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opiate detox ## please list common uses, conditions for use ## The drug you are talking about is actually called Suboxone. Here's the link to the monograph with more information: ## I am going through a custody battle and my ex just passed a hair follicle screening. She does suboxone. How is this possible?

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Effects of Suboxone on the Brain

I would like to know how the medicine effects you over a period of time. Sometimes I wake up at night because I have being jerking, a whole body spasm. This occurs almost every night, sometimes it is only my legs or arms. This didn't start until I started the Suboxone a couple weeks ago. I just want a pictogram or detailed description on what is can do to the brain in the long run. ## I can't send you anything, because you didn't include any contact information in your post. It isn't just your brain that Opiates affect, they also affect the rest of your body and yes, with long term use, some damage can be permanent.

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suboxone and beer

I AM ON SUB.NOW FOR 12 DAYS AND THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY I DRANK ABOUT 12 BEERS AND I TELL YOU I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO SICK IN MY LIFE.I HAD FEVER,CHILLS AND SWEATS AND MUSCLE CRAMPS SO BAD IT WAS A CLOSE CALL ME NOT GOING TO THE ER.WAS THIS DUE TO THE MIX OF SUB AND ALCOHOL.I KNOW I'LL NEVER FIND OUT AGAIN.ALL REPLIES APPRECIATED. ## More than likely! It is a narcotic and they DO NOT mix with alcohol. This is why they all come with a warning telling you not to drink while taking them. Even mixing milder narcotics with alcohol can result in adverse effects and doing such can be very dangerous.

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does it help or make it worse

my husband was adicted to percocets and went on suboxen, now he says he need xanax to relax. ## Xanax is a Benzodiazepine, highly addictive. I worry that he is just trading one addiction for another. ## Not only is it addictive... there have been a number of deaths reported in people mixing suboxone and benzo's. It's very dangerous. And, this is coming from someone who had NO FEAR in taking high, dangerous levels of things.... I can take 40 hydrocodone's in a day, easy and mix it with other stuff too. But, I would not mix suboxone with benzo's. ## I am having a procedure done and the dr is prescribing vicodin. I am currently on suboxone. I WILL NOT take the vicodine unless I am in excrutiating pain. Would the suboxone help me with pain like the vicodine? Or how long shou...

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how do i convince my dr. to prescribe suboxone. What do i need to say...? ## Here is the web site to find a doc that can write Suboxone in your area. ## Your doc can't just prescribe suboxone. It's a highly federally regulated program and doctor's have to go through special federally regulated courses and screenings before they are allowed to prescribe it.... once allowed they are given a special, additional federal license number exclusively for the prescribing of suboxone. All suboxone scripts are monitored federally and the doc's who prescribe them are monitored. Frankly, a dr has to really, really be personally passionate about wanting to help addicts to even consider going thru all of this. One of the dr's here who prescribes it is an pre-natal specialist and hi...

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suboxone for pain

I have a sever case of trigeminal neralgia and was on 600mcg of fentanal logenzen 6 tabs a day before that I hade 8 80mg ocycontin a day for 6 years for the past few I have been shooting it 400mgs ocy or 1000mcgs fentanal Then when my script would run out I would by other patients script typicale the same or dilodid, I went to a detox where they used bubinorifine and had no problems when I got out my tn pain came back so I got on suboxone and I think it works beter for pain than anything else. the detox place made gave you bub (same as suboxone) 18-24 hours after herion or oxy 12-18 for fentanayl but 48-30 if you have any methadone ## Well, even though it is used to help beat addiction, Suboxone does contain a narcotic, so it can help with pain as well. Some doctors do prescribe it for ...

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Costly help!

Hi everyone and thanks for taking your time to read my post. I'll try and make it as short as possible for everyone’s sake. I have a shoulder injury stemming from over a year now and have been on Tramadol ever since. As time progressed, so did the dosage which sequentially started causing me to have seizures. I have to stop taking these pills, not only for myself but for what I am putting my family through every time I have a seizure. I have a 12 year old that cries relentlessly, afraid I’m not going to wake up after one of the seizures. Last Friday I went cold turkey. Yes it’s been hard, but not near as difficult as seeing your Childs heart broken over something that I can prevent. I’ll deal with the pain from my shoulder somehow, that’s the least of m...

