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Raerae1998 Says:

I really truly need someone's help...after many years of surgeries became addicted to narcotics. Now, I have been on suboxone for close to 6 years. I just can't keep doing this...I can't afford it anymore and I am sick of the Dr's. I have tried getting off before and wished for it to be all over! Is there anyone out there who has gotten off Suboxone? And do you have any tips or can tell me if it's possible to get off without going through hell? Thank you in advance

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Nikki99 Says:

I just posted almost the same question... I'm looking for advice that I don't already knw but I can tell u what has been helping me... I figured out that a lot of the suboxone w/d is in your head.. Your mind plays games with u and tells u that u need more but u really don't.. I don't know how many u take but I took 1- 8 mg pill for 5yrs and I cut that pill in 4s and I only take 4mg per day.. Psychologically my body is satisfied because I'm going through the motion of taking the pill twice per day... I've been cut down now going on a month and I feel like I accomplished a lot by cutting my dosage in half... The only thing I had trouble with was I didn't want to work or go to the gym.. I had no motivation but it's getting better now... My next step is to cut down half again 4mg to 2mg.. I'll let u know how things go

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Verwon Says:

Both of you need to see someone that specializes in Suboxone and its use and cessation.

The narcotic in it is Buprenorphine, which is very potent and it needs to be very slowly tapered to prevent severe withdrawals. In some cases, depending on the severity of someone's addiction, it can take years for them to be able to safely taper off of it.


Do either of you have a treatment clinic in your area?

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bob bement Says:

There is a pretty simple way of reducing your dose as to not suffer any withdrawl symtoms. start reducing by 15% every 3 weeks until you reach .05mgs, after this take one .05 mg every three days when you can do this with no side effects you can stop all together.

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Munchkin Says:

I was going thru the same thing with my Suboxone a few months ago. I was takin 1-8mg Suboxone film a day, bc of being addicted to opiates. I started taking the Suboxone in Nov. of 2010 & recently told my doctor that I'm fed up with it...just like you!! He told me to start takin only 1/2 of my regular dose...which helps JUST as much as the whole amount. Like the previous reply told you, it's MOSTLY a mind thing. But if you can resist the temptation to take the rest later on, it will pay off and you will be able to see after a few days that you actually don't need as much as you are taking. Every week, cut yourself back a little more & a little more...until you have weaned yourself to nearly nothing. Then you can quit taking it altogether and be Suboxone-Free. You feel so much better when you get off of them too. You don't even realize it, but being on a medication such as this one changes how you feel & changes you as a person in general. You never even know it either until you're off the medication and you look back on things:(! Good Luck with all:)!!

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bobbement Says:

Yes,but the drs there had no idea how to taper so got my info from dr in england who has been doing this since sub was released and it works!

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cat Says:
via mobile me...i been on it for eight months but like i go ass long as i feel i can func... usually every 24 maybe 1mg sumtimes less i just chip a piece off im scared cnt get no more to wheen off how does the dr in england say please help

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Sula Says:

Please do! I'd love to know how long it takes for energy to return. With no sleep I'm afraid to drive anywhere. Hope this symptom passes quickly!!

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nette71788 Says:

Nikkii how long did u do the 4mg for and how long did u wait to taper down to the 2 mgs??? Plzzzz help

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Sula Says:

I had horrible issues on Suboxone. The Pain Mgmt Doctor wanted to keep increase it. I switched to an addiction specialist (psychiatrist) to help me get off this drug. I came down from the 8mg strip to 2 0f the 2mg strips. This made it easier to decrease the amount by cutting the amount in half every two weeks till I got down to an 1/8 of the 2mg. At this point the doctor said to stop the Suboxone totally. I had a rough month. Sleeping at max 2 hrs. a night. The chiropractor suggested a natural remedy called valerian root. the Psych doc raised my trazadone to 200 mg. a night. I want to stop these as soon as I complete a program to help relieve my knee and hip arthritis. If I did this you can too. Good luck to you!!

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Peacemaker1 Says:

I have been on Suboxone 4mg for 2 days. Will i have withdrawals if I stop? I don't like them. I have liver problems and take benzos for anxiety, and these subs give anxiety. Need advice as I'm a nervous wreck.

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TommyC Says:

I have been Suboxone free for two years after being on Oxycontin for 5 years and Suboxone for 5 years. Lots of research made it much more tolerable. I am willing to talk to anyone. I know of only one other long term Suboxone patient who was able to get off Suboxone and all opiates after ten plus years of use. We shared ideas and worked with organic medicine. I have several posts on MedsChat in the Suboxone withdrawal area.

I will leave you with this thought. Suboxone is so strong that you won't even know if you have an internal organ issue because you cannot feel them. This drug stores in your fat and your brain. NOW how long to get back to normal? Two to Three years. Getting off of Suboxone may not be the best advice or solution for many people.

