trying to pull a fast one. I never even tried that in the midst of my addiction. I definitely wouldn't do it now. It's her god complex that gets me. She said I'm doing this for your own good. Which is fine but my response was no my doctor that is treating me wrote it early for my own good. She's just treating me like a junkie which maybe I used to be but now I am a single mother of three just trying to keep my life right. And as of now I am so fearful of a relapse that it shoots my anxiety through the roof. And I can't take my seroquel because my doctor asked me not to. I am trying soooooo hard to fly straight. I just don't know what to do right now.

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Priscilla Says:

Hello Jaime and Verwon! How are you both?

As for you Jaime, I believe you and have an idea for you in which I will post when I get home.

And as for you Verwon- you're right re. federal laws on early refills of controlled substances. I don't think that it matters if a person has insurance or not- I am pretty sure that most pharmacists tend to do everything by the book. Otherwise they could get in trouble & lose their license(s?) & business(es?). Also you're right about being allowed to get our rx filled if our dose is increased due to legitimate reason.

Lemme get settled in and all- just got home! Talk to you soon, Jaime and in the meantime please let me know how you're doing?

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Jaime Says:

Hey everyone. I just wanted to update everyone to let y'all know that I made it through. I don't know how. Prayers played a big part in it I'm sure. Thanks for all of y'all's advice and input. I finally got my prescription this morning. I substitute teach and had to e at work extremely early this morning but my "angel" of a mother went and picked them up and brought two of them to me. I am already feeling A WHOLE LOT BETTER. I am really rethinking even taking the full two after this ordeal. I actually think after this month I may try to start weaning off under my doctors and therapists supervision. We'll see. I'm in some pretty intense therapy right now to tackle the path of destruction my drug use has left behind me. So I'm just gonna take it one day at a time. But I definitely will keep my meds out of reach if my little one from now on. Thanks again.

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Priscilla Says:

Yay!! I'm happy that you got your RX filled- I, too am going through therapy having to do with my recovery. Relapse makes my anxiety shoot through the roof, too so I hear ya! Wow, you substitute-teach? Impressive. I'm not currently working but attending college full time- childhood education/psychology are my focus. Do you like your job? And tell me more about your therapy, etc- I am open to learning new things. Right now I am trying to learn new coping techniques for cravings, anxiety, stress, etc...I think anxiety is just absolute the worst part in early recovery- then comes the dreaded experience stress seem to make them worse! I don't think cravings were major issues at the time but I don't know about later on as I were only able to make it almost six months without methadone. Not sure why I slipped- I blame it on mostly myself and the environment. I didn't really "change" my acquaintances or stay away from certain areas...that was so stupid of me! It bothers me so much because I was so committed to being clean- it was my obsession for four hardwork and abstinence...all down the F drain. I just started over in January of this year and currently on 30mg of methadone- I started the program in January, too. I refuse to go up any more and I'm definitely making the switch to suboxone from methadone. I was on suboxone for a few months, but didn't like how anxious I felt on it & I suffered moderate to intense headaches...DAILY if I took more than 4mg of suboxone. That's why I decided to go back on methadone, but now I am starting to feel like I made a mistake...ugh. Suboxone is nice because you get to take your doses home while those on methadone have to go to darn clinic almost daily for at least three months before getting any take-homes...only if our urine is clean!

Hope to hear from you soon, Jaime! Gotta bring my son to school now :)

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Kenny Says:

where are you from

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pearl Says:


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Ash Says:
via mobile

I've had issues with pharmacists being incredibly rude to me once I ask about suboxone. The nicest people until you tell them what medication you're inquiring about, then I get looked at as a leper and was told that "this pharmacy doesn't carry suboxone because they don't want my KIND hanging there." Say WHAT?! I've never felt so humiliated in my life...

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questionable Says:
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Yes kinda. Use use two pharmacies for that reason. One has my insurance info n will fill whatever n ins will pay for it. If i need something earlier, i take that script to a diff pharmacy altogether like cvs vs target and pay for that one out of pocket. They dont have my ins card, i say i dont have ins and they have no idea what or when i may have filled elsewhere. Hope that helps.