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I HAVE BEEN ON SUB FOR ABOUT THREE YEARS NOW. i can say that it saved my life. it is truely a miricle. i would tell everyone out there. be persistint, bug your doctors to get a waiver to prescribe it. there is all kinds of free info on they will send to your home. then share with your doctor. it is not that complicated to become a subscriber of sub. goodluck. your life as you remember can come back. what a blessing. jerry

sub and antibiotics?

I am on suboxone, I was wondering if it is OK to take antibiotics? I am getting some teeth pulled. PLEASE help soon as I am going to the dentist today!!! if they give me pain pills SHOULD I stop the suboxone and go on pain meds? the pain is UNBEARABLE and I am at the end of my suboxone treatment...1 mg a day. ## What you can and can't safely use is something you will need to discuss with the clinic that is providing your Suboxone treatment. I realize that I am already answering this after your appointment, but that is the hazards of trying to get such information online, you cannot possibly be certain of getting the info in the time you need it. Plus, the Suboxone will help with pain, since it is a narcotic just without the side effects of traditional ones. In addition if you are un...

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DRUG DETOX PINK RECTRANGLE ## Yes, Suboxone is used to help treat drug addiction. It is a narcotic that does not have the same side effects of tradition narcotics, so no high effect, but since it is a narcotic, it does help the withdrawals. It also contains a substance the neutralizes other opiates if you try to take them at the same time you are undergoing Suboxone treatment.

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oval, orange with a funny looking cross inprinted on it ## I believe the medication you are referring to is Suboxone, which is used for the treatment of drug addiction and in some rare cases for people suffering from severe pain who have exhausted their other options. It is only available at special treatment clinics. This is a very strong narcotic, that does not carry the same side effects as traditional narcotics, so no high from taking it, which is why it works so well to treat addiction.

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Suboxone Prescription needed in Cleveland, Ohio

I need to find my brother help! We live in Cleveland, Ohio and there is no one around here that can help him get this prescription (Suboxone). If you know of any information please contact me. Thank you ## I also posted this in response to the other post, vbut will place it here as well just in case you don't see that one. The only way to get this drug for addiction treatment is through a certified treatment center where they docs are specially trained in its use, your family doctor and other treatment centers cannot prescribe it. Sorry. You can get more information and check for any local treatment centers at ## Getting Suboxone legally can only be gotten from psychiuatrists.doctors that are licensed to prescribe it. They want you to go through about 18 jours of withdr...

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Suboxone Treatment

Hello out there. I have just retired from professional mixed martial arts, 27 years worth of full contact fighting. I have ankles of a 65 y/o and I am only 36 y/o. I had to use Oxycontin to continue to fight because of pain, 3 years worth. I didn't know it until I wanted to stop, but I was physiologically addicted. I found out about Suboxone and tried it. I did exactly what I was supposed to do by tapering off. I got all the way to less than 1 mg, a piece about as big as a piece of rice. Then I stopped. I only experienced 2 days of anxiety (NOTHING like the DEMON, oxy addiction). Now I am in my 3rd day. I am very tired, but getting stronger and I do not have any anxiety. The only bad thing, I have terrible insomnia and no appetite. It's coming though. People out there, if you ar...

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## my friens told me today that this medication was used to help people have a easier timr coming off of pain meds. it this true, and what else is it used for.. thanks for all of your help. ## The correct drug name is Suboxone, it couples an opiate pain med with Naloxone, that neutralized opiates, to prevent people from abusing other meds, or from trying to abuse the Suboxone while they are under treatment. It does have many benefits for people suffering addiction or dependence, you taper your dose up slowly, until you find the appropriate level to handle your withdrawals and cravings for other drugs, then after a period of time, as decided by the doctor, which can vary depending on the person's level of addiction or dependence, you taper back off until you are drug free. The proble...

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Searching for a doctor who will prescribe me suboxone in my area ## If you're asking for a specific medication AND shopping for a doctor... RED FLAG! You need to be going to Narcotics Annonymous instead of a Quack Doctor... ## need to find a doctor to help me got on suboxone fast a posabal ## how do i get doctor name for suboxone ## You would need to go to the Suboxone website, they list the doctors in various areas that are allowed to prescribe it and provide Suboxone therapy. A regular doc, who has not gone through the specific training and educational programs for it, cannot prescribe it. Here's the site: Click Here ## Oh, and like Jessica said in her post, with the red flags you are raising here, you will not be able to just get this anywhere. They will not use ...

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