Sandoz Adderall 2x A Day.

JJ Says:

Hello I take adderall ir Generic 10mg x2 a day, I notice that it works great in the morning for 3 hours, I will take my 2nd dose and I do not feel anything really. I have no crash and very little symptoms side effects, I am sure to drink a lot of water, I get enough rest, but the 2nd dose dose not help. What am I doing wrong

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David Says:

Hi JJ,

How long have you been taking Adderall by Sandoz or Adderall in general? Has this happened with any other manufacturer's version of Adderall?

Sometimes stimulants can backfire when our adrenal glands have worn themselves out. However, if you're getting enough rest, then I suppose this can be ruled out?

My theory is that it may not be you at all and simply the Sandoz version of Adderall and one or more of its fillers causing this inert response.

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JJ Says:

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Yes i've been taking it for about a month now, but I notice the head rush early in the morning, it lasts for 3 hours, I hyperfocus but can get out of it and focus on other tasks also. I have not had this problem on aurobindo, but aurobindo was worse with side effects, I am considering trying teva, have you tried teva

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Mason Says:

Re: JJ (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Some people swear by Teva other's seem to hate it. I recently got a batch of aurobindo that was excellent. I know what you mean about the side effects. It seems it's something different with every batch of aurobindo. Very inconsistent but if you get a good batch they are supreme, IMO.

The Teva seemed very weak to me in comparison. Remember the stronger the med the stronger the side effects in most cases

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JJ Says:

Re: Mason (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Of course, that is what I am thinking, I believe sandoz to be too potent, due to that I may have my doctor cut my dose down, are you supposed to notice the effects and have tunnel vision?

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Mason Says:

Re: JJ (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Maybe at first. After a while it should just help you function on a more normal level. I think most people are a little hyper-focused at first and/or if the dose is too high.

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Re: JJ (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Where do you find Sandoz Adderall? I haven't seen that generic at any pharmacy in years.

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