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AnnaWolves Says:
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Yes walgreens is horrible I on suboxene I only had one film left and the pharmacist argued with me saying I had 3 so I called another walgreens in my area who said I could have them filled cuz I was only day early so I went and made complaint about other pharmacist at other walgreens and now I go to a different pharmacy walgreens sucks and they laugh like its funny so rude

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Mickey Says:

I tried that same thing were I live and it turned out into a disaster!!! Here in Florida we now have a database that doctors and pharmacists can (but don't have to) put your info into when you fill a controlled medication. So here is what happened. I have two doctors. A primary care doctor and a pain management doctor. My pain management doctor (I was in a car accident that crushed my spine) wrote me a prescription for Ambien 5mg, 8 pills. I filled it at CVS on my insurance. About two weeks later I had an appointment with my primary care, and I told him how well it worked, and he gave me a prescription for 30 pills. Because I already used the 8 I had, and because it was less than a month since I filled the first prescription, I knew my insurance wouldn't cover the new prescription and I knew the CVS would give me crap if I told them to fill a controlled substance and not bill my insurance. Instead I brought it to the grocery store across the street. OMG! I guess both CVS and the grocery store used the database. They told me they were going to call the police, and that I had been caught. I was never so embarrassed and humiliated. I called BOTH doctors and explained what happened. Turns out the pharmacy called them both too. Both of my doctors blew the issue off a what I would call a rookie mistake, and my pain doctor said never to use more than one pharmacy again, but other than that they were cool with what happened. Here is the issue though... the grocery store must have put some sort of flag on me, because I can't get a prescription for Tylenol filled to save my life. The pharmacists won't admit why they're blackballing me though - I had one tell me today that not only were they out of stock, but their supplier was out of stock, and the supplier's manufacturer was out of stock because the "raw materials" to make the medication weren't available! That's laughable. Look, I made a mistake once, but this is getting out of hand.

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tripping Says:
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i was wondering if someone could tell me how many days i can miss at the chemist before needing to get a new script altogether for the suboxone? please help. i was dose last on sunday and today is friday, can i still be dose today

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Rob Says:

I don't care if I run out early because for whatever reason I can go four days without taking my Suboxone and not get one single withdrawal symptom. I take 24 mg. a day.

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Ash Says:
via mobile

That's because you take a gawd awful amount daily and suboxone has an extensively long half life. That's why four days is a breeze for you. Give it a couple more days after that and I'm sure you'll "care" then.

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questionable Says:
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Thank u ash, i was feelin some kinda way about his post, i just didnt know what to say. Its like add kids n other peoples stresses and pressures to urself n see how well u do. Thats great if ur ok, but dont come on here boasting about it in that manner. I myself would do alot better if i was alone or could go somewhere else for the recovery, but this is life, i cant just leave my responsibilities.

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Rob Says:


Of course I'll care then because I will start going into withdrawals. But I rather have a four day leeway period where I can survive those four days with no withdrawals in case I ever lose my pills or something else happens where I have nothing. That will give me four days to do something about it. Actually, I have been taking 24 mg. each day for 9 years. I have tried to wean down on my own just to see if I could. The first few days, I only took 16mg (one tablet less) - and I'd be okay on 16mg., but after like 5-6 days, I'd start feeling bad. So I'd go back to 24mg. and felt fine, So I guess I am stuck on 24 mgs. And yes, my Doc has suggested in the past 9 years that I wean down, but I always tell her "NO." And she accepts that. I am so afraid if I stop that I will start using H again, which I have NOT touched since I started Suboxone 9 years ago. Suboxone gave me my life back. Before Suboxone, I failed 11 rehabs and my life was in shambles. Typical story. I considered myself a chronic relapser. I admire those who can stop using H and not DO ANYTHING - like methodone and/or Suboxone. I am just not one of those people.


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Andy Says:
via mobile

Getting suboxone filled is a chore. These pharmacists who fill the stuff have never had a problem with anything. They went to high school, then to college, and now they will be pharmacists for the rest of their lives. They've been "good boys and girls." So whenever someone comes in with a script that they know is for addictions such as, H, oxy, roxy, percs, Vics, morphs, whatever, they look at you like your a piece of s***. I've been treated like a straight up junkie so many times it's not even funny. I've been screwed around with the perfect 30 day deal that they follow by the book, which isn't a big deal. I never run out early, don't take more than I should. Especially in South Carolina. I'm from St. Louis. In MO you can fill any script up to 5 days early. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT GO TO WALGREENS OR CVS OR ANY OTHER LARGE CHAIN PHARMACY. These are the places that will treat you like ur nothing more than a junkie off the street, not someone who is recovering. So f*** these pharmacists. Go to a local mom and pop pharmacy and build a rapport with the pharmacist. CVS and walgreens are awful drug stores. The pharmacists are rude (especially as walgreens) and they don't give a f*** about what you're going through.

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Rob Says:

Excuse me "Questionable." I am a 2nd grade school teacher with a classroom of 26 students Mon. through Friday. And I am NOT boasting as you put it. My story is a successful one and I am proud that I have not used H in 9 years due to Suboxone. Now what? Rob

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