Sandoz Adderall
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Cliff Says:

Sandoz is the best generic ir adderall I've used. August 11, 2017 I was told by the pharmacist they no longer produce this product. I asked if brand name was available and was told yes. When I received them I noticed they were made by Teva and let me tell you they are awful. I don't know what to do if I can't find a decent generic brand.

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HCStymie Says:

Re: Jessie (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

That U31 pill that was crap is Aurobindo / Aurolife. Took 140mg today (no exageration) and not as good as the 50 mg I would take on average of my regular brand

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Stasia Says:

Re: Neil (# 111) Expand Referenced Message

I'm currently trying the Teva brand this month. Imo they don't work quite as good as the Sandoz used to but they are close. And no unwanted side effects so that's a huge plus!

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Neil Says:

Re: Joe (# 107) Expand Referenced Message

Hi grant I’d love your help. I’m having the same problem.

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Neil Says:

Re: Stasia (# 110) Expand Referenced Message

I’m having the same experience. Any luck finding one that measures up to the original Sandoz? I’m curious.

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Stasia Says:

Re: Low Energy (# 104) Expand Referenced Message

I actually found this website in my hunt for someone else who thinks Sandoz changed their recipe somewhere around the beginning of this year (2022). I've been taking generic Adderall since February 2020.

I started out talking 10mg Sandoz brand amphetamine salts IR 2x's a day. It helped but not quite enough so my Dr raised my dosage to 15mg twice daily. My pharmacy doesn't carry 15's in Sandoz so gave me Lannet brand which hit me like a truck. Took me 3 days in physical and mental hell to figure out it was the pills. They swapped those devil pills out for my 10mg Sandoz which i take 1.5 of each dose now. For the past 9 months or so i was going along ok getting about as much benefit as expected without many side effects. But since February of this year I've noticed a major difference. I'm not getting the medicinal effects i was previously getting, my memory has gotten incredibly worse and most recently I keep developing tics. The pills look the same as far as color and shape. But I swear something is very very different about them. I'm not sure what to do? After the absolutely TERRIBLE experience I had with the Lannet ones I'm afraid to try a different brand, but this isn't working.

I was going to ask my Dr if he could try to prescribe me the name brand ones but from what I've read it seems there is no name brand one anymore which I don't understand at all. Why would no one produce it??

If anyone else has noticed a difference in the Sandoz 10mg IR pills please let me know. I'd really like to verify I'm not imagining it.

Thank you.

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Smitty Says:

Re: Low Energy (# 104) Expand Referenced Message

Absolutely noticed a difference. I hadn't taken Sandoz since June 2020 until Pharmacy ran out of Teva and gave it to me on June 1st this year. Not only is it a different shape and color pill, it Absolutely is different. It's the non active fillers/binders in these generics which are different from one to another. Pharmacist tell you they're all the same are complete Liars!! They have 20% ingredients that can vary. For instance, I had my paperwork from my previous Rx. from 2020. The NDC code was 00185-0864-01. That is the pill pictured when you look up E404. This recent pill has different NDC, 0185-2099-01. This indicates a FORMULA change. I took the time to do the research and it's ridiculous!! Big Pharma is making mad $ off of legitimate people who are getting sick due to these fillers and nothing is being done. Let's not even start on the Opioid "crisis".....***

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Lakelife Says:

Re: Low Energy (# 104) Expand Referenced Message

Yes! I take 20mg IR and it is completely different. I'm having horrible migraines and feel nauseated all day. I feel like I'm taking medication to literally become physically sick because this is doing nothing to treat my ADD symptoms!

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Joe Says:

Re: Grant (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

What's your location? I think I can help you

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Sandoz Says:

Re: Low Energy (# 104) Expand Referenced Message

What pharmacy do people fill Sandoz at? I haven’t seen it for a while.

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JR Says:

Although Teva can be hit and miss, out of all the other generics, Teva is the best.

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Low Energy Says:

Has anybody had a bad reaction to the latest generic Adderall by Sandoz 30mg? I picked up my meds last week and not long after taking them I felt really unwell as if I'd been poisoned...completely wiped out, aching heavy body, clumsy, clogged with thick mucus, tired sore eyes and bad mood. I called the pharmacist and mentioned my bad reaction and he said Sandoz changed the meds a couple of months ago and that pills are slightly smaller but the same ingredients. I beg to differ and would like to hear if anybody else has noticed a difference?

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JR Says:

Re: Di (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I have tried every generic, and although Teva sometimes inconsistent, please believe me that it is better than the alternatives.