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Jemmy Says:
via mobile

To anyone struggling to get off suboxone: I have been off them for exactly one year today. I will briefly say I had an addiction to Oxy, percocet, etc for 4 years. I started suboxone, 24 mg day and was on them for 7 years, tapering down along the way. I got stuck on 2 mg for the last couple years and any attempt at cutting it in pieces gave me withdrawal symptoms. I never thought I could do it. I was cutting the tiniest slivers off, it was crazy. Then I turned 40 and said screw it, decided to stop. I'm not gonna lie, it was hell. I didn't sleep more than two hours at night, restless legs were a b*****, and the mind won't stop thinking! Then the depression, anxiety came. I was lucky I could take 3 weeks off work. I tried to go for a walk, anything to use my legs and get out of my head. It sucked! But all that being said, after a month I was better, not great but doable. And writing this brings tears to my eyes because I remember that pain and anguish so vividly, yet I did it. I am stronger now because of it. But I owe it to God for his mercy and grace. Have faith, sleep any chance you can, walk or gym - force yourself, take clonidine and Xanax if prescribed (for a short time), restless leg cream actually worked wonders! But the key is it has to be wanted, keep the end goal in sight. It can absolutely be done, good luck :)

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Ruth Says:

Activated charcoal is awesome. I'd take it for about 3-4 weeks as it adsorbs the toxin from the body. It's sold at lots of stores, Walmart included.

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Prauna Says:
via mobile

Re: Peacemaker1 (# 10)

Stop NOW. Read how long these folks have suffered for taking them very long. S.T.O.P. now is best deal. You will not suffer withdraw if has been a short time. The original addiction (pre subs) is a psychological factor to deal with. Long term sub withdraw is ... as you can see.
Posting for caring.

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Ashley Says:

I was on two 8mg suboxone a day from October 2019 until last Wednesday ... I don't even know the date... I believe October 28 was my last appointment at clean slate. I was three freaking minutes late... Three! And they refused to see me or fill my subs even after I explained that I borrowed a friends car and wouldn't be able to come back any my monthly appointment and I live 35 minutes away... They didn't give a f***.

Two days went by and I thought I was gonna come out of it with no withdrawal.... Then day 3 came and I felt like I was actually dying. My knees hurt so bad I couldn't walk. My stomach turning so I couldn't eat slept ok though. Today is day 7 and let me tell ya I don't wish this on anyone. I was a dope addict before subs. I took 3 grams or more a day for a year and the wd from that wasn't s***. I'm in hell. Depression ×100 I can't get up and move for 5 minutes before I'm out of breath and dizzy. I finally ate crackers and propel water after going 5 days with nothing. I'm 28 and I have three kids. My oldest is 6 and I hate telling him mommy is sick I can't do arts n crafts. I haven't helped him with his homework all week and his brother 4 yo has had the same outfit on for three days. I think and he has been getting himself food when he wants I do pay attention I'm just stuck on the couch then my 9 month old daughter tries to play with me but I just can't. Its 70° in the house but I'm wearing three layers on bottom three tops with a sweater and still freezing but sweating all I want to do is cry. I truly believe if I didn't have my babies I would have offed myself by now. My boyfriend who I want to leave so bad because he's abusive yells at me because I haven't cleaned or cooked and when I tell him what's going on he says its my fault for being a junkie..... I'm at my wits end someone talk to me.

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Optimistic Says:
via mobile

I slowly weaned off them over 6 months.
When I stopped completely I needed the week off of work.
Get some immodium AD and fluids and just ride it out.
Suboxone withdraws last longer than just quitting pills so you didn’t do yourself any favors, but if you wean off them it’s not bad.
Oh get something to help you sleep too.

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Kf3355705 Says:
via mobile

I know this post I'm replying to is old but just by chance you do read this.....Yes, it is very possible to get rid of your dependence on Suboxone. I know, I have been thru it and survived. The #1 most important factor in the process is slowly tapering. You absolutely MUST taper to prevent withdrawal symptoms which I know you do not want. I tapered myself down to a sliver of Suboxone from taking 2 within a month and a half and eventually just completely stopped and I felt ok and didn't experience any major withdrawal symptoms. The only thing that I struggled with was having absolutely no energy and no will power to get up and be productive but that fades away slowly, as well. If I can do this, anyone can. Believe me when I say that, too. Also something important before I go....ALWAYS,ALWAYS BE HONEST WITH YOUR DOCTOR AND HE WILL HELP YOU GET THRU THIS AND NEVER NEVER TRY TO DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR DOCTOR'S APPROVAL & SUPERVISION. That's highly important. Good luck to you!

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