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MRey Says:

So I’ve been on adderall 30mg 2x a day for over 19 years now and had great results on Corepharma and Sandoz generics. Now I can’t seem to find either brand anywhere. Does anyone know of any pharmacies that carry either of those brands in the DC / Maryland / Virginia area?

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SomethingIsWrong Says:

Re: Lv4art (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, what the hell have they done to ADHD drugs to make them feel like cold medicine?

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Hamster Says:

Re: Bob (# 99) Expand Referenced Message

The 'new' Sandoz Adderall are atrocious.

They are basically sugar pills now with no relief. They give no focus, energy and concentration.

This is part of the process of having 3rd party now manufacturing them - and their recent sale to Aurobindo.

Stay away from them. Trust me. Worthless.


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Bob Says:

Re: GodFirst (# 98) Expand Referenced Message

Which is why I have never gone up on my dosage! "GodFirst"(I LOL every time I read your name), stop trying to make my complaint about this medicine into something that is MY fault. I never wanted to join the "controlled substance game" at all. My doctor talked me into trying medication to begin with. I kept myself at a minimum. The doctor even doubled my dosage, but I continue to take the same dose but the script lasts twice as long now, lol. Does that sound like an addict?? The reason I don't go up, is I absolutely don't NEED to go up. When the medicine is manufactured as it had been being manufactured before Dec 2017, it worked just as well as the first time I took it. But when it changed, it began giving major side effects that I wasn't about to up the dose and make those side effects even more lethal than they were at 20mg. Quit trying to make my complaint about the medication giving bad side effects into a complaint about the medicine not working! The problem is the medicine gives side effects that make the medicine unbearable! Big difference there. Just wish Sandoz would go back to the way they used to make it. Very effective, and no side effects. Now it's trash, complete garbage.

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GodFirst Says:

Re: Bob (# 97) Expand Referenced Message

Addiction is certainly a disease. However more medicine (Sandoz or otherwise) is not the solution.

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Bob Says:

Re: GodFirst (# 96) Expand Referenced Message

Never mentioned I don't "feel" it or don't feel "high" or "euphoric". In fact I haven't felt anything close to that in years, BUT I can tell when the medicine is working and not causing MIGRAINE HEADACHES AND HYPERTENSION. That, my friend, is what SANDOZ now does when I take it. It never gave me those side effects the whole time I've taken it at the exact same dose I've taken for 10 years. UNTIL Dec 2017-Jan 2018. At which point I had to change to a different brand or even medicine due to those SIDE EFFECTS.

It is now trash medicine which will make many people sick if they continue taking it. I've tried it twice since then (fortunately my pharmacy allows us to return a medicine and exchange for a different brand of the same medicine if we don't find a certain brand agreeable) and the same reaction occurs IMMEDIATELY upon dosing. It's excruciating! It's immediate and the duration of the side effects lasts unbearably long.

So for any other persons out there taking SANDOZ Adderall and suddenly develop migraine headaches and high blood pressure (and the overall sick feeling that accompanies these maladies) get with your doctor or pharmacist and get a different brand cause it's NOT you, it's the medicine. Again, GodFirst, (seeing as you are very dense in your understanding of my complaint), I'm not after a "high" I'm after being a functional human being. This is, and always has been, my goal of venturing (with much trepidation) into the pharmaceutical treatment of my disease.

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GodFirst Says:

Re: Bob (# 95) Expand Referenced Message

If you've been taking it for 10 years, then your tolerance has built up and there's very little chance you'll get the "high" you're looking for. What you need is a year break from the medication. Then the same Sandoz that you're trying to blame for your lack of "euphoria" will feel like it did 10 years ago.

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Bob Says:

Re: GodFirst (# 94) Expand Referenced Message

Lololol. Right. Don't know why you would turn a complaint about a drug not working as it once did into a political statement?? Must be the Sandoz Adderall eating your brain tissue. I don't wish to discuss politics when all I'm concerned about is getting a medicine that actually works without making me deathly ill.(aka Sandoz). I have no idea why you would first try to tell me I'm looking for "euphoria" when I've taken the same dose over 10 years without issue until the formula was obviously changed, AND then, you want a to attack my political beliefs having no idea who I am or what I believe! So, Godfirst, based on your ability to "get it all wrong" I won't be trusting your opinion on any matter, especially the quality and effectiveness of a medication. Plus, why do you feel the need to attack people's experiences? That also makes you less credible.

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